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The Hundred in the Hands set to release debut full length on 09.21

Even just signing to Warp Records (the mostly electronic label that hosts among others Grizzly Bear) brings its share of buzz - something that The Hundreds in the Hands have been enjoying for a few months. The Brooklyn band is set to release their debut CD on September 21 and will definitely be one of the hot emerging NYC acts at the upcoming CMJ Marathon. Check out the video of the single "Pigeons".

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Back to the 60s with Lily and The Parlour Tricks, Live at Cameo 08.14

There’s nothing wrong with going retro if you’ve found a good road (and a nice map for that matter). And it seems that cherry-lipped New Yorker Lily Claire (alongside with her band mates, who are hidden under ‘The Parlour Tricks’ title) can handle a trip in a time machine not only without any sickness but with a spark. Most of the times the band travels right to the early 60s (before the underground-psychedelic "contaminating" period) to play with the decade's feel-good attitude - the best number is ‘Oh, Boy’, that brings The Chordettes’ ‘Mr. Sandman’ to mind. Then there’s ‘Gigolo’, that sounds like Lily Allen covering some forgotten Motown’s classic. A moment of sadness comes with ‘The Murder Song’, a tune that your parents could easily have danced to at their prom night. But don’t expect any dust on Lily’s debut EP (set to come out this fall) – this girl knows how to return to 2010 just in time to make her vintage tunes sound fresh. Lily and The Parlour Tricks will be playing at Cameo on August 14. - Mikhael Agafonov


Tyondai leaves Battles

Announced on Battles' MySpace profile today:

"Battles and Tyondai would like to let their fans know they have chosen to follow their own musical paths. Due to Battles' ambitions of finishing their second studio album followed by commitments to a full touring schedule in 2011, and Tyondai's own commitments as a solo artist and his desire not to tour, both Battles and Tyondai have decided to move on without each other. It is a sad but amicable split.
Battles wishes Tyondai all the best"


NYC Artist on the rise: The Yes Way, live at Mercury on 08.07

In their debut EP, “Who’s Better Than You?” The Yes Way infuse their sound with versatility and mood. By incorporating different sonic elements – guitar riffs blended with smooth harmonies, heavy instrumentation carried by emotional vocals – this band has an admirable track list to offer. Songs like “When It Breaks” work for their inherent catchiness, with light, poppy drums, while in “Mets,” fuzzy guitars and a heavier rock sound are integrated in occasional bursts, taking us back the good old days of the loud-quiet-loud thing. The track that stands out for its uniqueness, is the Radiohead circa OK Computer/In Rainbows, “Where Was I,” which well represents that versatility this band is going for. Check them out on 08.07 at The Mercury Lounge. - Alex Daly


Best of NYC #9: Buke and Gass releasedebut CD in September

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

The band that graced the cover of our Deli Summer 2009 issue won't please those who love sparse music that conveys delicate emotions, nor the traditional alt rockers and their epic needs. Buke and Gass is a band that lives in a parallel musical world, where originality - for once - is not a wasted word. The duo truly brings the DIY concept to the next level: they build their own instruments (pedal and amps included) and master them to perfection, creating a huge wall of wonderful distorted sound that can't be compared to any band we are aware of. Arone Dyer's vocals are amongst the most powerful and versatile in the NYC scene, ranging from PJ Harvey-ish full aggression to the Bjorky "I'm a little helpless girl" kinda thing (by the way, yes, she is also cute). The songs are complex but not inaccessible, filled with memorable melodies and intricate rhythms that still have the power to get your lazy NYC legs to jump. 
Buke and Gass recently signed to Brasslands, they will surely be one of the NYC bands to whatch this fall (debut full length out in September..


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