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Suckers release full length after years of waitin' - Live at Music Hall, 06.18

While most indie rock bands tend to rush into releasing their first debut album, others - probably more wisely - wait for things to slowly fall into place before they put out what is undeniably a major creative effort for any artist. Suckers' popularity has been growing slowly but steadily for at least 3-4 years, and finally, with the help of Frenchkiss Records, they have released their debut full length Wild Smile, available for streaming here. At a first listen, the album confirms the band's strength in producing hypnotizing, slow paced, textured, trippy tunes, with a fascination for chanting and soulful harmonizations. The strongest track seems to belong to their older repertoire ("It Gets Your Body Moving") some sort of choral, timeless psychedelic lullaby, slowly building in intensity and power, that was already present in their debut EP. The band has also announced a fall tour with Menomena. See them live at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 18.


Weekend Warrior, June 11 - 13

Summer is here! And ‘tis the season to get out and have some fun. Our Weekend Warrior pick is goin’ to be a fuckin’ great time! So if you can find The Ox (reason one million and one why the El and Broad St. lines should run later), then you should be planted there when Reading Rainbow, Creepoid and Party Photographers hit the stage. You already know The Deli Philly’s recent End of the Year Overall Poll Winner, Reading Rainbow, who combine gorgeous harmonies, raging yet melodic guitar riffs and punchy precise drumbeats to put some serious shakin’ in your bones. Can we still count the number of Creepoid live performances on one hand? Buzz, buzz, buzz…we’re creating some of our own. Check out the review of their debut EP Yellow Life Giver in our CD of the Month section (to the right)! We are definitely digging their live set too. And Party Photographers will give you all the fuzzy walls of sound and feelings of disillusionment that you can handle. As if that wasn’t enough, Miami’s The Jacuzzi Boys will be rockin’ with their beach party enthusiasm to close out the evening. Grab whatever gets you off and head on over to The Ox this Saturday for some fun,fun,fun! ‘Tis the season - remember!?! The Ox, 2nd and Oxford, 8pm, $5, All Ages
Many more things to get you out of your place…
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI Prowler, SAT 722
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) FRI The Sermon
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Cheap Dinosaurs, SAT Electric City and Kuf Knotz
M Room (12 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Anvil Bitch, SAT Gondola and Serpent Throne
The Khyber (56 S. 2nd St.) FRI Bacio, SAT Suttercane SUN The Sobriquets
Tritone (1508 South St.) FRI Sideshow Prophets
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI The Spinning Leaves and Downtown Harvest

Blockley Pourhouse (3801 Chestnut St.) SAT Government Cheaze Album Release Party
Danger Danger Gallery (5013 Baltimore Ave.) FRI The National Rifle
Millcreek Tavern (4200 Chester Ave.) FRI Swift Technique and The Groovement
The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.) FRI Zombie Beach Party w/The Slotcars
The Ox (2nd and Oxford St.) SAT Party Photographers, Creepoid, Reading Rainbow
JR's Bar (2327 S. Croskey St.) SAT Jukebox Zeros and The Handsome Petes
Pterodactyl (3237 Amber St.) SAT Big Art Show w/ Grandchildren, Oh! Pears, Cheers Elephant
Murph’s Bar (202 E. Girard Ave.) SAT Experience Kef
Crane Arts Building (1400 N. American St.) SAT and SUN Art For The Cash Poor 11 w/ McRad, The Josh and Pete Band, North Lawrence Midnight Singers, Knife Show, and more 
Eris Temple (602 S. 52nd St.) SAT “Yellow” / “bunnies” Video Release Party w/ Radio Eris
The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum (3819 Hamilton St.) FRI Carnivolution w/ Hydrogen Jukebox, The Radarmen, Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow
First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut St.) SAT Mischief Brew
The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St.) SAT Birdie Busch
The Moonlight Forest (515 Memorial Highway) SAT Iris and Shibley Fest I w/ The Spinning Leaves, Chris Kaspar, Mason Porter, Psalmships, Papertrees, Tin Bird Choir, and more
Dock Street Brew Pub (701 S. 50th St.) SUN Dock Street 2nd Annual Music Festival w/ Grandchildren, The Homophones, Chasing Arethusa, Among Criminals, Stinking Lizaveta



