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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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Singer-songwriter Miya Folick is not all that strange. She grew up in Santa Ana, went to college for Theatre, and moved to New York for a short period of time. In a recent interview with Drunken Werewolf, Folick concedes that she didn't consider pursuing music in her adolescence.

"I think I came to music fairly late. I didn't grow up thinking I'd be a working musician or even thinking that that was in the realm of possibilities for me."

And yet "Talking with Strangers", the first song we heard Folick half-nervously perform at James Supercave's 11/11 show, commanded a je ne sai quoi seldom felt from rosy-eyed musicians, and even less seldom heard by Los Angeles. For those six minutes, the Echo resonated with her voice and guitar, an off-white Telecaster finger-plucked with precision — unequivocably serene. As she performed alone, it was difficult to consider Folick's singing with embellishment, but listen to the studio version in her newly released "Strange Darling" EP.

Like the devil winds of Santa Ana, the katabatic pianos, synth dust, and guitar arpeggios fan Folick's verses into flames, burning presumption to leave us in the ashes of wonder and awe.

"Strange Darling" is available to stream on Miya Foick's Soundcloud and Bandcamp page. Watch Miya Folick perform at The Bootleg Theatre on December 3rd with Lena Fayre. And maybe buy some underwear, if you're a strange darling. - Ryan Mo

November 19, 2015

The two things you need to know about multi-instrumentalist Dre Babinski: she's idiosyncratic and particular. Older fans might remember Dre as the violinist/vocalist of Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, or as one half of the folkpop project Miracle Days. As a working musician, Dre admits that her job distanced her from creativity, and hence the local scene.

"I've had a pretty insulated experience. It wasn't til quite recently that I've felt the courage to lead a project and begin sharing my own work, and I'm quickly finding how nice it is to be a part of a community."

Her new solo project Steady Holiday digitally released "Your Version of Me", first single off the 2016 full-length Getting There. The looming progressions, cinematic strings, and lofty Spage Age vibes toy with a confession of (co)dependence. It might be a snapshot of Dre's musical and personal growth, but that's not up for discussion today.

"The only evolution I can speak on is a personal one, but we'll save that for my Oprah tell-all next week."

We're pumped all the same to hear Dre's Getting There next year. Steady Holiday performs tomorrow at Club Bahia with the Hunter Hunted extended family: Justin Cornwall, Sympathetic Frequencies, and Air Life. Stream "Your Version of Me", available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and through Infinite Best. - Ryan Mo

November 18, 2015

Realigned Silverlake quartet Sun Drug (fka Vanaprasta) want to trepanate you with the video to their newest single "Soaked". Shot in the middle of Joshua Tree, "Soaked" is the second vanguard of Sun Drug's darker visions, following June's digital foray "Easy In Your Attitude".

The summer departure of drummer Ben Smiley, and the counsel of Rocco DeLuca changed the band's course from their 2011 debut Healthy Geometries. A full 180 on sound, the Sun Drug EP doesn't uplift; it agitates. It doesn't embrace guitar warmth; it fucks with synthesizer chills. Heavy doses of noise play, electric beats, and zipper-fuzz riffs will leave you burning through dusk. Metabolize with care.

Sun Drug's next gig is Chris Douridas' School Night Mondays with Caverns, Hazel English, and The Shadowboxers at Bardot. - Ryan Mo

November 18, 2015

Pop rock quintet Wildling have released their latest single "Doesn't Really Matter", a tuneful track with high single potential informed by eighties rock ballads. "Why you wanna fight me when my love's so simple", singer Ryan Levine harmonizes alongside his bandmates, tracing the dissolution of a relationship with a big tent sound that comes across as if Local Natives were trying to cover Simple Minds when they were at their peak.

"Doesn't Really Matter" is featured on their upcoming self-titled debut EP, which comes out on December 4th. - Juan Rodríguez


November 18, 2015

The twinkle is strong in Ferbus, a relatively new emo-rock band of Oklahoma City transplants and Los Angeles natives. First single they ever put out, "Explain Yourself", featured halcyon instrumentals and the deep baritone voice of Henry Dillon, which strangely makes me reflect on King Krule's absence. And the newest single "Four Word Song Title" resonates American Football angularities with opaque lyricism — a bit of a downer journey through textures dense and sparse.

Played against the backdrop of Los Angeles' winter, it has a slight warming effect, makes the winds bite just a bit less.

Ferbus are making their way through LA's music circuit, and they've already hit up DIY venues like Bridgetown and the HiFi Deli with bands such as Twin Peaks and Slow HollowsHeads up for the release their self-titled debut December 11 through Danger Collective Records — these guys are making plans for a release party on the same date. Stream "Four Word Song Title" below. - Ryan Mo

November 17, 2015

The TÜLIPS release party last Saturday night was DIY tight — a full Doom & Bloom experience from dizzying start to shoegazing finish. L.A. Girlfriend Sydney Banta DJ'd and slipped in some new tracks from her upcoming LP Neon Grey, while San Pedro girlfriends Bombón worked the house with some frothy surf rock jams. As Angie and Taleen took the stage, they gave shoutouts to their producer Greg Katz way back in the audience, and introduced Jen Spazmaster to dance as the crowd got up close and cozy. And then TÜLIPS roared, had everyone spinning from "Vertigo" to the oscillating dregs of "Hopefully Hopefully". 

Terminal A's heavy synthpunk noise closed Non Plus Ultra, and we walked home feeling pretty sweaty. TÜLIPS are currently on tour; stream and purchase their new album Doom & Bloom, cassettes available via Lolipop Records- Ryan Mo

November 16, 2015

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