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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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Led by Shelbi Bennett's soulful delivery, San Diego alt country band The Midnight Pine are set to release their latest self-titled record on October 7. Prior to its release, the band are playing a show at the Satellite on October 5.

Listen to their most recent single, "Vice", below.

September 23, 2016

Lacei make their introduction with a cooing embrace on "Cold Moon", a song that finds a nexus point between folk, pop and electronica. It sounds like a weighty combination if you list them all together, but the duo of Jessica Lombardozzi and Viktor Ahlgren bring it all together effortlessly by weaving over a pleasant strum that turns into a driving, drum n' bass-inspired chorus. This is the moment when Lombardozzi lays out her pastel-toned vocals, a quality that gives this project its distinctive character.

The duo is performing at The Study on October 21st. - Juan Rodríguez

September 19, 2016

Folk pop quartet The Brevet find beauty by keeping a steady balance of bombast and subtlety. The Orange County quartet's latest single, "Meet Me in the Night", has something of a cinematic quality that's both tender and heroic, bolstered by a twangy arrangement that builds into a chest-swelling chorus with an elegant, radio-ready sensibility. It makes more sense when you read how songwriter Michael Jones was inspired by old western films, an element that truly broadens their harmonic Americana sound. 

"Meet Me in the Night" is off the band's recent EP Embers: Chapter 2, which can be currently streamed on all major music platforms. They'll be celebrating the release of their EP with a hometown show on September 22 at Hotel Cafe. - Juan Rodríguez

September 12, 2016

Straddling the line betweeen Otis Redding's soulful vintage pop and Nico's decadent, maudit songwriting, Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Merring, who recently relocated from NYC to LA) is certainly a singular talent. Gifted with an incredibly deep and expressive voice, until recently the singer songwriter performed solo on stage with just an acoustic guitar and a four track recorder playing anything from vintage sounding instrumental tracks to background noise, but she will be joined by a full band for her upcoming tour. Weyes blood recently unveiled two singles from her forthcoming album, Front Row Seat To Earth, titled "Seven Words" and “Do You Need My Love” (both streaming below). The latter, released a few days ago, struggles with impossible love, and the feedback loop that such a love engenders: the harder to grasp, the easier to let oneself slide into unchecked romance. Angelinos will be able to catch her at The Resident on September 15th, while New Yorkers who missed her performance at Rough Trade this weekend will get another chance on November 10th at The Park Church Co-op.

September 12, 2016

p h o e b e ' s g u i t a r are a shoegaze project based in Diamond Bar, with characteristic bedroom shimmer and Beat-era drones. The work of Amanda Vong and Jeffrey Fast Brian Eloriaga—which includes a now-lost cover of My Bloody Valentine's "sometimes"—has quietly drawn attention from Internet afficionados and Pasadena locale with their most recent performance at the second curated Art & Music night by Bird Pick Tea & Herb.

Listen to their newest single "v e r o n i c a" below.

September 11, 2016

Indie rock quartet Heartwood first graced us close to half a year ago with "Can't You", a promising single that had a vivid anthemic quality with its prominent harmonies and noodling guitars. Their latest single, "Peace of Mind", is a serious step up for a band that is embracing a no-frills form of guitar rock that both ehtuses and invigorates. Lead by Michael Armstrong's superb vocal range, the track propels forward a hyper-melodic guitar hook that steers its way to a memorable chorus that is all the more augmented by the band's radiant harmonic phrasing. 

Heartwood are currently working on releasing their first set of recorded material. - Juan Rodríguez

September 10, 2016

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