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Endless Spring

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for Houses, and I can’t wait to see what is coming next. Their one released track, “Endless Spring” has been all over the internet lately, and when you hear it you will know why. It is a beautiful encapsulation of the welcomed warmth of the Chicago spring.

Houses signed to Lefse Records (home to Neon Indian, Sunglasses, Woodsman, and other like minded bands) late last month, and is planning to release their debut EP All Night later this summer. Below is a more tropical remix of “Endless Spring” created by David Bird.


Pilot Cloud Live at KFN June 4

Justin Lerner and Nick Biscardi first started Pilot Cloud two years ago as a means to create the music that they wanted to hear so the indie shoegaze duo set off on their journey and released their debut album In Transition. Since that time, the band formed a live set so they could embark on several small tours, and managed to have their work picked up by startup netlabel, Acoustic Firework Records. The guys have recently started a new chapter when they put out their follow-up Halcyon, and tonight’s show at Kung Fu Necktie marks their first show back since the mini-tour that they did in support of it. When you listen to their music (which you can download for free on their website) your ears will become awash in intricate guitar work and spaced out harmonies that aim to transport you to another galaxy. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $10, 21+ (Photo by Melissa Marie Hernandez) - Bill McThrill



From Our Open Blog: The Sometimes Family

Listen to these sweet soul sounds! Have you ever heard anything like them!? Well, perhaps if you've been to see the Sometimes Family live and in concert it will all seem like some kind of deja vu. There's just something about the Sometimes Family's music that gets into that ear canal and wiggles and jiggles around, reaching down, DOWN, until it hits the deepest parts of your soul. It latches on with its clawed tentacle and pulls your body into positions and postures of dance and wild movements you didn't have in you before. At the end of the song, you are left with a longing and a feeling of despair, quickly remedied by the simple act of replaying it. It is a painful experience to leave the concert, but you are bettered by it, and it was all worthwhile.

On June 10th The Sometimes Family will play at The Abbey Pub.


Newfound Resolutions

Chicago’s File Thirteen Records announced a few details this week regarding the new album from The Poison Arrows. Their new album will be called Newfound Resolutions and will be released on August 3rd. The album will be available on CD, but will also be released as an impressive 2xLP gatefold with digital download. The first single from the album is called “Unveiled In Sequence”, and it is an epic and heavy tune that will force your head to move up and down.

The Poison Arrows are a part of Do Division Street Fest this weekend and will be playing tomorrow (June 5th) at 3:10pm on the Leavitt Stage. For the full Do Division line-up visit their website.


From the Open Blog: Daily Brothers!

The Daily Brothers are back! PWR pop studio obsessives unique in today's file sharing landscape, the Daily Brothers have new music nearly ready to let loose. The first single from their forthcoming full length album project HOT DAMN! (due for release late Summer) is now streaming on the DB's blog. "Je Vous ai Dit" is a rhythmic pulse pop sure to be hit with special guest vocals performed by a mysterious artist working in Austin. Listen today and stay tuned for record release details.

(Ed.: this post taken from The Daily Brothers' post on our DIY Open Blog, check out other Open Blog posts in the Deli Kitchen.)


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