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Hre We Go Magic Video + CD release, Music Hall of Wburg, June 8

Well well well, all of a sudden one of our favorite Brooklyn bands (Here We Go Magic) sounds a little bit like our all time favorite NJ band (The Feelies). At least in this video of the song "Collector", out of the upcoming album "Pigeons", premiered on Pitchfork last week. This is very promising. CD release party at Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 8.


Rainbow Arabia hosts Monday-night residency at the Echo in June

Echo Park duo Rainbow Arabia announced their June residency with a line-up of killer free shows featuring the likes of Gary Wilson, Japanther, Weave!, Former Ghosts, 60 Watt Kid, and more including secret guest headliners who will soon be revealed. It's free at the Echo every Monday in June!


If You're Ever in the Mayor's Office...

...don't forget to feast your eyes on the newest addition to Sam Adams' art collection, Isaac Brock and the Seven Deadly Sins - the latest City Hall-commissioned piece by Portland artist Alexander Rokoff.

This is the second in a series of paintings with local musicians for Rokoff. You may recognize his oil work as being featured at such venues as Mississippi Studios (the infamous nude painting in the front room). We're pretty sure that this Brock oil masterpiece is going to raise more than a few foreign diplomats' eyebrows.

Brock was on hand for Wednesday's unveiling along with members of the media, and Rokoff. Mayor Adams stopped in to meet Brock and take in the monstrosity, which features a "Patches"-like clown haphazardly lounging on a book shelf carrying a bloody knife, and a wild boar, among other salacious tidbits.

"We have the best art in the city in our office," said Adams. "[Having this here] is a way to talk about Portland in not so obvious ways."

"This is a pleasure for me," responded Brock. "I voted for you."


l-r: Alexander Rokoff, Isaac Brock, Sam Adams


- Ryan J. Prado


Shame That Tune!

Abraham Levitan (Baby Teeth) and Brian Costello (Johnny & the Limelites, novelist) have come together to change the face of the live game show. On June 11th at The Hideout "Shame That Tune" will premier. Here is how it will work, “On “Shame That Tune,” there are three contestants. Each will first spin a "Wheel of Fortune"-style wheel, divided into musical sub-genres (e.g., “Bob Dylan’s Christian Phase,” “Keith Richards solo,” “Led Zeppelin III”). The contestant then tells an embarrassing anecdote, no more than three minutes in length (timed by a giant LED clock), from their high-school or junior-high diary. Costello then interviews the contestant for exactly five minutes while Levitan composes, on the spot, a song about the embarrassing anecdote, in the style of the musical sub-genre that came up on the wheel. The winner is determined by applause based on audience response to his/her story and the resulting song; he/she will be rewarded with generous gifts from local businesses.”

For the first performance of “Shame That Tune,” the contestants will include local garage-rock wunderkind Miss Alex White, as well as Elisse La Roche, drummer for husband-and-wife musical duo Love of Everything. The third contestant will be chosen live from the audience. The show is only $5 so don’t miss out.


The Deli’s Featured Artist(s) of the Month: Voletta

Once again, this most recent poll was a nail biter. Kudos to the efforts of Blood Feathers who absolutely rock with their sweet, sweet vintage sound, but today we are here to celebrate the victory by shoegazey indie rock outfit Voletta. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Joe Sheairs before their upcoming show tomorrow night at the M Room with Hellican and The Deli NYC’s May Artist(s) of the Month The Aviation Orange.
The Deli: How did Voletta start?
Joe Sheairs: In 2002, I started Voletta with my friend Chris. We left the standard rock band we were in and decided to start a new project with synths and drum machines. Over five years, we completed a full-length record and an EP. We split in 2006.

We reformed in 2008, which is when we met Greg, and started playing as a three-piece. That didn't last long: Chris left for good to start a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school. So Greg and I continued on, and have been working together ever since. For years, I thought Voletta was always doomed to be a two-piece, but luckily we've found two more members.
TD: Where did the band name come from?
JS: Voletta means "the veil" in French. I got the name from this ancient looking baby name book. The binding was disintegrating.
TD: What are your biggest musical influences?
JS: When I was little, I listened to my parent's collection of '80s new wave records over and over. Then I came of age right when the '90s alt rock thing was happening, so the combination of those two elements has always been my musical starting point. Sad news: I recently found out that my Mom threw away all the records without telling me.
TD: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?
JS: We listen to a lot of Beach House and the Radio Dept.
TD: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?
JS: Smashing Pumpkins, 1993. I believe the first CD I ever bought was The Cars' self-titled album.
TD: What do you love about Philly?
JS: There are a bunch of nice venues to play.
TD: What do you hate about Philly?
JS: SEPTA. The strike last year had Bryan skateboarding 5 miles each way to work.  Not awesome.
TD: What are your plans for 2010?
JS: We're going to go back into the studio to record some new songs, and play out as much as possible. We're also going to continue our endless (and seemingly futile) search for a female bassist.
TD: What was your most memorable live show?
JS: Our first show. What a mess. Greg and I wanted to get the butterflies out before playing a "real" show, so we played at an open mic night at this horrific bar in Jersey. Apparently, this open mic always turned into a jam session, so after we got done playing, this hippie guy came up to Greg and asked him if he could use his synth rig to jam on. Greg's face was priceless. We didn't stay long...
TD: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli?
JS: The deli? You mean Wawa?
- The Deli Staff



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