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Drawlings - Paw Tracks/Carpark CMJ show review

Drawlings - Paw Tracks/Carpark CMJ show review

At the Cake Shop Paw Tracks/Carpark CMJ showcase on Thursday I stumbled upon the set of this one girl band called Drawlings - really interesting! Loops and vocals that are just really atmospheric and cool. Very cool. I'm pretty into this music but I'm not really into watching this. She's got an sp-404 I think and a tiny little synth and a digitech that looks like the line6 looper but with a volume pedal. Her samples are different. Pulsing. Reaffirming my notions of the possibilities of music. Reverse drum beats at a hugely slow tempo. Its stunning. Big reverse cymbal swells and looped vocals. She's manipulating them live I realize. That's awesome. This is gorgeous and freaky, an underground crystal cavern. Alien and majestic. The place is really filling up. Crowded, everyone calmoring to see this babe. She is stunning sounding - this is just so charged it's amazing! She's got this 12 tone glock it sounds like loop going on top of this loop of a church bell and some other atmospherics and always her voice. And the weird thing is it's actually groovy! I've never heard something so infectuous and scary. She might be the stephen king of indie music. Salem sucks compared to this. Sorry. But they do. Avey (Tare from Animal Collective) is enjoying this quite a bit. She goes into this lighter, more straightforward number and shows off her voice a little bit outside of the cloud, it's stunning. - Dale W. Eisinger

Published: October 25, 2010 |

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