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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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The Deli's folks

November 24, 2015

Emerging Bands and Artists,

The Deli's Regional Year End Polls for Emerging Artists are back!



Ugh, do you REALLY want to know? The process to determine these lists is rather complicated, and occurred to The Deli's fouding fathers during a collective nightmare back in 2006 - if you want to try and get your head around it be our guest and go here. But if all you are interested in is to be part of it and get some free exposure, then STAY AWAY FROM THAT PAGE!!!

Eligibility: To be eligible, your band needs to 
1. be based in one of the scenes we cover (list here), 
2. have music available online
3. have played live at least once in 2013
4. Have less than 15k Facebook friends. By the way, fake Facebook friends make us angry. 

The first phase of this poll allows ANY BAND OR SOLO ARTIST to submit their music for a minimum of 3 spots in the pool of the Best of your city nominees. This phase starts right now! 


The Deli Peeps

November 20, 2015

Synth rock band WYLDR have just announced a residency at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa for the month of December. The trio will be previewing tracks off of their upcoming EP, Gypsy Queen, which should unleash their flair for bright-eyed, candied pop with icy, hard-edged synths. 

Check out their single "Savage" below, and if you're in the mood for some jubilant frolics, don't miss one of their residency dates next month. 

November 28, 2015

This year has been one of many firsts for Dr. Fadeaway - the dream pop duo recently played their first show at the Lexington, not too long after they released their debut track on bandcamp a few months ago. The aforementioned track, entitled “Felix”, is coated in swooning atmospherics, riddled with perpetual keyboard filigrees alongside a vigorous, yet low-key guitar lead that gives an added flash of color to its waltz-like construction.

“Felix” is the only official recording that exists of Dr. Fadeaway, and yet it bears its own curious mark. Hopefully the duo’s future efforts are just around the corner. - Juan Rodríguez

November 25, 2015

Between the heartfelt prose of her blog posts and her casual '90s R&B mashups, the humble singer-songwriter mesmi creates temperate compositions that exemplify her singing prowess. Her name, a gift of her college friends, is intentionally undercapped to convey a mindfulness that "music and art is about much more than me."

Even so, mesmi's voice naturally commands the attention of others. Hers is a luster that's reminiscent of Mandopop artists like Jay Chou — her 2013 debut EP was painted with the rosy veneer of studio production which gave some young Sarah McLachlan feels. Outside of the mixing room, mesmi's unplugged café performances make you forget about the woes of your workweek, if only for a few minutes. Her journey is neither glam nor grunge — the artisanal and artistic qualities of mesmi's musicianship, coupled with her attentiveness to fans, brings mesmi closer to earth than you'd expect. 

Having played across the disparate and disconnected sprawl of Los Angeles for years, from Long Beach to the San Gabriel Valley, mesmi is ambivalent of the city's sheer size.

"It can be hard to feel at home or to feel like you matter sometimes, but the fact that there's always something going on and you can find creatives of so many different types is really special."

We couldn't agree more. Rest assured — you do matter.

mesmi performs back-to-back shows this weekend: on Saturday at The Roar Room in La Crescenta, and Sunday at Art Share LA for So Soul Sundays. Listen to her newest released single "Gloria" below. - Ryan Mo

November 20, 2015

There's heavy VHS nostalgia in Sextile's newest music video for "Visions of You", off their debut album A Thousand Hands. The band worked with Jesse Kelly, a local video editor whose contributions include music videos for Hammered Satin, Whispering Pines, and Alana Amram. The video bombards with heavy tape noise, strobe lights, and color inversions, conveying the rawness of Sextile's homegrown sound. It's definitely 90's Goth Klub material. - Ryan Mo

November 20, 2015

Which of these acts should be the next Deli LA Artist of the Month?

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