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Welcome to the new Deli Charts, organized by genre and scene.

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Adam J. Cook first got some attention in his hometown Austin as a member of country rock bands like Genuine Leather and Dangeresque. After those two projects, the relocated Cook is taking those musical sensibilities to our shores in a slightly different direction with his first solo project, Attack Formation (Demo), a meticulously crafted collection of singles that closely resembles the current alumni of singer-songwriters looking into the early 70s for inspiration. Songs like "Adam Vile" and "Days Just Begin" blend winding folk and sophisticated soft rock elements with a keen focus on arrangement.

Cook will also be releasing accompanying videos for all the six tracks of Attack Formation. You can stream it in its entirety on his official soundcloud page.

July 13, 2016

Venus & the Moon are Frally Hynes and Rain Phoenix, a collaborative duo that writes brooding country-folk that strikes a heavy balance between shimmering atmospherics and lumbering balladry. The hushed harmonies play a big part in ampliying some very insular emotions, a haunting quality that gives the songs off of their upcoming full-length, Brother, Son, a quiet power. 

Brother, Son has an official date of July 15 via Mother May I Records. The duo will also be celebrating the album release with a performance at Hotel Café on July 13.

July 08, 2016

"Keep your head in the clouds", Water District vocalist Tice Griffin sings over a sauntering piano lead as he contemplates over an unrequited love. There's something old-fashioned about their latest, "Supernova", an unabashedly romantic rock ballad that sports an upbeat melody against biting lyrics that resonate with subtly dramatic effect. It's a even-tempered love song that has that crisp, uncomplicated sound akin to that of a John Vanderslice production.

Water District will be headlining a show at Ham and Eggs on July 17. "Supernova" is out now via Normandie Records. - Juan Rodríguez


July 06, 2016

Fresh from their live at The Hi Hat, The Unending Thread premieres their music video "Salvation Mountain" on The Deli LA. Home video aesthetic meets smooth jazz nods to the vape nation, VWs, and Nickelback. Julian Rogantini gets swept up chasing clouds and shirks on his pet responsibilities—meanwhile, Kim Reyes and Cesar Alas fight for the last Doritos. Credits to Daniel Gilbreath, Christina Hitchcock and Michael de Toffoli.

\/ /\ y'all.

July 03, 2016

In July The Unending Thread brings Southland twinklecore up the coast during the summer tour circuit, and are slated to release a split with Berkeley Emo quartet Forget It. through Old Press Recordings. From July 7 to 18th, The Unending Thread will trek up the 5-Interstate to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington before coming back down for two more shows in San Francisco. The US-based, self-proclaimed "mediocre [tape] label" (with amazing bands) made the announcement on June 27 following a relocation to Utah from Maryland.

The San Fernando trio perform next at The Hi Hat on July 2nd with Youtube controllerist R!OT to support nu-jazz duo KNOWER's homecoming. Post good boba tea houses to hit up in the comments. - illustration: Renzon Sanchez

June 29, 2016

Art gallery by day and music venue by night, Pehrspace was known in the southland as one of the better DIY spaces that exhibited local underground indie music. With the rare admission of all-ages for most shows and affordable admission fees, Pehrspace was regionally known as a small, accessible place to enjoy good music with good people. Notable acts include Vice Cooler, HEALTH, No Age, Dan Deacon and Moses Campbell, as well as the highly praised Sean Carnage who regularly DJ'd and hosted Monday nights. Unfortunately, after a 10-year lease in Westlake since their opening in 2006, Pehrspace was handed a 60-day notice to close by a new landlord.

Pehrspace is currently crowdfunding to find a new space with via GoFundMe. - Kaitlyn Tang

June 29, 2016

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