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White Hinterland Video for "No Logic"


White Hinterland, aka Casey Dienel, has a nifty new video (which can be viewed here...sorry, no embed code!) directed by Solomon Chase for the single “No Logic” from her latest release, Karios. The video features high contrast black-and-white images, forest creatures and Dienel’s album collaborator, Shawn Creeden, drumming away on a log next to his Apple laptop.

The portable computer eventual combusts into flame, leaving the viewer with one of two conclusions: 1) The beats were really that hot; or 2) “No Logic” is actually a reference to the inferno Steve Jobs will cause to well up within your computer circuitry if you attempt to pirate his most precious of music production software. If the latter is the case, perhaps we can expect the next Hinterland album to be hewn from utilities available from Garage Band (most people would have to have their MacBooks explode twice before reverting to a PC).

You can check out the first two videos from Karios here and here.

- Joel Sommer

August 2010
Norfolk and Western
"Dinero Severo

Dinero Severo, the newest album from Portland-based Norfolk and Western, is the type that begs to be played during road trips in summer, filling the silence with a contagious folk-indie sound. The album moves seamlessly from track to track, showcasing a variety of instruments and strong influences through the notes. This isn’t the type of album to demand attention from the listener, rather it sits in wait, rightfully confident in what it offers.

Band members Adam Selzer (M. Ward), Rachel Blumberg (Bright Eyes, Mirah, Jolie Holland), and Dave Depper (Loch Lomond, Jolie Holland), have created a smooth, rich sounding album with songs that are both simple and complex. The result feels effortless to the listener, with every instrument coming together in a dynamic arrangement that is raw, yet tame. Every element within Dinero Severo feels beautifully executed and well thought out. This album reeks of late summer nights and good company, and won’t be easily forgotten.

- Arielle Mullen

Thursday night with Ducktails, the Big Sleep and Deerhunter (DJ Set)

Ducktails – the name of the psychedelically-fuzzy solo project of Matthew Mondanile – deserves more credit than just the lo-fi genre branding. While the home recorded bedroom synths are obviously there, his music carries brightness and warmth with it as well. The guitar riffs are balanced with harmonies and cassette-fuzzy textures, a nice way of adding character to what might come off as mere indie lounge noise. When listening to Ducktails, you can’t help but feel like you’re in the hot mess of summer, dancing with your top undone and sipping brews to cool off. You also can’t help but feel nostalgic. Because when you really listen to this music, it’s like you’re a kid again, sucking up those feel-good vibes of childhood, when things were easy and everything seemed really fun. Ducktails will be playing tonight with The Big Sleep (cover band in The Deli's 2007 fall issue, recently reunited after breaking up in 2009) and Deerhunter (Bradford Cox DJing? Sweet!) at Glasslands. Doors open at 8:30 but make sure to RSVP beforehand (popgunning.com). You won’t want to miss out. - Alex Daly


Weekly Special #214: The Pimps of Joytime, live at Bklyn Bowl, 08.28

On a Saturday afternoon in the hills of West Virginia, Deli Magazine sat down with Brian J, the lead singer and guitarist for the Brooklyn based funk band, Pimps of Joytime. Pimps of Joytime is: Brian J, Chauncey Yearwood, who brings personality to the congos and vocals, the beautiful Mayteana Morales, who holds it down on samples, percussions and vocals, and Clark Dark form the UK, who plays bass, moog and guitar. Since the level of drumming required to play in Pimps of Joytime is high in demand, the band havs numerous drummers - although their main man lives in New Orleans. The boys have been together for 5 years and have been living in Brooklyn since 1996. When they’re not touring, they spend their time tearing around on their bicycles and checking out new vegetarian restaurants. They’ve been on tour for most of the spring and summer playing numerous cities including Brooklyn Bowl’s SmileFest, High Sierra Music Fest and Zanaibar in Los Angeles and plan to play in Europe and the Caribbean for Jam Cruise. Read Courtney Boyd Myers Q&A with the band here.


Chi City

The Hood Internet and Kid Static have come together again to release a 7-inch on TTD/Whistler Records on Sept. 7th. The release show for the single will be on Sept. 11th at Lincoln Hall with Wallpaper. and DVAS.


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