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Tigersapien play Glasslands with French Horn Rebellion - 11.06

On the eve of Saturday 11.06 some seriously ground (and ass) shaking low frequencies are scheduled to affect the area around 289 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg when a bunch of electro-dance bands including French Horn Rebellion, Tigersapien and Phonetag will take the stage at Glasslands. We covered FHR in more than one occasion, so we'll spend a few words for Tigersapien (pictured), a NYC-Philly based quartet that offers some pretty dark electro-dance, that - simplifying - could be described as a "Daft Punked" version of Prodigy.Wear thick socks if you are planning on attending! Advance tickets here.


New Single by Pains of Being Pure at Heart

"Heart In Your Heartbreak" is the first preview from the new album, "Heart In Your Heartbreak", due for release in March 2011, check it out!


The Morning After Pills blog's CMJ picks: Automelodi, Dream Affair, YOU.

CMJ can be overwhelming, even from just looking at the schedule. Not to mention how disappointed we get when we realize we physically cannot make it to all the shows we want to. This year, The Morning After Pills blog took a bit of an alternative route and sought out unofficial showcases during the week. Isn't it fun discovering great bands that don't even make it on CMJ's radar? How underground of us. From the unofficial bands we saw, we picked three winners, who all happened to play on the same night.

First is Automelodi, Wierd Records' French-Canadian coldwave band. Led by front man Xavier Paradis, the band is one of our favorite current synth bands and amazing to see live. Check out their beautiful self-titled LP and you will hear hints of New Romanticism.

Dream Affair is another great band of a similar caliber. Listening to singer Hayden Payne's voice, it's hard to miss the similarities to post-punk's early favorites like Joy Division. Look out for their 7" to be released late winter/early spring on Five Three Dial Tone Records.

Lastly, we had the pleasure of seeing YOU., a three-piece who plays electronic dance-invoking goodness in an other-worldly fashion. Find their music on Blind Prophet Records - it's unlike anything you've heard before. - Kristen Yoonsoo Kim


NYC Rappers on the Rise: Nyle and the Naysayers

Nyle made headlines a couple years back when Kanye put his “Let the beat build” video up on his blog. Since then, the kid has been everywhere from the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest to MTV. His crowd is mostly 20-somethings thanks to his gratuitous nods to NYU (his alma mater), but his talent and energy are undeniable. Old school flavors and an amazing live band quickly morph his shows into sweaty dance pits. Nyle says: “I’m handling rappers like a lifestyles factory. Used to be Screech now I’m feeling like Zachary Banks like Carlton and Ashley’s. Nah, actually I’m Jazzy banging Hillary or Shaggy shagging Daphne. I’m the underdog that finally gets the girl: Cory from boy meets world, or Doug doing Patti. I’m nasty; 5 percenters call me blasphemy. I cause more catastrophe than a natural disaster scene.” - BrokeMC


Kayo Dot release new EP + tours North East

Avant-and-or-compositional-rock band Kayo Dot is about to embark upon a Northeast U.S. and Canada tour in support of their new EP, "Stained Glass", which is a long, floating, vibraphone-centric distortion cloud representing a Luciferian musical journey across the colorful windows of a cathedral. They are also celebrating the vinyl release of their last album, "Coyote". You'll be able to see them in NYC at Littlefield on 11.14.


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