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At SXSW this year YAWN caught the eye and ear of a lot of folks. Here is some footage of their performance at Levis Fader Fort courtesy of the WILD honey pie. They will be performing at Abbey Pub on April 13th with Caw! Caw!.


Daniel Knox @ Old Town School

Everyone I know who has heard the songs of Daniel Knox has fallen in love with his brand of music. He is an undeniable musicial genius and he is opening for The Watson Twins on April 4th at Old Town School. If you missed it you need to check out his live session with Coach House Sounds.


Cast Spells Go Vinyl

Cast Spells has been everywhere lately and on May 4th Dovecote Records will release their debut ep, Bright Works and Baton on clear vinyl. There will only be 500 copies pressed so you should preorder your copy today. This 12” edition will include an additional track “All Brass” which was not included on the Sargent House release.


The Press CD release party at Matchless + tour

The Press celebrate the launch of their new album “INTEOTWIJTEOAE” by playing a set at Matchless this Saturday 04.03. The show comes just days before the band set off on a national tour to promote the record. After five years releasing a stack of well received EP’s and 7” singles, “INTEOTWIJTEOAE” feels like a real artist statement from the Brooklyn group. Combining flamboyant pop exuberance, punk melodies and the occasional moment of delicate beauty, they step out from the crowd of recent baroque pop bands who have emerged in this city and others, giving every track a distinctly Press-like feel. Take the album’s single ‘Master’. Built around a scuzzy guitar riff, heavy cymbal crashes and howling vocals, it’s outrageously busy for a pop song, but still incites manic arm-waving and fist-clenching joy on every listen. It even proved to be ripe for a dubstep remix, provided by Nate Mars. - Dean Van Nguyen


Remixes: Philip Seymour Hoffman - Spring Break 2011 (railcars 'Summer in Space' mix) (aka Mojitos on Mars)

With an interesting bit of news to start off your weekend, Friday sees the continuation of a recent trend of avant/noise artist's remixing each others songs. Recently we posted about a number of remixes that were done of the railcars' song "Cathedral with No Eyes;" now it seems the railcars are beginning to return the favor. Good friends of the railcars, New York's Philip Seymour Hoffman, have apparently been gaining a lot of traction, going on tour with Truman Peyote, so the railcars decided to give their song "Spring Break 2011" their own treatment. Check it out below.


-Ada Lann


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