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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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A slithering guitar lead is the first you notice about recent Emerging Artists winners Kid Bloom's latest single "Annalise". Built around a warped blues composition, the five-piece play around with a crafty, atypical time signature over Lennon Kloser's impassioned vocal deliery before it goes into a full-on power-pop coda. The video for the track was directed by movie star Gary Oldman, who provides a no bells-and-whistles approach by giving it the simple treatment of emulating the band's visceral essence in a live setting. 

Kid Bloom are playing a headlining show at Silverlake Lounge on Tuesday, September the 8th. - Juan Rodríguez

August 25, 2015

"Darkest Summer" is the debut single by songwriting duo Hidden Mountains, a sparse, slowcore-inspired ballad that should make good company for those lazy late-summer days spent in the shade. The track by Chris Howard and Gabriel Arniella is gently performed, its piano keys and synthetic drum patterns played with ample leisure like a steady breeze rippling the surface of a serene ocean. "Kiss me and I'm yours", they both harmonize in unison, with a sluggish delivery that makes us believe they're wading in the middle of a fever dream.  

Hidden Mountains' debut album comes out sometime in late September. - Juan Rodríguez

August 21, 2015

Sextile's eagerly awaited debut album A Thousand Hands releases tomorrow, but you can still stream it on Line of Best Fit if you can't wait. That said, it's an amazing set of songs that blends post-punk with jarring industrial and abrasive surf punk elements. We first caught a glimpse of these guys late-June with the premiere of "Can't Take It". Signed by local label felte Records, whose international roster also includes Flaamingos, The KVB, and Lushes, Sextile spent the earlier part of their summer supporting Australian dreamgaze Au.Ra for a West Coast tour, giving listeners an early taste of their sonic visions. 

The band will celebrate A Thousand Hands with a Part Time Punks album release party August 27th, supported by Terminal A and Big Debbie at the Non Plus Ultra. Listen to "Visions of You" from the album below. - Ryan Mo

August 21, 2015

The androgynous alter ego of Andrew Clinco (Marriages, Black Mare), Deb DeMure, is not drag — bluntly put, it's a genderfuck medium that channels a windfall of ideas. The occult scholar sees DeMure's physical manifestation as an oracle for Drab Majesty, a growing collection of self-produced music bearing marks of late '80s dreampop, new wave, and post-punk. The project's newest album Careless envelops listeners with modulating guitars, grand cathedral reverb, and effected baritone vocals that hearken back to acts like Asylum Party, Xymox, Cocteau Twins — gothically elaborate, it coalesces the masculine and feminine, the Abrahamic and the arcane. And DeMure takes no credit for the songs' conception.

Says Clinco in a Noisey interview: "We’re just vessels channeling these ideas and making sense of them."

Drab Majesty performs at the LA Psych Fest on September 20th with JJUUJJUU, Earthless, Litronix, and more. Listen to "Everything Is Sentimental" off the newest album Careless, with a second vinyl pressing on Dais Records early October. - Ryan Mo

August 20, 2015

Surf pop sinew meets Dinosaur Jr. soul in San Fernando Valley's newest alt-rock incarnation Grave School. Despite making a quiet entrance into the scene, this band has been in the works for a long time: singer/guitarist Gina Almaguer (Sheer) met drummer Aldo Felix (ACxDC, Human Garbage) online through mutual friends about two years ago.

"Grave School has technically been in the making since late 2013, when me and Aldo first started jamming — just the two of us."

Their busy schedules gave the project slow momentum, but patience has its virtues — Aldo and Gina also found able bodies from their circles: Daniel Castro (guitar/vox), Marisa Shirar (bass/vox), and Gilbert "Guzie" Guzman (Nomads, Sleepwalkers). Self-described as a pop-oriented, even cheesy, fun band, the vocals of Marisa, Daniel, and Gina (yes, they all sing) lifts listeners with '60s guitar jangle before burying them in six feet of dirtbox distortion. 

Grave School released their debut EP via Bandcamp earlier this month, and will play their first show at the Ventura Music Factory on September 17th, supporting Choir Vandals (St. Louis) with Papertowns. (Phoenix) and Living Ghosts (Oxnard). Take note, and check out the first song "Clutch" to their EP below. - Ryan Mo

August 19, 2015

Itching for a sober trip? Pehrspace is hosting PRISM PIPE, a visual music event curated every third Monday of the month by The Current Sea and Screaming Claws. Since last year, PRISM PIPE has enjoyed moderate success as one of the few audio/visual showcases persisting in LA's DIY scene — notable artists include: Electric Soundbath, GreyGhost, and Earth Pitch.

This Monday night, [PHYSICS] will be creating stereophonic conjurations live with video art by The Current Sea and Ang Wilson. Since 2011, [PHYSICS] has championed analog atmospherics and retrofuturist synthwave, even venturing into some vaporwave grooves in 2013's "Not Even Real" EP. His newest album Only Forever is a straight immersive sound art experience, dropping listeners into modular valleys, oscillating caverns, and pulsating cybernetic organisms. Pair this with tagteam visualizations of digital artists Brian Griffith + Sarah Zucker and Ang Wilson (Electric Soundbath) and you have one of the LA's most pleasurable sensory overloads for the summer. Seriously; you don't want to miss this. 

Audiences will be promptly saturated with color and sound at 9:00 pm for one solid hour, so come early TONIGHT (doors open at 8:30 pm). Listen to "Only Forever", the first track off [PHYSICS]' album below. - Ryan Mo

August 17, 2015

Which of these Los Angeles based emerging Artists do you prefer?

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