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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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scene blog

The jangly, 60's psych magic of Orange County's rising sextet Deep Fields has been churning around Southern California venues as of late, and yes: it is definitely possible to fit a Rhodes piano, Juno synth, a drum set, and six warm bodies on a stage. Christian Peters, who also plays with psych-pop singer/songwriter Cotillon, started Deep Fields as a bedroom project but eventually found a handful of talented people through mutual circles. Influenced by psychedelic acts like The Zombies and MGMT, Deep Fields' music is a sonic fractal of catchy riffs and swirly textures. As of last year, the group has been hard at work writing new songs and lighting up cl like Harvard and Stone, The Slidebar, Que Sera, and Los Globos. Check out the video for their first single "Salazar" below!

Deep Fields will be playing tomorrow at Fullerton's Continental Room with L.A. Takedown and PART TIME. 21+ / Free Admission - Ryan Mo


April 27, 2015

Twenty year-old singer-songwriter Alexa Melo held a major label deal from the age of 14, but refused to settle for any direction they tried to put her on. Finally parting ways last year, she’s teamed with producer Christian James Hand, best known for his work with rambling pop squad The Mowglis. Melo's debut single, “Still Right Here,” represents the partnership well: she’s got a dark pop vibe, but more dusty southwestern guitars than trendy cold electronica. Her organic sound is only polished by Hand’s familiarity with making catchy sense out of a rollicking band’s madness, and he succeeds at balancing Melo’s passion with a controlled edginess. Think original Charli XCX goes cowgirl, or Florence and the Machine with a twang. The whole situation lends a lot of potential to Melo’s forthcoming self-titled LP, out on June 2nd.

Stream “Still Right Here” below and check her out at downtown venue The Smell on 5/8. - Brian J.K. Regan

April 25, 2015

Internet Radio show Culture Remixed and hairstyle team SUMO Hair are coming together this Saturday evening to present The Cutting Room, an intersection of avant garde music, real time visuals, and haircuts. Culture Remixed DJ/ Subsuelo VJ Julián Félix and seasoned hairstylist Nectali Duran provide an intimate setting for Angeleans to absorb new currents of sound in and around the Los Angeles area. For those feeling particularly adventurous or in need of a trim, Vidal Sassoon/Toni & Guy alumnus Nectali Duran can whip up a fresh look at the event.

Lounge around and take in the sounds of up-and-coming electronic acts. Lawrence Lindell and Gypsy Eyes of DIY art/music collective NoiseMetSound present their own interpretations of futurebeat along with IDM warrior Repeated Measures (New Los Angeles), ambient DJ/singer Lola la Showgirl (Space Circus), and abstract hip hop producer headband (Humble Weight). Experimental musicians/heavy scene contributors Kelly Coats and Kathleen Kim will also be performing a set as the eclectic SheKhan with a variety of instruments.

21+ / Free Admission

Check out footage from the first session below. - Ryan Mo

April 24, 2015

It doesn't take much effort to figure out a power pop band when you see one. The name just has to click, and with The Wild Young Hearts, you immediately know what you're going to get: rugged guitar riffs, plenty to hooks, and a seemingly unending cheerfulness. The tracks off the trio's latest full length, Feel Good, flow from one song to the next with a proper dosage of intensity, vintage-inspired rock n' roll anthems that will never become obsolete. There's a good amount of disaffected ballads, of course, an empowered sensitivity that couteracts those amped-up moments of release. 

April 23, 2015

Crisis Arm is really loud. I saw them at a house show once. Everyone who didn't wear earplugs seemed to be thrown into a stupor. The ones who did had trouble getting to the door. The sound guy broke down in tears. It was beautiful.

This homegrown fuzz outfit from Riverside County has been responsible for widening fault lines and caving in cochleas since 2009. Most of the members live and raise 10 cats together in Hemet, and share a strong love for anime and video games; RPG fans might trace their name to a weapon in the legendary Square title Chrono Trigger. The band's humble beginnings eventually lead to underground acclaim with their 2014 LP Rend (via Mayfly Records): a collection of diffuse, lo-fi dreamscapes that merged sounds of My Bloody Valentine, loveliescrushing, and Spacemen 3. On stage, Crisis Arm roars with the strength of several fullstack amps, channeling their melancholic guitars through infinite muff and reverb pedals. In the past several years, Crisis Arm has played out DIY shows like the Blood Orange Infoshop (Riverside), dA Center For The Arts (Pomona), Dynamite Vinyl (Fresno), and White Oak Music and Arts (Van Nuys). 

Crisis Arm will be touring California for the next few weeks with their other half, San Francisco punk/gaze project Airs. This Sunday, they're playing a Part Time Punks show at The Echo with Creepers, a psychgaze band cofounded by members of Deafheaven, and veteran LA psych/post-punkers Dirt Dress ($8a/$10d). Listen below to "resemblance," the first song off Rend. - Ryan Mo


April 23, 2015

“The Ocean and The Sea,” Bird Dog’s lead single on their debut album Hello Latigo, grabs you with its reverent calling, drawing to mind the vocal harmonies of the Avett Brothers (but as if the Avetts were playing arenas these days). The song builds, driving an imaginary tempo-change, tossing in woodblock hits and a bass line as it moves from the beginning's tranquil birdsong to a chugging guitar bridge that heads, presumably, to the ocean and the sea. Check it out if you’re into sweeping grand folk like the Kings of Leon but still down-to-earth.

You can catch them at 3Clubs in Hollywood on April 22nd or the Hotel Cafe on May 1st. - Brian J.K. Regan


April 21, 2015

Which of these acts should be the next Deli LA Artist of the Month?

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