Zombie Beach Party w/The Slotcars at The Troc June 11

Ever since Robert Drake, Melissa Torres, and Dave Ghoul organized Philly’s first Zombie Crawl in 2006, it has elevated itself into becoming one of South Street’s most decorated traditions. It became so popular that it led to a second annual happening in the Zombie Prom, that first kicked off on September of 2007 at The Trocadero. Last year the call for a summer event was answered in the form of The Zombie Beach Party, and tonight the legions of the undead are once again ready to raid The Troc in a flesh eating frenzy. While the Terror Behind The Walls make-up crew provides the rotting flesh touches for those who arrive out of costume, Robert Drake and Dave Ghoul will be providing brain eating boogies for zombies to Thriller dance to. And since it wouldn’t be a good beach party without a little surf guitar, and Philly surf punks, The Slotcars,are ready to answer the call of the damned. For a few years, Dave Roller and the ladies X have been breaking out tunes that will make fans of The Ramones and The Queers happy. And songs like “The Slotcars Theme” and “Surfing New Jersey” are perfect for slam dancing in the pale moonlight. The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Bill McThrill



Artist(s) Who Deserve Your Friendship: Cheap Dinosaurs

There was a time when bands would whip out a video game theme song, and it would instantly bring smiles to the audience’s face while it brought them back to all those joyous hours wasted without a care in the world. Then, it became lame because everyone was doing it, and you were forever labeled as one of those “Nintendo bands”. Well, the 8-bit subculture is alive and kickin’, but this is a generation that’s ready to dance and robots are certainly welcomed. Cheap Dinosaurs, solo project by The Fire’s fuzzy-haired sound guy Dino Lionetti, creates hot beats that will get you dancin’ out of any danger that you might encounter through the evening. Just watch out for the magic mushrooms. - Q.D. Tran



Pics from the First Deli Portland Showcase!

After many hours of bribing bands (with delusions of endless online print), bribing venues (by telling them we were Paste Magazine), chasing whiskey with more whiskey and generally wondering whether or not anyone cared at all or might come to the first ever Deli Portland (and the Days of Lore) sponsored Portland music showcase, we're happy to announce that it was a great success! We can't thank the bands - or our generous hosts at The Woods - enough for being so accommodating to the interesting lineup we garnered (mental note: might not be best to position the psych-math, pedal-toting power trio before the emotive folk-rock troubadour, followed by the synth-rock starlet...). But, you know what? That's pretty much what the Deli Portland is about anyway, not to mention the Portland underground music community in general. There are no barriers, there are no oil and water genres (unless maybe we tried to land the next showcase at Satyricon) and good tunes is good tunes.

We're working on the July and August showcases as we speak. Be sure and go visit our dear (old) friend Mark Lore at The Days of Lore blog site. We'd love to see you at the next one. Here are a few live shots from last night:


Wax Fingers (above) wowed the crowd as openers, exacting a systematic aural assault with lots of effects pedals, tight bass tracks, two guitars and drums. Vocalist/guitarist Pete Bosack employed breakneck finger-tapping, anchoring the squal of the trio's massive, swirling, razor-sharp roiling rock. You can help fund their upcoming album via the band's Kickstarter site.


mbilly (above) brought in a full band, filling out his sparse, somber folk rock with a more raucous sheen. Culling from a healthy helping of tunes from his recently released full-length, Mr. Nobody Baby (buy it here), mbilly parlayed revved-up renditions of his catalogue with austere, passionate abandon. You can tell he means what he sings, and that he loves to sing what he means, and that made for a wonderful audience reponse.


Jen Moon (above, with guitarist Jesse Bettis) took the stage to round out the show, and immediately showed why her local stock is rising so quickly. Gooey pop melodies dripped rivulets from Moon's vintage Moog, cascading waves of peppy synth, slick guitar leads, minor-key mauling, and a blistering rhythm section to appease the swaying hips of a now-standing crowd. Ripping through a balanced set of ska-tinged rockers and No-Wave confessionals, Moon and Co. impressed with a command of the subtleties inherent in all non-angst-ridden compositions - making sure the songs didn't have time to spiral, filling the gaps with delectable dallops of taste and precision. It's a wonder how the crowd refrained from cutting up a rug, the curtains, the very shirts off their backs.

Download her 4-song demo for free here.

Stay tuned for details on the next Deli Portland showcase. We have a feeling you're going to dig what we have in store.

- Words and Photos by Ryan J. Prado



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