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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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Electro pop artist Beca's mix of dance and synth pop sounds brings back the term throwback in the best possible way. Her kinetic songs demand your immediate response, with dark, Euro disco-tinged rhythms that could be described as if Cold Cave enlisted Kylie Monigue to collaborate on their latest project. Which exhibits the potency of her focus: Beca surely wants you to join the dancefloor, but she'd appreciate it if you'd pay attention to her propulsive tempos, too.

Beca's debut full-length album Ecliptic is out now via  All Scene Eye. You can catch her live at the next Sofar Sounds on June 28th. 

June 24, 2016

LOVEYOU are not the first to blend dainty melodies with discordant sounds. What young songwriter Andrew Stogel does differently, however, is to approach it with a confidence that easily sets a high quality standard on its respective genre. Their debut EP, Sparkle & Crush, isn't one to easily pigeonhole - while their first single, "Outed the Time", has something of a mid-90's Creation records sound with its overdriven guitars and lush sonic soundscapes, the rest of the EP fluctuates its silvery snyth textures with crisp, uptempo melodies that are sometimes free-floating, other times rhythmically punchy. And it never shies away from delivering the kind of sumptious hooks that continue to reward with multiple listens.

Sparkle & Crush is will be self-released on June 22nd. You can catch them that very same day hosting a free record release show at Harvard & Stone. - Juan Rodríguez

June 21, 2016

The Deli LA is proud to present the first of many collaborations with eminent underground synth venue OSCILLATOR: A Late Nite Synth Party!

These intimate, future-retro events will feature LIVE performances by ORIGINATORS of SYNTH as well as the best of the NEW SYNTH-SET. The early part of the evening will be a live-streamed set of performances, followed by a line-up of baddass DJs giving us classic synth-pop and new tracks from around the globe that will take us dancing into the night, house party style.

Los Angeles' distinguished exoti-goth horrors Native Fauna rev up the night with a very special live set, and synthpop/Hi-NRG duo Trans-X will also make an appearance to perform "Living On Video". DJ sets after midnight include HUSH TONES, Adrian Dark, Abe Mora, Gabe Reanimator, and Wayne Lyons.

The live-streaming party will be held at a private location in Koreatown, with limited availability. RSVP is required to receive private location and password. Doors open at 9PM and show starts promptly at 10PM—tickets and more info here.


June 18, 2016

The Wilder Society are an emerging foursome that writes raptorous folk pop. They describe themselves as "wanderers, transplants, and vagabonds", which sounds precious by description, sure, but there's a palpable genuineness that's truly earned by way of strummy, wholesome harmonies and bucolic introspection. Their latest single, "The Lion's Den", is a foot-stomping anthem that opens their debut EP of the same name with a wide-eyed optimism, though a further listen to their still-disclosed material exhibits a band whose writing is far more reflective than they initially come off as.

Even if The Lion's Den is slated for a July 2016 release, the band is celebrating the release of the EP with a pre-release show tonight at Hotel Café. 

June 18, 2016

The first thing that truly stands about Bishop Briggs is her striking voice, a goosebump-inducing bellow that sizzles with a soaring gospel feel. Comparisons to Florence and the Machine are inevitable, but Briggs gives her new single “The Way I Do” a different treatment: the neo-soul anthem uses a trap-influenced beat to express her utmost desires in a simple and effective manner, anchored by an impeccable soundscape that agrees with her sanguine delivery. She’ll potentially be filling up stadiums in no time.

“The Way I Do” is currently streaming on your favorite streaming service. Briggs will also make a few live appearences in mid-August, where she’ll be opening for two nights at the Rose Bowl for saccharine stalwarts Coldplay. 

June 15, 2016

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this entry do not necessarily reflect those of the Site's or any other contributor.

Venues in Riverside crowded with musicians and music lovers alike during the annual Saturation Fest, an event showcasing the rich diversity of talented artists living in Southern California, especially from the Inland Empire. A few days before the festival, LA Weekly published an article applauding the efforts of a few individuals involved with the festival. The author-outsider looked into the Riverside community as an idyllic refuge, away from the competition and high cost of living in Los Angeles. But having lived in Riverside since my tender alterna-tween years, I see things a little differently.

It’s important to note that the Inland Empire extends far beyond Riverside, where Saturation Fest is hosted. Many folks tend to gloss over the fact that it includes less whitebread areas like Fontana, Hemet, Murrieta, Temecula, or (God forbid!) Moreno Valley, all of which continue to witness a variety of DIY events more bizarre and outlandish than your average Weiner Records lover could fathom. A close examination of the festival’s lineup reveals just how many musical factions have populated the area over the last few years—there is no single genre uniting them, just a handful of familiar area codes.

And so, despite the article’s best efforts to convey a scene of diversity and exceptionalism, there was no mention of the labels that have been operating in the area for years on end, labels like Popgun, Family Time, Not Punk, Juniper Tree Songs, or Bridgetown. No mention of the all-ages DIY venues that have come and gone, and left their marks on us—The Dial in Temecula, Black Flame in San Bernardino, and the Blood Orange in Riverside all closed their doors within six months of one another. Of course, these were definitely too underground for an LA Weekly music journalist to sniff out.

Saturation Fest’s (lack of) coverage until now is just proof of how little the outside world (read: Los Angeles) knows or cares about what happens here, unless the outside world wants to relish a bit of self-hate for the clicks and comments. If you live here and you’re looking for the true freaks, the people that really don’t give a fuck about “making it” in the world of college rock journalists and out-of-touch music editors, you don’t need to look far at all. But they do. - Graeme Crane & Ryan Mo, photo by Goyo Paguaga

June 14, 2016

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