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The Deli Mag Vs. The L Mag "Challenge" - 2012 edition

The L Mag's yearly appointment with their "8 [NYC] Bands You Need to Hear" issue is always perceived as some kind of "test" here at The Deli. The question we ask ourselves when we are about to check out this section is - of course: "Did they pick bands we never covered?"

In previous editions, the music editors of the biweekly entertainment magazine did find some local gems we had regretfully ignored or missed. But this year we feel particularly good about the outcome, since it turns out that we covered 7 out of the 8 highlighted artists - and the only missing one (Evi Antonio) was at least mentioned in a recent blurb related to a live show he played.

Here's a very self-referential list of coverage we did for the top 8!

Field Mouse 
These guys won our Artist of the Month poll ages ago (was that 2010?) - they sounded quite different at the time... they were #36 in our latest year end poll for emerging NYC bands.

Ski Lodge
They placed 6th in our latest Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll. Recent interview here.

Covered in February 2012

Black Marble 
Covered earlier in April

Starlight Girls 
Covered big time in print and online, we also booked them twice. Deli Artist of the Month in 2011. Recent interview here. They placed in 19th position in our latest year end poll for emerging NYC bands.

Plates of Cake 
Covered a couple of times in the last year

Ravens & Chimes 
We've been covering these guys for at least 3-4 years: they were The Deli Readers' Best Band of 2010, and got this feature in print because of it.

"Honorable Mentions"
We hit Robin Bacior, Old Monk and Hunters (current Deli Album of the Month), but missed The Immaculates, Island Twins and Trailblazer, which we will check out soon!

Of the bands we never heard, we were mostly impressed with Island Twins - This is why we gave them the picture on top of this blurb and the streaming song below.

The Deli's Staff

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The Well-Informed release new EP + play Rock Shop on 05.11

Brooklyn based The Well-Informed sounds a little like The Beatles did in their late years' least experimental moments. The band on April 1st released a 3 song EP which could have easily been included in the "White Album" (under Paul McCartney's name). Of course, even the least experimental songs by The Beatles had some truly imaginative arrangements and beautiful melodies, elements that are not missing from this record. Needless to say that these songs have the potential to be enjoyed by a multitude of people. You can see The Well-Informed live at Rock Shop in Gowanus on May 11.

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New Beard announces full length + plays Bowery Electric on May 5

New Beard released a substantial debut EP ("Moment of Peace") late in 2011, and in June is set to release an album full of the kind of dreamlike touches and dramatic flourishes at home with the Brooklyn-based artist leading this project, Ben Wigler. Not content with repeating itself, the band has stripped bare many of the dense sounds heard on the EP and has gone for a clean and lush atmospheric. The quartet showcases an enormous bag of tricks, and the orchestration has expanded to flutes, strings, tuba and the many manner of ways that express the kind of dreamy sadness Ben Wigler has made his own. To promote the upcoming release, New Beard is premiering this free Mp3 of the song "Doom"(Featuring Gustav Ejstes of Dungen), which you can download below. Don't miss their show at Bowery Electric on May 5. - Mike Levine

Mp3 - New Beard: "Doom" (Featuring Gustav Ejstes of Dungen)

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Cindy Lou Gooden (ex Very Fresh) releases new EP

Cindy Lou Gooden (formerly Very Fresh) is back with a new EP! 'Kitsch Tapes' is a stripped-down, acoustic detour of sorts (CLG sometimes plays and often records with a louder, more abrasive band), commemorative of a prolific summer of songwriting in which several months were spent traveling around the country and crashing with friends in NYC, LA, and various parts of New England. It draws on some perennial influences: Stephen Malkmus and early Dirty Projectors. Everybody says it sounds like Liz Phair even though she says doesn't really listen to her. Cindy Lou will be playing solo at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge on May 15th for Permanent Wave NYC's Hollaback! Benefit. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


Brother K rocks Sidewalk Cafe (in a bluesy way) on 04.28

The post-blues movement has generated some serious bands in the past ten years. Joining the ranks of The White Stripes and The Black Keys is New York, NY’s Brother K. Fans of jangling guitars, lo-fi vocals and drums, and spit-kicking aggression need look no further. Their second ep “Claws and Stripes Forever” shows a nice range of tone and delivery from vocalist and songwriter Lucas Kwong. It’s a startling departure from their initial “Payroll” release which was a blackrok-esque mix of rap and blues-rock. Brother K may still be discovering their identity, but it seems the art is being born in the discovery. - Broke MC


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