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Here’s Your Chance to Legally Loot The Spectrum!

Were you saddened by The Spectrum shutting down? Was it the place where you saw your first concert? Led Zeppelin? Eric Clapton? The Grateful Dead? Prince? Dr. J? Ron Hextall? Well, you can have your very own piece of the historic venue this Saturday! They’ll be holding an event called “If You Can Carry It, You Can Keep It”. It runs from 9am until noon, and for $25, you get a “commemorative Spectrum crystal” and access to all the memorabilia that you can get your grubby little hands on. But the catch is you can’t bring in any equipment (hand trucks, tools, etc.) to help you pry the items from the cold lifeless building, and there is no re-entry once you leave with your goodies. Tickets go on sale at 8am Saturday morning. Also, first come; first serve. So how dedicated/crazy are you? - The Deli Staff

Meet The Lonely Wild

In the fall of 2009, Andrew Carroll's former six-year band had run its course, his grandmother died after a serious battle with drug addiction, and he married his long-time love. From pain to bliss, these events swirled into lyrics and melodies. Over the course of the next six months Carroll woke each morning with a melody in his head that had to be turned into a finished piece by that night.

With an arsenal of songs, he then called on former bandmate Ryan Ross (keys, bass, trumpet, vocals) and newcomers Jennifer Talesfore (vocals, percussion, keys), Andrew Schneider (guitar, percussion), and Edward Cerecedes (drums, percussion) to help transform these songs into orchestrated ensemble works. The Lonely Wild looks to the American West, drawing influence from the ever-poignant Woody Guthrie, contemporaries Wilco, and the legendary Ennio Morricone whose sonic vision defined a genre for generations. Their music, at once spirited and woeful, accomplishes the contradictory feat of reminding a listener of something they've never heard.

-From The Open Blog


New Video for The National Rifle’s “In the Weeds”

Here’s a new music video from The National Rifle for “In the Weeds” from their recent album Vanity Press. It was created with the help of their buddies from Makeshift Media, and was filmed in and around Philly with special thanks to Danger Danger Gallery where they recorded a bunch of it. Can you guess the four bands that they are imitating? They’ll be performing Nov. 13 at Johnny Brenda’s w/Cheers Elephant and The New Connection for Bornpilot’s 7” release party (that’s what she said). (Photo by Tyler R. Westnedge) - The Deli Staff

"In the Weeds" by The National Rifle from Makeshift Media


Kick Off for Best. Festival. Ever?

Brooklyn Vegan declared it to be so last year...now you decide. This year for Fun Fun Fun, joining Weird Al and Gwar, and representing your home: Black Nasty, Eagle Claw, Indian Jewelry, Royal Forest, Woven Bones, and more. Tonight (11/4), just across the way from the usual Local Music Is Sexy madness, Til We're Blue or Destroy and The Great Nostalgic (above) will play a kickoff party at Club De Ville. (Full lineup of after parties right here.) 


Deli CD of the Month: Hooray for Earth - Pianos Residency in November

Hooray for Earth crafts a sonic galaxy of varied synthpop tunes with a rock ‘n’ roll flair on its latest EP Momo. The six celestial songs on the EP demonstrate that the band has come light-years from its Boston origins. On Momo, the band reduced the weighty, noisy drone that was pervasive on its self-titled album and Cellphone EP to welcome a lighter, mellower fare that elevates listeners to a higher plane. The euphoric “Surround By Your Friends” sets the tone of the EP with its expansive, sprightly synths and transcendent vocals that greets listeners with open arms. Although the EP is more pop-oriented than its predecessors, on “Comfortable, Comparable,” the band doesn’t pass up on the opportunity to shred and the quick turn in style works in its favor. The quartet really excels in assembling builds to fantastic, epic releases that feels like you’re racing through space, and at the end of the song, you’ve finally arrived at your destination: Earth. - Don't miss the band at one of their residency shows at Pianos on November 10, 17 and 24. - Nancy Chow



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