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Woods announce new album, play SXSW on 03.19

The way we see it, productive artists have more chances to be successful than the ones that let the temptations of over analyzing (or simple lack of inspiration) stretch the time in between releases. Brooklyn psych folk group Woods is about to release their 5th full length in 3 years. Each release it's an opportunity for growing and explorting, and the distance between 2007's At Rear House and 2010's At Echo Lake represents a move from a kind of informal back porch jam ethos to a fully-committed vision of the infinite possibilities of group playing. Over the past few years Woods have established themselves as an anomaly in a world of freaks. They were an odd proposition even in the outré company of vocalist/guitarist/label owner Jeremy Earl's Woodsist roster, perpetually out of time, committed to songsmanship in an age of noise, drone and improvisation, to extended soloing, oblique instrumentals and the usurping use of tapes and F/X in an age of dead-end singer-songwriters. Recent live shows have seen them best confuse the two, playing beautifully-constructed songs torn apart by fuzztone jams and odd electronics. The band will play 3 shows at SXSW on March 19 and 20 - more details about the dates here. The new album is scheduled for release in May.


NYC artists at SXSW: Air Waves

Nicole Schneit wears the folk tag very liberally on her sleeve, dabbling in country, pop, punk and rock in Air Waves. The familiar, basic folk structure underlies Schneit’s songs, but the music isn’t fragile; it’s raw in a good way that feels comforting at the same time. She draws listeners in with her deceptively simple songs with memorable melodies and swinging vocal lines. Building upon 2009’s popular surf rock trend, a rolling, coastal sound seeps through Air Waves’ music. There’s also a bit of The Moldy Peaches in Schneit’s songwriting, especially in the Dan Deacon-approved “Shine On,” a tune perfect for a spring bike ride. This entrancing EP warrants repeat listens to get completely caught up in the beautiful soundscapes. Air Waves have 5 dates in Austin during SXSW - for more details go here.

March 2010
Mama Bear
""How We Go"

So this review was supposed to be published on a sunny spring day, but it's really gray out there. That might be a good thing nevertheless, because Mama Bear's "How We Go" is probably going to make some of you think of happy sunny days spent outdoors. Yeah, I know: it seems like every April all music reviewers MUST find their own album or song that perfectly incarnates the most enjoyable of seasons. Well we'll embrace this habit fearlessly, and go ahead and say that Mama Bear is the perfect band to boost your appreciation of Spring 2010 - and that they stole our hearts. The band's upbeat, folky tunes are catchy as hell, without lacking in intensity or intimacy, which makes them sound like a more fun and lighthearted version of 10,000 Maniacs. The simplicity and pop effectiveness of this band's songs, the beauty of the melodies and Vivi's outstanding voice and delivery might have the power to put an end to your SAD syndrome - for good. Don't miss their record release party at The Studio at Webster on 04.14, AND... DOWNLOAD THE EP FOR FREE HERE NOW!

Inlet's new video: "Bright Orange Air"

Our January CD of the Month band Inlets just released this video of their single "Bright Orange Air" on Pitchfork.com. Mark your calendar for April 23, the date of their CD release party at Union Hall.


Deli CD of the Month: The Secret History - release at The Knit 03.18

Well it seems like the sounds from the 80s are back in vogue, right? All the cheesy blips and the "housy" synths and the gasping vocals and the campy clothing and so on and on and on... Well you won't find all this in The Secret History's debut CD "The World That Never Was". You will find references to to great artists from that decade which followed a more personal and sincere musical path though. We are referring (for example) to the melancholic, beautiful and supremely blip free tunes of 10,000 Maniacs, or the daring, electric songs of The Throwing Muses, and their spin off super-dreamy project Belly. Besides the songwriting, what really hits you here is Lisa Ronson's voice - warm and strong, it confers character and personality to the band's elegant tunes through melodies that are never banal nor foreign. We also recommend you to check out the band members' previous project, "My Favorite", which probably failed to emerge because of an unfortunate name choice in this "Google Age", but that has recently garnered some post-mortem attention from music scene fat cats Pitchfork.com. Don't Miss The Secret History's CD release party at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on March 18.


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