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Power pop happyness at Mercury on 02.19 with Paperdoll

Scientific studies show that a small weekly dose of power pop is good for you - in particular if you suffer from SAD syndrome. Your third week of February should be covered by Paperdoll, who are playing Mercury on 02.19. - Paperdoll's efficacy is not verified by the Food and Drug Administration, side effects include jumping uncontrollably, heavy drinking, loss of sexual inhibitions.


Joe Raciti's recipe for success - from The Deli's Open Blog

In an effort to brainwash babies into liking my music, based on a study that shows infants to have a stylistic preference for music they were exposed to prenatally, Piano-popper Joe Raciti is offering his latest album "Romantic Shark Attack" for free to any pregnant woman or expecting father. "I know this sounds crazy but I feel really good about it," said Raciti. "Babies are wonderful and outright fascinating and I want my music to have something to do with the development of their brains. Must be the mad scientist in me." If you would like to take advantage of this offer, you need to go here, fill out the form below and mark “pregnant” or “yeah I’m preggers” or something like that after your name in the name field. (Joe guarantees that this album will ensure that your child grows up smarter and happier than he or she would have otherwise or he'll give you a %100 refund, no questions asked.) This offer only last’s about 9 months… unless you get pregnant again: *Warning: Side effects of this promotion may include an explosion of the world’s population and occurrences of the first name Joe. (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



Semi Precious Weapon release new EP, wraps up tour with Lady Gaga

Semi Precious Weapons might not be a band for NYC hipsters, but it's definitely one of the few local acts that seems to "incarnate" the good old rock'n'roll lifestyle - with a good dose of irony thrown in the mix. Plus, front man Justin Tranter's entertaining ability is precisely what most self-conscious NYC hipsters bands lack. The sexy and campy quartet (featured on the cover of our 16th issue in 2008) has been working around the clock: wrapping up a nationwide tour with Lady Gaga, sold out at many major venues, including four nights at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, the quartet found time to record and release a self-titled EP as a follow-up to their full-length 2008 “We Love You.” The three-song teaser features polished revisions of two favorites, “Semi Precious Weapons” and “Magnetic Baby.” Smoother around the production edges, the tracks maintain the gorgeous filth of the originals, while they showcase augmented guitar solos and diamond-cut precision. Until now, the stomping “Put a Diamond in It” was available only for live enjoyment, but now listeners can indulge in Justin Tranter’s shouting, “WHO!? WHO!? WHO WANTS MY BABY?” in the privacy of their own homes. Semi Precious Weapons are not slowing down any time soon, as they deploy to Europe for more Monster Ball stops. – Meijin Bruttomesso


Noisy Brooklyn Artists on the Rise: CAVES

We love it when bands just give us the genre definition of their music themselves - and we love it even more when such definition is not super cheesy and works perfectly in describing their sound. CAVES is a Brooklyn based band (via North Carolina and San Francisco) that plays, as they say, "trash can psychadelia in an industrial wasteland"... therefore you should get: droney atmospheres - check; dreamy vocals and effects - check; distorted drums - check. Also, somehow the words "industrial wasteland" make us think of some parts of Bushwick - we wouldn't be surprised if they lived just there. But you may ask, are they good? We didn't see them live yet but we are definitely enjoying their songs, which sound like a "DIY-er" version of The Secret Machines flirting at times with a more "avant" approach reminiscent of Animal Collective. The industrial element is limited to the recurrent but always sparse distorted percussive elements (this "noise factory" is a rather slow one, unlike most "proper" industrial acts, who enjoy to turn the BPM knob up). The band has a brand new debut EP and a series of shows scheduled in the near future: Public Assembly on March 3 and Pianos on March 14 - do not miss.


For the contemplative: Redhooker

With so many fine musicians in Slow Six, members often dedicate their talents to other ambitious musical endeavours. Redhooker's Stephen Griesgraber, one component of the aforementioned collective, does not stray away from the electroacoustic music that Slow Six fashions. Two years in the making, Redhooker’s “Vespers” is a contemplative and complex follow-up to “The Future According to Yesterday” that leans on the more experimental side of contemporary classical music.
“Trip and Fall,” a cascading piece with prominent strings, made its debut in late 2007 on the group’s MySpace page, granting an early preview of the material. Griesgraber’s strength lies in his ability to breach the excess of instruments and create profound songs with precise tones and mood. On the transformative “Presence and Reflection,” the piece begins with a sparse, tense cacophony only to develop into a beautiful, comforting serenade. Experience Redhooker’s new set of atmospheric tunes on Sunday at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Tickets are $10. - Nancy Chow


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