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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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Black Belt Karate is certainly not lacking in musical credit, as they boast an impressive list of past musical endeavors. Ryan Hanifl, the lead singer and songwriter, has composed music featured in various television shows and national commercials. Jason Achilles Mezilis plays guitar for both Owl and Clock - with Chris Wyse and Vivian Campbell, respectively. Harry Anthony Ostrem plays bass for Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses) and Ryan Brown drums for Zappa Plays Zappa and SexTapes with Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses). With solid separate backgrounds, Black Belt Karate feels more like a supergroup than anything else. "Transformer", their new track, has an indie pop California ease cut with NY garage punk influences. They are nostalgic and new at the same time - with a humor and quirk reminiscent of 90's indie rock giants Cake and Weezer, but with an edgier Queens of the Stone Age sound. The video is a clever take on a police lineup, with Hanifl, Mezilis, Ostrem and Brown acting as the usual suspects. Their charm is apparent and infectious, proving any recognition they receive is both well-earned and deserved. - Jennifer Mergott

November 06, 2014

In the simplest terms, Roses can be described as eighties-leaning nostalgics with a penchant for dramatic flourishes that bristle with a somber tone. Their latest EP, Dreamlover, is filled with lush soundscapes reminiscent of The Wake, tempered synth-leaning ballads with textured keyboards that ache as much as they delight. For the entirety of this month, The Deli LA will be presenting their month-long residency every Sunday night. It kicks off this Sunday, November 9th, in which they'll be joined by Dunes, Michael Vidal, and a DJ set with Bethany Consentino of Best Coast. Stream the upbeat, gleaming pop jam "It's Over", and head to the Bootleg this Sunday night for a fun-packed night. 

November 05, 2014

We've all been there. No two people love each other equally, which is the theme trio Busy Living explore on their latest track "Let You Down". "I don’t want to let you down/ but it’s gonna happen", goes Mike Moonves's sprightly chorus as a smattering of propulsive synths wash over the track's anthemic pull. Produced by Spoon's Jim Eno, "Let You Down" is a slight departure from their more streamlined guitar pop. It's a joyful moment marked with some sadness, and they bring a potent reason to celebrate the beauty of oneself when the love we invest on so fully may go unrequited. 

November 03, 2014

After listening to Snoh Aalegra's sultry voice, I took away a version of the song that changed how I heard it. ”I’m in a nightmare having a dream…I find good things in bad versions of me.” Collecting all the images of self-doubt I have of myself, her latest track "Bad Things" put them away in the back of my mind while making me realize that the bad things I find within myself just make up who I am. Of course, the way Aalegra chooses to portray her imagery of it is noticeably more spellbinding and more pleasurable on the ears. Alas, Producer Rich ‘No I.D.’ Daily laid out the tracks to this single, mixing R&B and soul with hip hop to create a blended rendition of what sounds like the daughter of Alicia Keys and Kat Dahlia. Aalegra is due to be signed with Sony later next year, and with that in her future, there really is no stopping this bombshell. - Kayla Hay

October 30, 2014

Athens, Georgia native, LA-based Green Gerry first began as the bedroom project of Gerry Green. Gerry oversaw the entire project by himself until he assembled a group after the release of his second album, King Baby. His translucent lo-fi has since captured the attention of major indie label Mom + Pop, who approached Gerry to re-record one of the tracks off that album under their offshoot singles label Mermaid Ave. Since then, Gerry has recorded a second single, "Mumbo Jumbo", a slack psychedelic track that displays Gerry's pop sensibilities whilst honing in some slightly warped guitar work. 

You can catch Green Gerry at the Bootleg tomorrow, October 29th as part of the monthly Blind Date new music series. 

October 28, 2014

Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman, the genre ambiguous duo known as Magic Bronson, are releasing their first full length album, Wildlife, on November 4th. The album, a follow up to their May 2013 EP, Nor'easter, is filled with the band's fresh mix of hip hop and indie rock. "Fences", the lead single off Wildlife, is a heartfelt homage to family. The corresponding video is comprised of sunny shots of their LA lives and vintage family moments. With lines like, "So take a look around you, these people founded you", "Fences" is not only an intimate portrayal of Nicastro and Lieberman's lives, but also an invitation to re-examine our own. - Jennifer Mergott


October 27, 2014

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