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Best of NYC #19: Woods

Woods are both simultaneously surreal and natural. The mellow, undemanding melodies, accompanied by falsetto vocals and a raw, rugged mountaineer’s attitude, construct a strongly bound and cohesive sound. Woods play a lo-fi, fuzzy soundtrack to a series of mental trips, always creating sounds that are more than the sum of their individual parts. Because they give off such a hip vibe, it’s sometime easy to forget that at the core of the tracks are beautiful vocal melodies – and though they certainly have pop sensibility, it never sounds trite or cheap. Guitar lines and grooves sometimes perfectly matching the melodies, sometimes seemingly random, but always work – just like Brooklyn. - Paul Dunn


The Day's Weight EP release tour


Vermont's The Day's Weight recently released a new EP which has been mixed by Paul Kolderie and Mastered by Jeff Lipton, both Boston legends who have worked with The Pixies and Radiohead to name a few. The Day’s Weight will be touring around the East Coast through July. Tonight they are at Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan.

Thursday July 22nd - Garwood, New Jersey - The Crossroads

Friday July 23rd - Bethesda, Maryland - The Barking Dog

Friday July 30th - Situate, Massachusetts - The River Club

--The Deli Staff


Killer Moon on Giant System

The latest video on Giant System comes from Killer Moon. The will be performing at Metal Shaker on July 24th with Swan King and Iron Tongue.


NYC Artists on the rise: Highlife

The story of Highlife carries many similarities to the one of The Drums: - and a bunch of painters from the early 1900: musicians stressed out by the city's lifestyle escape to sunny marine location far from metropolitan madness in search of a way of life more conducive to musical creation, find inspiration, make great music and return to NYC with songs that sound like sun and sea - two things New Yorkers should be very familiar with, by the way (perhaps NYC's sun and sea are not as inspiring as its other virtues...)
Highlife was born in 2008 when Shaw, along with White Magic collaborator Mira Billotte, retreated from New York to the small island of Gaspar Grande off the coast of Trinidad, at the southernmost point of the Caribbean trail. The pair spent long, wandering nights chanting and inducing trance, recording on a portable setup that Shaw had lugged along. The rough demos were brought to a London studio, where Shaw and Billotte re-recorded them and finalized them with the help of producer Harvey Birrel (Crass, Sir Richard Bishop, Buzzcocks). Now back in NYC, the band is readying the launch of the band's debut EP "Best Bilss" scheduled for the end of September.


From the Open Blog: The Hi-Tones!


Trippy organs, groovy beats, and thick greasy chords characterize the emanating sounds which are are reminiscent of 1960's Brit-Rock groups like The Kinks or Syd Barrett's early version of Pink Floyd, and are on par with modern acts such as The Black Keys, Jet, and The Strokes. Walk into their live show and it's clear by the end of the first song that The Hi-Tones have what many other bands lack: an outstanding front-man who commands the attention of the audience. Debonair and soul-shattering lead vocalist Johnny Flores, slender with jet black curls, not only has a impressive set of pipes, it seems he has borrowed some fancy footwork from Mr. James Brown himself. Sensual and sweat drenched, he spins, jumps, slides and shakes with relentless passionate energy. Bassist Gary Delgado, tall and dreamy, floats on his own introspective plane of existence thumping out punchy rhythms that pop like the exploding flash-bulbs of the 1930's. On cue, savvy guitarist Chazz Bessette steps out armed with a with a classic fireglow red Rickenbacker selected meticulously from an arsenal of vintage guitars. The crowd begins to pack the floor and becomes wild with dancing and excitement. The sexual energy given off by the music is apparent by the amount of flailing females that line the front row of the audience. By the end of the set, a dull evening has turned into what feels like a jiving bohemian dance party. Native Texan Kevin Culwell delivers pulsating guitar licks with a sense ease while the crowd dances in a frenzy. Kurt Lammers sits back with a smile and keeps the bodies moving with a constant beat that never seems to lose a click. I have seen the future!

The Hi-Tones are currently in studio with Grammy nominated producer Frenchie Smith [Jet, Trail of Dead] in Austin, TX. Watch for their debut album in 2010! 

(Ed.: this post taken from The Hi-Tones' post on our DIY Open Blog, check out other Open Blog posts in the Deli Kitchen. The Hi-Tones are also among the nominees in our current poll...) 


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