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Toyota Plays Hemlock Tavern and Stork Club - 4/28 & 4/29

Oakland based corporate punks, Toyota are performing live in Oakland and San Francisco tonight and tomorrow! This nerdy group of punks has been on the go for the past year as they have released an EP, started a record label and have embarked on a west coast tour all in the name of maximizing revenue and building an empire. Inspired by 70s punk with a contemporary twist of added aggression and technical proficiency, Toyota performs with a captivation that is both curiously engaging and wildly irritating.

At their core, they are a simple squad of entrepreneurs on the prowl for the biggest bang for their buck, unsuspecting business men hiding under the guise of punk “musicians” to sell out fast. Help them out picking up their newest EP, out this week on Discontinuous Innovation Inc.

Catch Toyota on Thursday at the Hemlock with Lysine, Lil Dowager and Unraze or Friday in Oakland at the Stork Club with The World, Ex-Debs and Violence Creeps. -Julia deAnda


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Rogue Wave to Release New Album

The Oakland based duo, Rogue Wave will release Delusions of Grand Fur on April 29th via Easy Sound Recordings, but starting today the record is streaming in its entirety. Rogue Wave’s first album in 3+ years and their sixth studio album, Delusions of Grand Fur is set to smash any preconceptions of Rogue Wave’s sound and is the most truthful, powerful, and urgent sonic blueprint of the band to date.

Delusions of Grand Fur - a title chosen as a riff on the tendency of fresh-faced musicians to misperceive the reality of band life - marks the reinvigorated return of Zach Rogue, his longtime band mate Pat Spurgeon, and their fellow band members. Recording and producing the entire LP themselves at their home studios in Oakland, Rogue Wave focused on storytelling throughout the album and worked without recording demos versions of songs—instead, the demos would simply become the songs. With this DIY approach, Rogue Wave has seized creative control of its identity and the end result is a clear snapshot of who the band is today.

Catch Rogue Wave Live in May:
5/5 - Oakland, CA @ Starline Ballroom
5/7 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent


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Foxtails Brigade Release New Album

Foxtails Brigade has released their new self-titled album, out today, April 8th on OIM Records. Produced in the Bay Area by Jeff Saltzman (Blondie, The Killers), this record marks the Oakland-based band’s third full-length LP, but serves as a cohesive statement of who they are and the direction they’re headed. Baeble stated that the record “propels itself forward on the airy but piercing voice of Laura Weinbach, soaring almost vaudeville-esque strings, and a sound that combines Sondheim-esque theatrics with contemporary pop intimacy.”  The band recently celebrated with a record release show at Swedish American Hall in San Francisco and are now on the road in the midst of a month-long April tour.


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Slow Motion Cowboys Album Release + B-Stars & Indianna Hale - 4/21

We´re excited to share the news of the upcoming Slow Motion Cowboys, The B-Stars and Indianna Hale show at Rickshaw Stop on Thursday, April 21st!

My ode to Pete of Slow Motion Cowboys: Pete Fields is one of my favorite people, one of the best songwriters in the Bay Area, and he is one of my oldest friends in SF. Slow Motion Cowboys was a side project when I met Pete back in 2004, a band he started in college in Olympia and occasionally revisited after returning to SF. It's been incredible to watch them grow as a musical entity. When I first moved to SF, I went to tons of Trainwreck Riders shows (a country/punk band that Pete also is in). He's got the music community thing down, and as an SF native, his songs really bring out the spirit of this city, and his new album addresses some of those changes many of us our mourning, but in the most authentic way. I'm grateful he's stuck around and continues to make art despite challenging times.

Now Slow Motion Cowboys are bringing it to the next level and are on the brink of releasing a new album, In Exile/ On the Mesa. After all these years, I am honored to be working on their big album release show, with help from my friend and collaborator, Joe Deakins, through Seaweed Sway. 

Joe made an excellent radio mix of Slow Motion Cowboys, The B-Stars, and Indianna Hale. Here it is:


We also planned it to fall right around Pete's birthday, so this is a double-celebration, if anyone's keeping track. Pete's real birthday is Friday (tax day ahhh). - Jessie Woletz, Seaweed Sway


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MOSAICS to Release EP - Year of Valor

The San Francisco based band, MOSAICS is releasing a new EP entitled Year of Valor on May 20th!

Combining the songwriting strengths of Alt-J and the production agility of Four Tet and Apparat, MOSAICS are a San Francisco trio making music for the modern world in all its jittery, glittering glory. With unconventional guitar lines, overlapping samples, and intricate production, they marry artistry and accessibility to create a sound that comes across like an old friend after a long journey- transformed entirely, but warmly familiar.

The band was formed with the ambition to paint sonic canvases with the mediums of modern technology. By following this principle and folding in organic inspiration, they have crafted their own method of songwriting that, by fully embracing the limitations of “bedroom production,” brings the art form to bold new ground. Naming Michael Hedges, David Bowie, Yeasayer, Moderat, Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead among their chief influences, Mosaics have an ear to the past, but make music for the here and now.



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