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Soars Dips and Floats at KFN Aug. 17

Lehigh Valley natives Soars undoubtedly deserve the buzz surrounding their forthcoming debut album. Set to release next month, the outfit’s self-titled full-length includes their recent single “Throw Yourself Apart”, a gorgeous gloomy soundscape with haunting echoed vocals and tide like riffs. Persistent yet subtle backbeats propel the pulse of the song, while delicately placed distortion aids in its ebb and flow. “Five Seconds Under Dark Circles” is both breathy and well-pronounced, deliberately layered and impeccably textured. Soars’ sound nears supernatural, engulfing the listener in an eerie pool of delay and reverb. Suitably titled, “Monolith” is solid between symphonic shifts and emphasis. Proving to be a wealth of talent hidden in their humble hometown area, Soars’ dreamy shoegaze is perfect for the soon-to-be last days of summer. They’ll be opening for LA trio The Delta Mirror and depressed duo The Ropes. Kung Fu Necktie. 1250 Front St., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Dianca Potts

Birds of Maya Rockin’ Philly at JB’s Aug. 17

Are you ready to rock? Well, it doesn’t really matter because Birds of Maya are going to rock enough for all of Philadelphia tonight at JB’s. Their bluesy thrashing jams are full of soul and distortion. The drums sound both aggressive and laid-back in “Sleepwalker” along with the dirty guitar licks recalling The Black Lips (if they never commercialized and instead got into the recording styles of black metal artists) or The Crystal Antlers (if they fell in love with Howlin’ Wolf instead of whomever they worship sonically). This relentless garage blues outfit released an ambitious three-song double LP Ready To Howl in April, and if you do the math (I won’t cause I don’t believe in math), then you will see that those songs are pretty fuckin’ long. It is not too surprising then to learn that the album is the soundtrack for an upcoming film by the same name, now, if only this album could come out in 3D with many tabs of acid. Opening the show will be Signals, a spastic psych rock band that has risen from the ashes of Lesser Known Neutrinos. Johnny Brenda’s 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Adam G.

Screming Females release new video + tour relentlessly

Check out the new video by Screaming Females, currently touring the US in support of their latest release "Castle Talk".


Yes Yes Yes

If you drive south for a few hours to Champaign you with find the smooth and polished ‘70’s Am pop sounds of Elsinore. The band released their latest album Yes Yes Yes via Parasol last week. The band has been working on this album for the last two years and that meticulous approach shows in the details sounds of the album. Singer Ryan Groff crafts personal lyrics to float across these tracks calling to mind names like Ben Gibbard and Sufjan Stevens. The band uses his talents to perfect on this album.

Elsinore will be performing at Lincoln Hall on August 20th.


Kingston Springs Album Release, 8/12/10 @ Mercy Lounge

At first glance, there’s nothing especially striking about the Kingston Springs: they don tried-and-true indie garb (plaid lumberjack shirts and tight jeans), and you can tell who they were listening to when they wrote their songs (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, maybe even some Fleet Foxes). But somehow, they’ve come up with the formula for musical success in Nashvegas. Sure, having a legendary pop icon in the family helps—singer Michael McDonald is the uncle of one of the boys—but it’s not everything in this town. After all, the chance to catch a glimpse of the ex-Doobie would not have been enough to draw a crowd of 150 or so on a Thursday night – particularly a Thursday night when the Black Keys and Tom Petty were in town. What these kids have going for them are a transparency and honesty in both their music and persona that are somewhat endangered in the Music City indie scene. Yeah, I have better-recorded EPs in my collection, but the home-recording quirks of their album give it a bit of grit and youthfulness that is infectious (plus, how many of the screaming teenage girls from Thursday’s concert are going to care if the mix isn’t always 100% spot-on?). As for the release show, the Springs were so overjoyed that often they were simply speechless and would just have to keep playing, and play they did. The keyboardist/guitarist/trumpeter astounded with his multi-tasking abilities; the gawky bassist gave Victor Wooten a run for his money; and the drummer was as clean and inventive as ever (you’d never guess that he picked up kit less than two years ago). And of course the handsome lead singer could have charmed the mini-dress off of any adoring high school girl of his choice – if, you know, his mom wasn’t there and all. Yeah, the kids are all right.--Christine Smith


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