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Alyx Poska is from Orange County, CA. He likes weird show locations, #smoothmusic and critique of the capitalist wasteland. He's the founder of diy4lyfe records & zine and co-founder of OC DIY as well as local cult leader. He is a strong proponent of genres like bummer punk, yacht rock, new weird americana and smooth music.

Diners came through Southern California multiple times in 2015, each show gathering larger and larger crowds to watch their smooth desert pop jams. With the departure of drummer Tristan Jemsek to Seattle, frontman Tyler Broderick began 2016 with a “solo” tour that featured intimate performances throughout the great state of #Kali. I was lucky enough to catch him at Bridgetown DIY in La Puente, as well as in Orange County. This show, booked by Aaron Kovacs from Lauren Records, featured three locals that tended toward the indie rock and bummer punk side of the spectrum, and all three were quite loud in Bridgetown’s boomy but narrow space.

Panoramic started off the night with two bass amps but no bass player in sight. They were one of the two power trios playing, and by the time their set started a small crowd had formed. Heavy hitters Settling played second and pushed the limits of people’s eardrums with songs from their digital single “Ava/Pretty Dream” and their demo EP. Diners was a welcome relief for the ears as people crowded around Tyler’s guitar amp and keyboard. Tyler treated the crowd to old favorites (even tracks from their first EP “Throw Me a Ten”), and songs from the latest Diners 7”, “It’s All True”, put out by Asian Man Records. His subtle musical showmanship was captured in the different performance stunts like medley-ing short songs together, grand pauses, continually rising key changes, and repeated chordal motifs that would show up randomly in other songs. The crowd was enchanted and definitely left wanting more of his unique brand of smooth ‘60s and ‘70s pop music.

The band members of Winter Break were visibly under the weather but they still delivered a tight set of songs at the end of the night from their 2015 self-titled release, and some new songs. The anticipation is building for the new Diners LP, tentatively titled Diners III according to Tyler, which will be out on Asian Man Records before the end of the year! - Alyx Poska, photo credit: Ryan Mo

February 02, 2016

2016 is a leap year, and you know what that means: February gets five Mondays! Moonlight an extra night at these FREE Los Angeles residencies. Lena Fayre graces the Bootleg after a sold out show at Chicago's Art Institute — and possibly with new songs from an upcoming release? The bar stage gets a fifth Monday sendoff from Marjorie Fair. From Aliso Viejo to Los Angeles, trio Adult Books begin their monthlong stay at The Echo, switching it up on the third Monday with a performance at the spaced out Echoplex — read their latest interview with Lo-Pie. Pom Poms and The Controversy share four nights at The Satellite. Finally, Bright Missiles tear it up on Tuesdays at Silverlake Lounge, after Silver Snakes' last free Monday with AEGES, Minnow, and The Royal. - Ryan Mo

Lena Fayre at The Bootleg (21+):

Feb. 1 — with Vox, AKW
Feb. 8 — with TRACE, Lush Guts
Feb. 15 — with YASSOU, Me Yow
Feb. 22 — with Phebe Starr

Adult Books at The Echo (21+):

Feb. 1 — with The Molochs, Drinking Flowers, Terminal A
Feb. 8 — with Colleen Green, Psychomagic, Mother Merry Go Round
Feb. 15 — with Numb.er, Tracy Bryant, Wyatt Blair
Feb. 22 — with Part Time, Billy Changer, Noah Kwid (at The Echoplex)

Pom Poms and The Controversy at The Satellite (21+):

Feb. 1 — with Mothertapes, Chasing Kings
Feb. 8 — with Artists TBA
Feb. 15 — with Artists TBA
Feb. 22 — with Artists TBA
Feb. 29 — with Artists TBA

Bright Missiles at Silverlake Lounge (21+):

Feb. 8 — with Steps of Doe, Fan Fiction, Judy Gloom
Feb. 15 — with The Modern Age, Yo, The Noogles
Feb. 22 — with Pizza Friday, Deep Breaths, V.V. Friendly
Feb. 29 — with Jubilo Drive, Bedbugs, Ghosts In Pocket

February 01, 2016

On February 5th, local music collective Diy4lyfe lines an arthouse stage with five up-and-coming bands from disparate cities across Southern California. Originally billed as a release party for The Human Machine's Patterns, the event was postponed to add Young Lovers with Hollow Ran, Pedestrian, and Twentytwofourteen (who recently released the "Please Go Quietly" EP). Each band performs with their own projections, along with a special music video premiere by live-loop duo Time and Energy.

The show is one of many efforts to fundraise for The Frida Cinema, a non-profit community-driven arthouse cinema in Santa Ana. Founded in 2014 by director and OC native Logan Crow, The Frida Cinema has featured critically acclaimed and underrepresented films for Orange County residents. Last May, Crow announced to LA Times that once the theater developed a solid audience, he would celebrate with a screening of The Room. Godspeed.

Set times and ticket information on the event page. - Ryan Mo

February 01, 2016

Less than a year since his last album Ghost, the animated avant-pop statue Julius Smack releases Tomb Songs, a collection of works expressing the individual pains of the post-industrial world. The San Francisco transplant's effete voice swims through isopropyl synths, reappropriated samples, and layered drums to create maximalist narratives ("Poetics I") as dance-y as they are contemplative. Catch Julius Smack as he performs at pehrspace tonight with Practical Records siblings Michael Vidal, Lucky Dragons, Grand Lady Dance House, and Mo Dotti. - Ryan Mo

January 30, 2016

Things hadn't been going well for Alina Bea. Following the end of a five-year relationship and the conclusion of her main project Body Parts, Bea did as many of us do when we go through troubling times: apply it into her art. The result of this is her debut EP Live Undone, a collection of confessional songs that are driven by change. Her first single off of the EP, "Everything is Alright", means to be a direct response to how she feels at the moment; renewed but cautious, the track has a lush, ornate sound wth some artful accents, though never to the point where it obscures its focus on simple, engaging songcraft.

Bea has a show coming up at the Bootleg on January 31st, followed by an album release show at Resident on February 26th. 

January 29, 2016

We're enthralled with "Gravity", the first track from Alex Rajabi's alias Plaster Cast since last year's debut "Sunless". A spiritual transmigration of the prophecized "future of R&B" duo Malta, Rajabi shifts weight in this tandem production with the self-proclaimed GodKing BRAH1M. A current that rides the minimal structure of "Gravity" exemplifies the sublation of hip-hop and electronic music without washing out the je ne sais quoi of Plaster Cast's past life, from the vocals of Michaela Wilson (previously featured in Malta's "Out of Bounds") to the permeating future rhythms. But something was left behind in the metempsychosis, whether real or perceived, and we can't help but listen again and again to find this void, this absence that haunts and beckons our ears.

Stream "Gravity", the first track from Plaster Cast's debut EP "Permanence" — out March 4th on Los Angeles' Zoom Lens. - Ryan Mo

January 28, 2016

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