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Pet Sun

Pet Sun is a noisy and awesome death garage band from Hamilton. They remind me of the Stooges but heavier. When I hear the Stooges I feel that’s how all bands should sound... and Pet Sun is killin' it. Fresh off a tour down to the States, Pet Sun will be returning to Toronto on April 9th at the Horseshoe Tavern. Expect new music from them soon, but for now let’s listen to the title track from their latest EP “Feel Like I’m Going Away”. -Kris “Big City” Gies

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For Esmé “Just Yet”

For Esmé, latest single “Just Yet” is light and fluffy with heavy dynamics. Progressive electro-pop sounds that heartbeat rhythms to a sweet and intriguing vocal; it's smooth- sultry poetry with a deep message. Getting ready to release their second record Sugar this spring; Nathan, Martha and Dave have already given us a glimpse into what's next, and we love it! While keeping their story’s tale, For Esmé stays warm and gorgeous with combinations of synths, fuzz and pulses. See them March 11 @ the Piston and March 17 @ the Lakefield College School.


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The Deli's SXSW 2015 Issue is out digitally!

Ladies and Gents,

The SXSW 2015 issue of The Deli can be now read online here. 10k copies of this baby will flood the streets of Austin during SXSW Music Week.

It will be a busy time for us as usual, with the madness of the Stompbox Exhibit in full swing, joined this year by a sister expo called Synth Space!

So yeah... if you are attracted to nerds, come and see us at the SXSW Music Gear Expo inside the Austin Convention Center from March 19 to March 21 (11am-6pm)!

We'll also have a small live showcase, here are the details:


WHEN: Friday 03.20, 4pm
WHERE: FLatstock Stage (Austin Convention Center)

4.00 Prinze George (DC Area)
4.45 Lazyeyes (Brooklyn, NY)
5.30 Roger Sellers (Austin)

See y'all in Austin!

The Deli's Staff

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A three-piece punk rock noise band –Foam, originating from London, Ontario, is slowly storming the music scene. Hailing sludge-infested distortion and an abundance of guitar feedback; this trio really shows they know how to bring the noise. Amidst the cloud of sound, these guys still maintain a moving and unique song structure, while the sporadic use of vocals hints at their obvious punk influence, adding to the intrigue of their sound. They’ll be leaving their garages and basements behind this weekend; Foam is playing the big city alongside fellow Londoners, Political Séance. Go catch them March 6 @ The Central.-Courtney Chalapenko

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There are two opportunities this weekend to catch the experimental twin sister group Tasseomancy. I checked out their tracks starting with their latest single “Reality”; It made me completely forget what I was doing...so I listened to it again... I like to call them “Trippy Folk”, modern ambient sounds that are skillfully imaginary. So you should grab your folks n’ friends and check Tasseomancy @ Smiling Buddha March 8 and @ The Baltimore House on March 9. Do it! -Kris “Big City” Gies


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