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Issue 26 - Spring 2011

NYC Artists on the rise: Pursesnatchers

The names of Dirty on Purpose and Au Revoire Simone take us back to the very early Deli years - we covered both bands in print and online somewhere around 2005. ARS also played a rather legendary (at least for us) Deli show at Pete's Candy Store (capacity... 30 people maybe?) before they started filling up Japanese arenas. But why are we saying this - you ask? Because we just learned that Doug Marvin from Dirty Projector and Annie Hart from Au Revoir Simone not only are married, but they also have a new musical project called Pursesnatchers. This is actually Doug's home recording project which ended up expanding into a 4 members band. Pursesnatchers have their debut album "A Pattern Language" scheduled to be released in July. Faithful to Dirty on Purpose's aesthetics, this free single offers some catchy and upbeat drone-pop, although the sound and style are quite different from Doug's old band - in a word, more concise.

Mp3: Pursesnatchers - Baseball on the Radio

P.S. But wasn't Annie also involved with DOP at some point?


Thurston Moore releases new solo album + unveils sonic guitar tunings

Thurston Moore - a man who ages so well he could be named "the Dorian Gray of the NYC Scene" - is about to release a new solo album entitled "Demolished Thoughts" under Matador's powerful wing. The mp3 available for download (embedded here) features a cleaner, acoustic-but-still-fuzzy version of the usual dissonant-ish guitars that are such a big part of the Sonic Youth sound, plus a welcome use of a string section, which adds an overall orchestral flavor. Quite interestingly, the new album will feature not only a bio written by Thurston himself, but also a series of particular guitar tunings everybody's noise rock hero has been adopting during the songwriting process.

Mp3: Thurston Moore - Circulation


Sondre Lerche announces new album + plays Bowery on June 4th.

Even though Sondre Lerche was born in one of the most sun deprived corners of the world (Norway) and is currently based in one of the most dark and experimental scenes in the world (Brookyln), his music reflects an upbeat optimism proper of sunnier ways of life. Sondre just announced the release of a new album on June 7th on Mona Records (Yep Rock Group) and will be performing at The Bowery Ballroom on June 4th.


From the NYC Open Blog: U SAY USA land May residency at Trash Bar.

U SAY USA have been strutting their rambunctious, psychedelic pop around their home borough since their inception within the McKibbin Loft basements in 2009. But this May, the band and their fans will call The Trash Bar (256 Grand St., Brooklyn) home. U SAY USA will give their rich canon a work-out as they take the stage with a unique set every Tuesday in May, flanked by handpicked local favorites (Not Blood Paint, Crash Robin, Food Stamps, My Cousin The Emperor, many more) for FOUR full Tuesday nights packed with awesome local music (and of course, Trash Bar's 8-9 OPEN BAR and tater tots). The shows are every Tuesday in May (3/10/17/31, excluding the 24th) from 8pm-12am! For details check out the event flyer on the U SAY USA's Facebook Fan Page.- (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


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