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Drowned in Sound: Meatbodies - Meatbodies
Drowned in Sound: Bear's Den - Islands

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“Rolling Stone” magazine declared last year's Joshua Light Show at NYU's Skirball Center “the most psychedelic light show of all-time.” It doesn't mean we necessarily trust their judgment. However, the three-day music and light fest returns to Skirball this October 23-25th, where you can judge for yourself.

LA electro chanteuse Glasser and midwest free-jazz trio Bad Plus play opening night, where the latter is slated to perform Ornette Coleman's understated 1972 masterpiece “Science Fiction” in its entirety. Television, as well as J. Spaceman & Kid Millions, fill the Saturday night bill (10/25). But it's the middle show that “The Deli” is most interested in, where NYC psych-folk duo Woods bring their latest song cycle -- the appropriately titled “With Light and with Love” -- to glow beneath the shimmering colors on Friday the 24th.

For those unaware, “With Light” is Woods' eighth full-length since its inception in 2006. Mixing a steady diet of Grateful Dead-like jams with indie pop-vocals (think the Shins), the album spreads out into odd new directions this time around. From Bowie-like lyrical couplets to the occasional prog-rock trill, it is the band's crystalline effort to date. One which is sure to require more than a duo for the stage performance.

As to the Joshua Light Show, its most famous residency came at Bill Graham's Fillmore East rock club on “freaky Second Avenue,” where from March '68 'till it closed in June 1971, Joshua Light produced “Mondrianesque checkerboards, strawberry fields, orchards of lime, antique jewels, galaxies of light over a pure black void and, often, abstract, erotic, totally absorbing shapes and colors.” That's what the “New York Times” saw, at least. Founder Joshua White came to NYC after graduating from film school at USC in 1965. (Classmate George Lucas stayed on the West Coast and ran experimental light shows at Frank Zappa's Shrine Auditorium freak-outs of 1966-67.) White & co. re-emerged more recently as lighting designers for the 2008-11 Broadway revival of “Hair.” This latest fest showcases their ephemeral cinema with a well-deserved top-billing. - Brian Chidester

October 15, 2014

Noise pop trio Tennis System are streaming their much-anticipated sophomnore full-length, Technicolour Blind, one full week in advance of its official October 21st release date. The follow-up to their 2011 debut, Technicolour Blind was recorded with Ulysses Noriega (of Wedding Presdent and Offspring fame) and mixed with highly-touted producer Drew Fisher. Listen to the full album stream below, and make sure to catch them play a hometown show at Los Globos on November 11th.

October 15, 2014

NYC/LA electronic muse Ryn Weaver pretty much lived through what most emerging musicians dream about each time they post a song on Soundcloud: instant fame! We are often suprprised when a song by a new act gets 10k plays - her single OctaHate got over TWO MILLION! (Check out the video below). The next challange for artists lucky enough to have earned some recognition through the web is always to follow up with a live show that can support a longer career in music. Ryn Weaver will be playing Baby's All Right tonight (10.14); it will be a good opportunity to see where she's at in that department.

October 14, 2014

Sego’s psychedelic trip through time warps and intoxicating rhythms creates their first EP, Wicked Youth, which is set to be released October 27th. Listening to the 5-track playlist, I couldn’t help but lose my mind in their blend of trippy guitar riffs, exploratory melodies and engaging lyrics. Band members Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll do a mesmerizing job at giving their listeners a sense of nirvana while listening to the album. A relaxing journey through the mind of Sego can take us on timeless adventures to and from the digitized world. Combining psychedelic rock, shoegazing and soft dubstep into one EP, Sego masters the art of perfection. - Kayla Hay

October 13, 2014

Forebear, originally Wise Cub, formed in 2011, though their raw talent would suggest they've been playing together far longer. Scott Goldbaum's guitar work is transient and breathtaking. He plays with experience reminiscent of a long-gone classical era with influences of Spanish guitar juxtaposed with modern indie rock vocals. Goldbaum's brilliant stylings aside, the band is not short of inspired instrumentalists. With Molly Rogers on viola, keys and vocals, Mike Musselman on drums and Nick Chamian on bass, the band meanders through various genres with the skill set of a seasoned band. Their new track, "North Korea & The Five Stages of Grief", showcases the effervescence and ease they have championed in playing together. Harmonies between Goldbaum and Rogers are ethereal and the track finishes memorably with a graceful viola solo by Rogers.


October 08, 2014

The ladies of Willow Willow are longtime friends who share an equal kinship for music from a very young age - they know each other since kindergarten - and those who followed the discography of LA sixties/seventies psych rockers Love will recognize where their band name comes from. Judging by the name of their sophomore effort, Listening to Music, they most probably venerate the activity with great rejoice. Their new single, "I Will Tire of You", is an understated, catchy number with a classic doo wop melody that emphasizes their dual harmonies. It shows they have a bookish knowledge of Brill Building pop considering how faithfully they recreate it, though it still retains the folk-based elements found on their debut. The self-released Listening to Music will come out on November 11th. 

October 07, 2014

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