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Ladies and Gents,

The SXSW 2015 issue of The Deli can be now read online here. 10k copies of this baby will flood the streets of Austin during SXSW Music Week.

It will be a busy time for us as usual, with the madness of the Stompbox Exhibit in full swing, joined this year by a sister expo called Synth Space!

So yeah... if you are attracted to nerds, come and see us at the SXSW Music Gear Expo inside the Austin Convention Center from March 19 to March 21 (11am-6pm)!

We'll also have a small live showcase, here are the details:


WHEN: Friday 03.20, 4pm
WHERE: FLatstock Stage (Austin Convention Center)

4.00 Prinze George (DC Area)
4.45 Lazyeyes (Brooklyn, NY)
5.30 Roger Sellers (Austin)

See y'all in Austin!

The Deli's Staff

March 09, 2015

Afro-pop band Fool's Gold has just announced their third full-length Flying Lessons, which is officially coming out on Record Store Day. They've also shared a video for first single "'I'm In Love", a vibrant, colorful display of visuals made of digitalized cut-outs that perfectly encapsulates the band's festive charm. 

You can catch them play a hometown show at The Troubadour on May 14th. 



March 06, 2015

Darkwave-influenced duo Ultra Violent Rays are further expanding their sound with their latest single "Vegas". The track's esoteric dub passages and wobbly synth loops are more of an open admission from their previous single "Voyeur", which recoiled into an ominous dark corner with its sinister piano strokes and monolithic drum hits. The duo will be playing a show at The Golden Box on March 11. 

March 04, 2015

The 80’s called, they said they wanted their music back. We said no. Shelina Louise, of PANTHAR, has been gradually establishing her name in the streets of L.A. with the collaboration of Allison Wolfe. After hitting the studio with Mark Raines of BRMC, Summer Twins and Gothic Tropic, the duo has been able to craft a poppy, classic 80’s sound. Releasing their newest single, “Ghost Rocket”, on February 17th, Louise and Wolfe take listeners back to The Breakfast Club, sliding through the halls with Judd Nelson and Emillio Estevez as retro, space age, and punk-rock comes alive. Guitar riffs, dreamy electric jams and artful lyrics mash up to capture their vintage analog debut. PANTHARS is a “dreamy feedback-induced coma” that will have you zoning out of your reality and right into the 80’s punk era. - Kayla Hay

February 27, 2015

Who is Boris, exactly? According to downtempo synth pop four piece BREAKFAST, he's the leecher who abuses of his high posotion without any real inslight into the concept of artistry. A mentor with experience, sure, but one who's misguided and thinks about the big picture without considering a true artist's essence. It comes on the heels of their previous single "Diane", a smiliar chracter study that follows the band's knack for dubby, texture-rich modular synthesizers. I wonder what character they'll think of next.

February 26, 2015

LA just got a big ole gift from the city of Austin, Texas, as rocker pair Gal Pals has made the big jump further west. Gal Pals makes stripped-down, up-energy summer pop that’s a good bit garage, and also a good bit of bubblegum and fun. Y’get the feeling listening to their music that these two ladies moved to Cali just to put their music in the right setting, which is undoubtedly a beach party in the warm day, with the Gal Pals’ lazer-bright clothes and sunglasses standing out against the blue sky as they blast out their guitar-and-drums-and-nothin’-else pop music. The band will be playing official shows at SXSW this coming March.

February 24, 2015


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