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Free Orbit to Leslie Show at KFN Dec. 7

When I last spoke with Orbit to Leslie frontman Chris Wood, it seemed that the band was experiencing some growing pains. That’s why it was surprising to see that they’ll be performing tonight at KFN as well as a rare out-of-town gig in Baltimore. Well, they’ll be down one guitar player, Steve Schaller, this evening from the usual lineup, but the show is also FREE so you really don’t have much to complain about. I also noticed that they just posted a new track “Babinka” on their Myspace page. The tune is driven by percussive polyrhythmic beats and hushed vocals. It possesses a much more understated artsy, experimental feel in comparison to the big pop hooks that you might be used to from Orbit to Leslie. They’ll be joined tonight by local melodic prog rockers The Tea Club and music veteran Brett Kull & Friends. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, Free, 21+ - Q.D. Tran

The Petrojvic Blasting Company play The Troubadour for Monsters of Accordion 2010

This post didn't end up on the wrong blog, I swear! Accordion doesn't have to equal your great aunt's polka music, it can be an equal mix of masculinity and beauty much like the mythical unicorn. That's why The Petrojvic Blasting Company is playing the Monsters of Accordion 2010 tour whose last stop parks it at the Troubadour on Dec. 19th with other squeezebox superstar acts. There is just something about folk and Gypsy punk that allows it to translate from the street corner to the stage so easily, and The Petrojvic Blasting Company is a fine example. If they don't excite a jig from the crowd, they may be brewing a barrom brawl - I can't wait!

-Angelo Lorenzo


Your daily dose of lo-fi awesomeness: Lost Boy ? plays W'burg twice

Lost Boy ? - that question mark is part of the name - might be a bunch of lost souls but as long as they don't lose those Pixies references they are a found asset to the NYC scene. Those Bostonian bad asses were so unique that to this day no band really managed to reference them without falling into plagiarism. Lost Boy ? manages to avoid this thanks to the added character brought by their lo-fi approach and some psych influences Kim Deal and co. didn't venture into. These guys have some really good songs, and should be fun live: check them out on 12.09 at Death By Audio and/or the day after at Spike Hill.


New CD of the Month! Faces on Film - Some Weather

faces on film

Faces on Film's Some Weather is the Deli CD of the Month, just look over to the right column under the poll to check out the review. In the meantime consider checking Faces on Film out IRL at Great Scott this Saturday. 

12/11 -- Faces On Film


Birds & Batteries

St. Claire

21+ 10bux 9pm

Color Me Indie new concert series, starts Dec. 11th at Space 2710

Live music, local art, and barrels of free hot cocoa make up the pieces of Color Me Indie's first concert event at Space 2710. Live music will be colored rock n roll by the likes of Blonde Summer (or catch them tomorrow with Kitty), Twin Suns, and The Pocket Rockets. Live art will be provided by the Artcade Collective. It's an all ages show for $5 with, I have to say it again, free hot cocoa. Don't be a scrooge!

-Angelo Lorenzo


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