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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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A noodling guitar lines opens the brightly cathartic "Playground Days" by Carlsbad quartet Paper Days, and it quickly hits you with a radiant glow that's far more serene than its busy arrangements initially lead you on. The track soars with an anthemic pull, and yet it's never showy or grandiose - the rthytmic interplay between the band members balances their formidable skill, letting the math-rock guitar lines and jittery drum strokes play together with some breathing space as it builds into an urgent finish; subtle yet all the more alluring for it. "Playground Days" opens their three-track debut EP of the same name, which they just released this week and is now available to stream on their official soundcloud page. 

July 15, 2014

Fresh off their upcoming album You Were The Fire (out July 29th), San Luis Obispo folk trio Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars offer up their bittersweet single “Rebel.” The track, described by Kellner as “a civilized yet fumigating song directed at the ways of our society,” provides a soothing and satisfying three-way marriage between mellow and uplifting folk instrumentation, melancholy lyrics, and smooth-rasp lead vocals. Reminiscent of the somber tone of Death Cab For Cutie, the rock vocals of Switchfoot, and the driving jug band quality of Mumford & Sons, “Rebel” succeeds as a modern-day indie-folk ballad filled with a healthy dose of acoustic twang, heavenly backup singing, and 90’s soft rock charm. - Michael Iemma


July 10, 2014

As an east coaster by-way-of the west coast by-way-of the east coast (it's a been a lot of there and back if you know what I mean), I whole-heartedly welcomed the sunny vibes that The Canyon Rays so expertly delivered upon my first listen. The band fits in perfectly with the sunshine pop aesthetic, so naturally pioneered by bands like The Turtles and The Beach Boys. I can't help but think of this band as an amped up west coast version of Real Estate whose music may be a bit mellower but share similar song structures. The Canyon Rays expel positive vibes to no end, combined with uplifting back up vocals and just the right amount of synth to add a tinge of dream-pop into the mix. The Canyon Rays recently released a music video for their self-explanatory song "The Sunshine Growers" which you can watch below; three minutes and sixteen seconds of nothing but happiness, posy-vibes and you guessed it…sunshine. - Jake Saunders


July 08, 2014

Australian duo Wunder Wunder made their 8,000 mile trek to Los Angeles after being seduced by this city’s sun-drenched landscape, which they romantically describe having “continuous unspoiltskies, pastel sunsets, and backdrop of palm trees.” Producers Aaron Shanahan and Bejamin Platt sure try to replicate our balmy ambiance on their latest single “Midnight Hours”, a sauntering mid-tempo number with arpeggiated guitars and luminous synth patterns that could just replenish this drought-filled summer. This is the first single off their upcoming full-length Everything Infinite, which will be released on July 15 via Dovecote Records. And make sure to catch them opening up for Cymbals at The Echo on July 22.

July 07, 2014

United Ghosts is a band who likes to insert momentum into their music. "Out of Love", the first track off their upcoming EP, Dear Electric Sun, begins with a bass line reminiscent of a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel; a ceaseless anthem of shoegazey pop, the song doesn't really let up, and that's a good thing. United Ghosts displays a powerful array of influences ranging from the power pop of Arctic Monkeys to the high-reverb landscapes pioneered by My Bloody Valentine, complete with static ridden melodies and spacey electronics. Every song on the EP is an anthemic wall of sound, where the dynamics rarely shift out of the higher gears. You can catch United Ghosts on July 16th at Bootleg Theater. - Jake Saunders

July 03, 2014

On a Friday night of December 2004, at Manhattan venue Sin-e' in Attorney Street, an emerging NYC band with a home recorded debut album played The Deli's launch party. It was a packed crowd and everyone was holding the first issue of The Deli, whose cover these upstarts were gracing. That band was Grizzly Bear. It remains one of the most exciting nights of my life, the night I understood that this magazine had a shot at being here to stay.

Now, this ten-year anniversary issue hopes to be a(nother) celebration of this great scene, in a less cluttered, more narratorial and visually appealing form thanks to art critic Brian Chidester's work as a guest editor. This issue also comes with my deep hope for NYC to keep churning out exceptional music of all kinds for the foreseeable future.


Paolo De Gregorio,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

The cover of the 1st Issue of The Deli (December 2004)

July 02, 2014

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