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Ava Luna is like a choccolate & bacon bar - Live at Cameo, July 3

Thursday night at The Cake Shop, while listening to Ava Luna's song "Won't You Be Mine", we experienced an inner time travel that took us back to a 1950s soda shop - were a jukebox was playing... that song. This was probably triggered by the band's three female vocalists, who reeled the audience in with their velvety doo wop style vocals, feet stomping and hand clapping. That trip was shattered about a minute into the song when frontman Carlos Hernandez's Prince-esque falsettos combined with some heavy synth and bass impacteded our confused eardrums. This unlikely melding of synth rock/pop and doo wop is a little like those chocolate and bacon bars you see around these days: sweet and funky, but pretty damn yummy. The band has a series of shows scheduled in the NYC area in June and July, make sure to check them out. - Abigail Devora


NYC Artists on the rise: Arms, live at Matchless, 06.24

The EP from Brooklyn's own ARMS is another FTW from the "nu-gaze" wave. It is an album as sophisticated as Sufjan Stevenes and as spirited as Sonic Youth. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Todd Goldstein began writing music under the name ARMS in 2004. After releasing a solo album "Kids Aflame" in 2008, Todd recruited Tlacael Esparza to play drums and Matty Fasano to play bass and sing along under the same name. The trio's new EP is made up of five refreshing, romantic tracks filled with droning rifts, introspective lyrics and echoy vocals that will be a part of their upcoming full-length album tentatively called "Summer Skills." The lovely lo-fi songs are non-confrontational but holistically downbeat. The kind of complex and inspiring tunes you'd want to play in your room on a rainy day when you're tired of listening to the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Download their EP for free, here (http://www.armsarms.com/songs/arms_ep.zip) and turn the volume up on Heat & Hot Water. - CBM


Best of NYC #33: Cavalier Rose

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel and DJs).

Maybe it’s the southern twang of Heather Christian’s soprano that absolutely sucks you in. Or maybe it’s the beautifully arranged balance of edgy guitars and strategic piano. Either way, Cavalier Rose is a masterpiece to add to your collection. Be impressed with the rowdy, “Lie to Me” or fall in love with “Lamplight,” a stunning almost romantic track that transports you to a secluded cabin in the country. Intimate and seductive, Christian’s killer voice tugs at your heart strings. Cavalier Rose’s own charming signature sound adds to its bone-chilling live performance that mirrors a Janis Joplin, “rock with me” intensity. Absolutely addicting. - Melissa Wong

June 2010
Very Fresh

Ah, the delights of The Deli's Open Blog! NYC duo Very Fresh posted an open blog entry here a few days ago - we checked out their songs and... we were impressed! "Marker", in particular,  is a splendid song, very fresh sounding, slightly reminiscent of Liz Phair for the honest, fun delivery and the surprising melodic turns, but more chilled and intense - Phair's material was always so: "yeah whatever, this isn't really affecting me at all, dudes..."
This song shows a ton of potential and earns the band's EP "Americana" the Deli NYC's CD of the Month title. Amongst the other tracks we also like spare and dark "On Moot Point", while "The Clientele", which also displays a Barretesque love for unexpected melody twists, would benefit from better performances. 

Pains of Being Pure at Heart release video + play Sirens Fest

The Pains have been very productive as of late - didn't they release a new video like a month ago? Anyway, this one comes with some fresh news: the band will be making their next live NYC appearance at the 10th Annual Siren Festival in Coney Island precisely on the hottest day of the year (which always conicides with the Siren Fest, did you notice?). They'll be sharing the stage with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Matt & Kim and recent tour buddies, Surfer Blood. Immediately after their performance the Pains travel to the UK and Europe to complete a mini tour.


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