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Interview with White Arrows
- Bound by Blood
- by Gabrielle Cannon

The mysterious men behind White Arrows have certainly made an impression. Both their music, and how it is artistically presented show how the worlds of art and music can come together to push boundaries and raise eyebrows. They let us in on some family history, how they see themselves in their current stage of musical evolution, and where they draw their inspiration from.

Can you tell us more about your music? Have you changed or grown since forming the band? What can we expect in the future?
Well. We're just setting out to make some kind of impression. We're ever-evolving, I think. We're just in the beginning stages.  Teething, and eating trash.  Soon we will grow to jump through fire.

As a band you are very mysterious, with little details on your bio and background. How did White Arrows form as a band? What are some random interesting facts about your band/ yourselves you can share with us?
It's origin of the recordings were done in New York.  But we're an LA band.  The band consists of me (Mickey), my brother Henry, my half-brother JP, and old friends Rob Banks and Steven Vernet. A strange, but interesting fact is that JP and I found out we were blood related a few years ago.  We had thought we were family friends our entire life until our parents told us that, technically speaking, my father was a donor to their great friends.

Your music is very innovative and your videos are artistic. How do you think the music and art worlds collide?
Thank you.  I think they're interwoven so much so that one cannot exist without the other. Some of our biggest influences are visual artists, actually.

Do you think being from Los Angeles has shaped you musically at all?
Definitely.  It's a different vibe from coast to coast, and all the land in between.

Do you find inspiration for your music from your personal lives? From other artists?
Yeah, inspiration comes from personal lives, and imagination.  Other artists definitely influence our music.  Less about other bands' lyrics, but been influenced by the musical elements, and melodies.

Anything else you want to share with Deli readers?
If anyone wants to have our music for free they are welcome to it.  www.whitearrows.com and if they'd like to interpret the songs in a way they choose, whether it be remix, cover, video, or any other medium you can think of; then, feel free to do so.





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