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Lush Buffalo - Grunge Rockin Friday 06.08 at The Baby G!

Fuzzy grunge rock band Lush Buffalo hang around with a lot of the great garage bands currently occupying some of the best venues in Toronto. I would say their garage sound is more Seattle and less California. By that I mean more straight up head bangin rock and less reverb and echo. Meatpuppets, Melvins and Bleach is what I’m hearing. Cool tunes on their self-titled album. Lush Buffalo plays The Baby G on Friday June 8 with Jean Daddy, D-BOY and Jeepay Lovecraft. – Kris Gies

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Cherry Blaster - New Tune "Demo Reel" Soaked in Synth!

Cherry Blaster rolls on with a new tune just released titled “Demo Reel”. The track opens with deep synth and a carnival-like keyboard floating over top. There are some deeper thoughts in the lyrics though as she explains:

I've never been particularly good at taking initiative in social situations, and this has often allowed me to retreat behind walls of self-protection. Demo Reel paints a picture of what I initially feel from this vantage point”.

See Cherry Blaster perform live on June 17th at Handlebar. – Kris Gies

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Laura Cole - "Piece of Paradise" Release Party 06.02

Soul singer Laura Cole is back with the follow up to her award winning “voodoo rock” album “Dirty Cheat.” Her new project was recorded at The Pool House and self-produced along with bandmate Chris Chiarcos. The title track sets the tone for this “Hawaiian Soul” album and the timing of this release couldn’t be better as the summer starts to heat up. This tune will have you looking for the nearest piece of shade to sit back, relax and enjoy your own piece of paradise. It’s out there somewhere for everyone. “Piece of Paradise” will be available online on September 21st however you can score a physical copy of the album at their release party being held at The Music Hall – New Vision United Church in Hamilton on Saturday June 2nd. – Kris Gies

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NEAVV - New Synth-Pop Track "So Sick"

Neavv (formerly known as GRAY) is a Toronto based artist who makes alternative synth pop along with producer “DV”. Her latest track “So Sick” is like a rockin’ version of a hit pop tune. It has all the synth and thumpin’ kick you would want in a pop tune to crank in your car but also has some real instrumentation and a rippin’ solo reminiscent of an 80’s hair metal song. Listen to the track below to see what it’s all about. – Kris Gies

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Ellevator - Debut Record Available Now!

Ellevator is an alt-rock band from Hamilton representing Arts & Crafts Records. Their self titled debut EP is available now! Here’s how they describe the journey in creating this piece:

We conquered our fears, learned our lessons, lent our ear to strangers, took advice, ignored advice, played to empty bars, sweat it out with full rooms, bet the farm, spun tall tales, told the truth, rode the highway, took a long, hard look in the mirror, got proud, and stayed humble to bring you this record.”

Ellevator just finished touring Canada where they opened for the likes of Matthew Good and Our Lady Peace. Their next Toronto gig is at the Field Trip Festival on June 3rd. You can also see them open for The Arkells at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton on June 23rd. – Kris Gies


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