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New Chiddy Bang Video “Dream Chasin”

Here is Chiddy Bang’s new video for “Dream Chasin”, the follow-up to “Sooner or Later”. It is off of The Swelly Express mixtape. Chiddy Bang will be releasing their upcoming album The Swelly Life on August 31, 2010, and will be celebrating it at the TLA on September 2. - H.M. Kauffman




Pitchfork Music Festival Coverage Part 2

Here is our coverage of the Sunday's events at Pitchfork Music Festival. Neph Basedow started the day by taking in two quality Chicago bands and ended up at Pavement with the masses. You can read her coverage here.


Interplanetary Sonic Surfing with Orbit to Leslie at Silk City July 21

Kids these days are doing nothing but chillin’ on their waves. It is good to see Philly’s own Orbit to Leslie bringing some surf back to the beaches of the Schuylkill.  Tonight they will crash down at Silk City. I can only imagine the amount of daggering that will be going on at this concert. The lush guitars and their polyryhthmic beats are a nice match with the calming and inquisitive vocals of lead man Chris Wood. Orbit to Leslie groove, sway, pounce and resolve throughout their eclectic cannon of songs. I am especially taken by the contrast between Toadies-esque “Sugar and Salt” and the jubilant high-hat pop of “Javelin”. Silk City, 435 Spring Garden St., 9pm, $5, 21+ - Adam G.



Best of NYC #17: Small Black

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

Brooklyn's Small Black is a duo (live there are more players involved) that creates synth-y lo-fi love songs (it sounds like love, anyway --- maybe they're singing about hate, but I doubt it) using a couple of casios and some beat machines. The vocals are the kind that, again, sounds like they're sung from a Fisher-Price microphone. But here, that sound definitely works (sometimes that sound is definitely annoying, as I'm sure you know).
Small Black works better than a lot of the other people rocking the "hot new old sound" of lo-fi because their melodies are just so damn pretty. Sure, there's some roughness and scratchiness with the way it's recorded (an aesthetic choice), but really when we talk about Small Black we're talking about beauty.
So just saying "lo-fi" doesn't give these guys a whole lot of credit. Gosh, I love pretty songs. Seriously, is there anything better in this life? Pizza is pretty good, but not as good as a pretty song. - www.ohmyrockness.com


Open Blog gems: El Jefe vs. Demons catapulted into...

Those who work in fields related to music reviewing are familiar with (and often allergic to) the celebratory phrases used by PR people to describe the artists they are trying to pitch for coverage. PR guys of course are doing their job by trying to make you believe that their artists are absolutely outstanding, often using ready made sentences that are supposed to have a certain effect: "catapulted the band into [something awesome here]" is one of the most abused. This is why we couldn't help but laugh out loud when our Open Blog users El Jefe vs. Demons introduced this fun/creepy video (that would benefit from a chorus by the way) with this blurb:

"This is the new El Jefe vs. Demons video for "Meant to be Creepy" which will be on the new album, which is yet to be titled. The video was shot & edited by none other than infamous filmmaker Joey Angerone, who has done many short films, music videos & documentaries. This album will be the follow-up to the debut album "Death, Blood & the Guts" which catapulted the band into obscurity. Enjoy the video & be creeped out!" - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


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