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Springtime Carnivore, the nom de plume of singer-songwriter Greta Morgan, was going through some significant changes after the release of her self-titled debut. A number of unfortunate life events, from a devastating breakup to becoming a first time solo-dweller, turned Morgan's world upside down, except that she took from those learned experiences to fuel her spirit and settle her mind as well. This self-actualization can be heard on her latest single "Face in the Moon", off of her upcoming follow-up Midnight Room, a bouncy, finger-snapping number that highlights Morgan's sweet and tender croon as she confronts the loneliness that overtakes her. In spite of this, the effervescent mood of the track symbolizes a rejuvenating place of sweetness and light.

Morgan recently anounced a fall tour supporting friend and collaborator Katy Goodman (of La Sera). The tour will kick off on October 7 at Pomona, and will continue across the US before wrapping it up with a hometown gig at Bootleg Theter on November 5. Midnight Room comes out on October 7 on Autumn Tone Records. - Juan Rodríguez

August 12, 2016

When The Smell was given notice to close for demolition, news spread like wildfire and galvanized Southland's music comunity into action. Organizer/musician Gregory Cole (Crescendo) scrapped plans for his summer DreamGaze Festival and concentrated efforts to raise funds for the legendary venue. But he was not alone in that endeavor—Cole reached out to two active veterans for help: Top Acid's Chris Gonzalez and guitarist/singer Sophie Negrini (Janelane).

"Gregory messaged me out-of-the-blue because he had read a post of mine [where] I wrote about how much The Smell meant to myself and the rest of the community when the building first received its demolition notice," Negrini recalls. Even though the three ran in different scenes, the DIY venue's monumental influence brought them together. 

With owner Jim Smith's blessing and months of planning and outreach, over 30 bands joined with hundreds of fans on August 6th in a converted warehouse space near the San Antonio Winery. The three were rarely in sight—always running from stage to stage, prepping backlines, moving equipment, and keeping the cross streets free of pedestrian traffic and litter. Crowds moshed and nodded in solidarity. Despite minor issues with sound and schedule (it's never picture-perfect when you're DIY), the festival came up with over $15,000 raised.

"This is the teamwork & togetherness that saves The Smell. I have no doubt in our community's ability to achieve [The Smell's] permanence of address for generations of music lovers of all ages," says Cole in retrospect.

Gonzalez was even impressed by the results. "I think that’s just a huge indicator and a true testament to how much respect everyone has for Jim and the sober scene he’s created at The Smell."

Check out our photo recap of Save The Smell Fest on our Instagram @TheDeliLA. - photo by Rachel Collins

August 12, 2016

It seems as if LA. alt-rockers Goon take from two stylistic genres on their latest track "Dizzy" - either they crunch their guitars like their grunge forebearers, or they play their melodic hooks with an unpolished quality that mimics the garage stomp of the last decade. But then you listen closely and you notice they compliment those melodies with pop harmonies. It becomes quite clear how Goon are not concerned with replicating a sound that already exists, more so seeking some way to make it new. One first impression (albeit, a very good one!) is not enough to make a clear assessment of where the band is headed, but to think they've already written such a tuneful song that connects on more than one level proves that they are onto something special.

"Dizzy" is the first track off of Goon's debul EP Dusk of Punk, which will be self-released on September 16. The band is also slated to play a local show opening for Lucy Dacus at the Echo tomorrow, August 11. - Juan Rodríguez

August 10, 2016

Where in 2011, DIY noise pop polymorphs Batwings Catwings debuted with the angularities of Peacock Collection, it's now 2016 and My Chemical Romance is reuniting. Smashmouth is considered a radio classic hit. You can share a song by New Found Glory without getting shamed. As for BWCWs, they now channel the sincerity of skatepunk with a new bassist: Cindy Sukrattanawong (Littlest Sister, Dustin and the Explosions) replaces Joshua Crampton in the quintet led by Clay Johnson. Their new EP "Coast to Coast" shares five earnest remarks toned with emo pop's histrionic melodicism and textured in gain—dissonance and feedback cameo in songs like "Totally Outrageous" and "1000 Volts". 

Batwings Catwings performs at [redacted]'s mixtape release show on the 12th with Justus Profitt, Love Nothing and Forget It.. Listen to the atavistic title track of their newest EP "Coast to Coast". - Ryan Mo

August 10, 2016

It’s been ten years since Adam Hervey founded the DIY venue Pehrspace, and a demolition notice from the property owners signaled imminent shutdown. But on July 30th and 31st, we weren’t there to say goodbye.

In its last 36 hours, space was as busy as it was on busy days. People came in and people hung out—as small groups of friends and budding scenes, but importantly as supporters of the space that always supported them. A day and a half was divvied up among longtime curators like Michael Vidal and KCHUNG Radio, who staged their final sets at 325 Glendale. From outside the plaza looked stripped, was stripped—inside a small team of volunteers led by Pauline Lay kept a tight schedule, even so far as to offer free earplugs and food while supplies held out. Like the twilight improvisations of Slow Rose and ensemble collaborations conceived by Aaron M. Olson (L.A. Takedown), Pehrspace brought individuals together, empowered them to create and appreciate. In its last 36 hours, the performers, curators, volunteers and audience were as we always were. And in the back of all our minds, though uncertain of the future, we eagerly anticipate the chalkboard set times to the next show.

Pehrspace continues to seek donations to successfully relocate; as of writing their GoFundMe currently rests just under $9,000. Listen to select performances from the 36-Hour Pehrathon at Cohen’s So Cal Rock Shows Bandcamp. - Ryan Mo

August 09, 2016

There are certain songs that speak to you when you’re young, and those songs are perfectly executed by The Unending Thread's split tape with Forget It. Perhaps it’s because they’ve had a few years to find their sound, but now that they have it is a significant voice for the young and reckless. That sound consists of strong relevant lyrics like “You never know what life has in store…I know I don’t know anything/ And that’s the best part of this journey that hasn’t happened yet” (“La Casa De Mi Padre”) and catchy choruses like “You always bring out the best of me” (“Dearest Anna”). Bassist Kim Reyes’ singing, often accompanied by guitarist Cesar Alas, drives a clear melodic path in the midst of the instrumental background.

The expertly arranged electric guitar, electric bass, and drums are so nicely played that they often compete with the vocals in the foreground, receiving much deserved attention.

Catch the Unending Thread's performance at [redacted] Collective's three-part showcase next week in celebration of the label's first official mixtape. The mixtape will be released August 12 at the first show at The Smell and Saturday the 13th at Los Globos, where The Unending Thread plays with Utena, Gypsum, and Ruby Throated. First fifty guests to these two shows will receive a free physical cassette, containing 11 new and previously unreleased tracks by artists from the [redacted] roster. - Kaitlyn Tang

August 07, 2016

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