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Painof Being Pure at Hearts' new video

We though you may enjoy this new Pains video while waiting for their Siren Festival show on July 17.


La Strada release video + play Bell House on May 29.

To celebrate their Record Release Tour of the East Coast and Canada in support of their debut lp 'New Home,' Brooklyn's La Strada are premiering the first video for standout track "WASH ON BY." Good song, good video, good live show (La Strada impressed us at a Deli party a couple of years ago) - don't miss their upcoming show at the Bell House on May 29.


Carnivolution Returns to The Tiberino Museum May 14

When we last left off in spaceship time travel theater cabaret, The Squidling Bros. were successful in rescuing Great Grandma Madoodi and Betty Bloomerz from the clutches of the notorious Mr. Commercial, and also managed to restore the flow of order to the Planet Menstralia. But the shadowy figure of a new vampiric threat loomed who promised to threaten the sanctity of the show. Such is the diversity that you can only find during Carnivolution, which is all set to return for its sixth year inside the courtyard of the Tiberino Museum tonight. During the of season, the sideshow has perfected its craft while traveling coast to coast and across the Atlantic in the European Union; and has also performed a weekly variety show at Coney Island. So through that you can expect plenty of guest performers to join the fray. And music will stay very much alive through a set from the intergalactic trio The Radarmen. And Jellyboy and Matters Squidling will pick up the instruments to perform three dance inducing sets alongside the rest of The Hydrogen Jukebox. Throw in the antics of the Perverted Puppet Show and you have the same great festival that delivers upon the unexpected. Tiberino Museum, 3819 Hamilton St., 8pm, $8, All Ages - Bill McThrill


Live Not on Evil Debut 7” on Creep Records at M Room May 14

Okay so not gonna lie, these dudes kinda scare the shit out of me. Not in the monster in the shadows kinda way, more like that kid you know who is not a very aggressive person generally, but still you are terrified to piss him off for what he might do to you. Live Not on Evil are bringing their aggressive, eerie yet melodic show to the M Room tonight. Their buzzsaw guitars and slithering lead lines are brooding yet calming. They are not Misfits horror punk rip offs in the way many bands of this genre are, but their sound does fit nicely into its niche. They don’t try to attempt too much invention, but rather execute their spooky garage punk effectively. They are celebrating their first 7” release on CREEP records. I can imagine their show is going to be loud as shit, but who says that’s a bad thing? The weather may suck so why not go all out and give yourself over to the sorrow? The horror! The horror! - M Room, 15 W. Girard Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ (Photo by D.K. Barbieri) - Adam G.



Young Jesus

It’s exciting when a quality band just seems to appear, and for me that band right now is Young Jesus. They gritty hybrid sound is enticing and their debut ep Late Night Standards shows remarkable amount of skill and command. The band credits influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Brand New and Cursive, but I also hear a little bit of Cracker and Wilco in their sound. Their ep is now available and did I mention it is free.

Young Jesus will be performing at Lilly’s Bar on May 14th, Cal’s Bar on May 21st, and Elbo Room on May 31st.


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