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"Visions of Plumerias," the lead single from Rudy De Anda's debut EP Ostranenie, opens with ominous, plodding drum hits, like a storm approaching his Long Beach hometown at the end of a revelrous day... but there's no panic to be found! De Anda's sing-song vocals lope around to distract us, his mind on a "sea of people" and clouds covering once grey skies; there's nothing expressly cheery about "Visions of Plumerias," most of the pos vibes offered by De Anda come with conditions, but one thinks that it ends with a charming smile, and that tension lends the song that much more spacey magic.

Ostranenie releases July 7th (Porch Party Records) so stream the rest once its available on his Bandcamp, and you can find De Anda at Pomona's Glass House soon after on July 18th. - Brian J.K. Regan

June 24, 2015

Josiah Mazzaschi's band Light FM has gone through a lot of lineup changes since its inception in 1999. Nicole Fiorentino (Veruca Salt) played with him once. So did Jimmy Lucido (Nightmare Air). In spite of this, the artistic vision has been constant, and Mazzaschi's current outfit is a pretty formidable power trio: drummer/synth virtuoso Alexa Brinkschulte (ex-Swimming in Trees) and bassist Nicki Nevlin, who also played with Fiorentino and was featured in Wristcutters: A Love Story.

That's not to say that the past incarnations were less-than-stellar: Light FM's performances have brought them on shows with the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The National, Ra Ra Riots, and The Smashing Pumpkins. Hell, even Billy Corgan threw down under moniker Backwards Clock Society during a benefit concert for Light FM's past member Laura Ann Masura.

Historically, Light FM have always had a penchant for saturating their compositions with synths and all-around dance-y vibes, diverging from the guitar-heavy work of their Los Angeles peers and balancing '80s textures with Mazzaschi's airy vocals. But the newest EP "Pointless" (released 3.13.15) might be their best work to date. Dark titles like "S.S. Euthanize" and "God Fearing Man" and "Your Loss" bathes listeners with neon frequencies and sardonic lyrics, a fitting combination for the disenchanted, digital urbanites.

Listen to the EP's title track below and catch Light FM as they perform a free show at The Satellite this Thursday, with Young Light (feat. members of Amusement Parks on Fire) and The Past Haunts. - Ryan Mo

June 24, 2015

Guitarist/vocalist Brady Keehn and drummer Melissa Scaduto moved out from New York to Los Angeles in search of higher temperatures and lower rent. They found a bit of both, and then some. Keehn and bassist Kenny Elkin had done a Part Time Punks stint earlier last year as The Choke, which played out well, as Ohio transplant guitarist Eddie Wuebben moved down from SF. Four bodies were drawn together by the cosmos, and as the stars aligned, Sextile was born in 2015.

German post-punk influences and an affinity for the occult led to some heavy studio work trapping musique concrète atmospheres with the magnetism of motorik-inspired rhythms. In their first single "Can't Take It", Scaduto's ritualistic drumming evokes the scrape of surf guitar — it froths and hisses as synth notes dance like flames to Keehn's mesmeric chanting, which quickly rises and explodes. Bodies break down. Emotions are purged and spirits are cleansed. It's a sweet release that will rip the soul out of you, again and again and again.

Sextile will be playing this week at The Hideout in San Diego (6.24), and Friday at the Non Plus Ultra (6.26) in support of Australian shoegaze/dreampop band Au.Ra, and will ride along the West coast with them in the coming weeks. Listen to Sextile's newest single "Can't Take It" below, and look for their debut album A Thousand Hands on August 21st through Los Angeles-based label Felte Records. - Ryan Mo

June 22, 2015

Dirty Laundry TV's Summer Fest is less than two hours away, and earlier last week they added the gaze-y Sunshine Mind to open at 2 PM, as well as San Diego's '60s garage/surf inspired The Frights! Kim of Kim & The Created will also be guest-DJing along with McAllister of KXLU, Mariana Timony of Lo-Pie, and Crystal King's Andrew King.

Come out in the afternoon to The Satellite for a swap meet happening between 2-6 PM and get a last-minute Father's Day gift for your dad from over a dozen vendors. Bring dad too — he's secretly not cool to go golfing with his kids. Not down to wait in the long lines for a Father's Day meal? HACHÉ LA will be serving up their gourmet burgers on-location, and we're fairly certain PBRs will be plentiful. - Ryan Mo

June 21, 2015

Melodic simplicity suits recent Artist of the Month winners MUNA - the pop trio's latest single, "So Special", is imbued with a sparkling effervescence that befits its sweetened brand of soft rock. The song's chiaroscuro ambience gives the impression that things don't bode well - this is a song about a complicated pairing , after all - though once it kicks in into its contagious chorus they prove their hooks are tightly in place. Their first singles may have caught a whiff of that eighties synth cool Haim popularized a few years ago, not to mention that their ability to keep us guessing with each new track follows a similar path to superstardom. But that shouldn't in any way impair their confidence; if anything, they're playing it smart. 

June 19, 2015

Members of Dum Dum Girls, SISU, and Blouse go halfsies on a new band, Boys Will Be Girls, for Part Time Punks' Sarah Records Nite at The Echo this Sunday night.

Watch Boys Will Be Girls performing covers of the twee outfits Heavenly and Field Mice to commemorate Sarah Records, one of the seminal labels that carried DIY spirit and anti-capitalist politics through the wake of the '90s with the power of guitar jangle.

There will be no creative liberties taken with these covers, as Sandra Vu (Dum Dum Girls/SISU) mentions: "We are staying faithful to the originals, so you can expect lots of harmonies and jangly guitars."

Corey, composed of Terry Malts members, will also perform select songs from the Sarah Records catalogue. Hungry Beat! DJs and Michael Stock of KXLU 88.9 FM/Part Time Punks will be spinning choice picks from the label, too.

Sarah Records was notable for its main contributors Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes and short-lived span from 1987 to 1995, effectively shutting down after its 100th release, the compilation album and booklet There And back Again Lane. The Bristol-based label survived a period of transition in music formats (vinyl to CD) and criticized the then-sexist attitudes of the music press. A history of Sarah Records can be found on their updated official site. Sarah Records Nite begins 10 PM with $8/$10 Advance/Door cover. - Ryan Mo

June 19, 2015


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