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Hurricane Bells release video + tour... India???

Hurricane Bells is a new project from Steve Schiltz, singer and guitarist of Longwave for nearly ten years. After touring the better part of last year around Longwave’s fourth album Secrets Are Sinister, Schiltz set up shop to create a new project with little else than his MacBook and an Mbox. He wrote, played, recorded and mixed every note himself, arranging what would become Tonight Is The Ghost. Some songs were fully crafted within the past 18 months, while others are newly architected from pieces written throughout his years as a songwriter. Vagrant Records released Tonight Is The Ghost digitally on November 10, 2009. Today the band premiered this new video for their song "Monsters". Currently Hurricane Bells is across the globe finishing a two-week tour in India.


Live Review: The Picture + Tab the Band, Deadbeat Darling and Black Taxi

On January 28, 2010, Black Taxi and Deadbeat Darling (in the picture) sold out the Bowery Ballroom for their second time in eight months, collaborating with TAB the Band, who celebrated their release of “Zoo Noises,” and The Picture, who performed for their final time. Half brothers, all rock ‘n roll, TAB the Band treated the audience to a dozen playful, gritty tunes, including their latest single “She Said No (I Love You).” A photo montage of The Picture, illuminating the venue, set the stage for their delicate, angst-ridden, nostalgic sound. Overwrought with anticipation, the crowd welcomed Black Taxi with non-stop dancing to favorites from “Things of That Nature” and new songs that showcased the band’s consistently masterful songwriting. Frontman Ezra Huleatt's glockenspiel, decorated with parasol and faux plants, met its demise during a zealous on-stage smashing. Dapper and dynamic, Deadbeat Darling dove into “Weight of Wandering” and unreleased tracks, closing the evening with swirling lights and a “picture perfect” performance. -Meijin Bruttomesso


Weekly Feature 188b: Mon Khmer - Live at Glasslands 02.19

After winning our Artist of the Month Poll in October, Mon Khmer landed a residency at the LES indie-rock hotspot Piano and therefore headed into the studio to record their debut LP, set to drop in a few weeks. Led by the enigmatically-named Hammarsing, the band’s ambient-leaning sound is grounded in steady rhythms and solid song structuring influenced by the more electronically-oriented descendants of Bowie. The Deli caught up with Hammarsing to discuss the band’s creative’s process, where to catch the best live music in the city, and future of Mon Khmer’s rule. - Read Toney Palumbo's interview with the band here.


Weekly Feature 188a: Madison Square Gardeners

The Madison Square Gardeners, a rock ‘n roll band with members from Canada, Ohio, and New York, released their EP this December,  and are planning to release four EPs a few months apart—each with its own hand drawn cover art, t-shirt package and video content. With a tinge of country soul, they describe their songwriting as both a collective and individual process.  As one MSGer may enter rehearsal with a song individually composed, it will be revised and arranged by the entire band as a group effort. “Usually the person who writes the song trusts the other members of the band to come up with parts, blah blah blah... - Read Gina Alioto's interview with the band here.


NYC Artists on the rise: Tanlines

The revolution brought by affordable computers powerful enough to allow home recording is generating a slew of indie electronic one or two man bands/remixers. Half of this slew is apparently based in the land comprised between the beaches of Montaulk and South Jersey - with a higher concentration in Brooklyn of course. Tanline is a two man project that rises from the pack for their tastefully textured tribal use of electronics and for their clinical melodies. The duo is scheduled to release a new EP called "Settings" in March and play Brooklyn Bowl with Acrylics on February 5.


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