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Punk documentary A History Lesson Pt. 1 premiere screenings

Starting as a teenager in 1984, and lasting up until 1997, Dave Travis took it upon himself to document the budding punk scene here in Los Angeles. His release, A History Lesson Part 1, presents performances and rare interviews with some of LA and Phoenix, Arizona's punk acts including The Meat Puppets, The Minutemen, Twisted Roots, and Redd Kross.

The world premiere screening is happening September 25th at the Blue Star Cafe and Bar. 18+ admission for $7 or $12 with a DVD. After the premiere, the Redwood Bar and Grill will be screening the movie every Tuesday in October for $5 or $10 with a DVD.

Official Website
Dave Travis Bio


Project Film

Megan Frestedt and Sam McAllister are friends, record label owners, record producers, and the duo known as Project Film. Megan and Sam will be releasing their debut, Chicago, on November 9th. Here is a sneak peak at of the album, and the track "Motionless".


Last Minute Plans: Alysheba @ Quencher's Saloon

If you are looking to a break from your steady diet of indie rock head over to Quencher's Saloon tomorrow night, Sept. 14th, and check out seven-piece jazz band Alysheba. The band released their debut ep, Rattlesnake Studio Sessions, back in April. The ep was recorded and mixed by engineer Caleb Willitz at Rattlesnake Studios, and it captures the full and complex sound of the band. Alysheba mixes traditional jazz, improvisational, and rock undertones. The live session lasted 6 hours, and was mixed down perfectly. This album is a refreshing change of pace.

Alysheba is performing tonight (Sept 14th) at Quencher's Saloon at 9pm.


Artist(s) Who Deserve Your Friendship: Ether Island

Are there any more of those Twilight movies coming out? If so, they need to scoop up “How Long” already from Ether Island, a.k.a. singer Corinne Sweeney and guitarist Jeremiah Cowlin from Mythical Beast. In the recordings of Mythical Beast, you find Sweeney channeling the spirit of a tripped-out Grace Slick with Joan Osbourne-like pipes, but it’s amazing what the right amount of delay and reverb can do to an already gifted voice. With their minimalist but hauntingly beautiful arrangements, Sweeney’s vocals take the forefront adding a veil of mystery and intrigue as it shifts and morphs leaving comparisons to legendary vocalists like Annie Lennox and Johnette Napolitano to a more current rising indie favorite of mine, Holly Miranda (formerly of The Jealous Girlfriends). I know that this list of comparisons will only continue to grow over time. The duo originally from Nawlins found their way to Kansas City after Katrina before entering the recording space of Greg Weeks’ Hexam Head. Well, I guess that they dug Philly (as any artist should) making it their current home. I have to say that Ether Islands' demos are fantastic! I’m really looking forward to hearing more tracks and hopefully an official release in the near future.
You can catch them live this Thursday, September 16 at Kung Fu Necktie with local natives Gondola and San Francisco’s Moon Duo.
- Q.D. Tran

Electronic bands we like: Body Language - Highline Ballroom on 10.19

Body Language - an electro-pop outfit we've been following for some time - put on a great show at Brooklyn Bowl last Saturday. This band can deliver rambunctious energy, booty shaking dancey beats, angelic melodies, experimental textures and mellower atmospheres at will. To get more from the band, you'll be able to catch their music video to "Huffy Ten Speed" very soon and listen to their second EP in the fall, featuring three songs that they performed at Brooklyn Bowl and one never-before-heard track. Next NYC date at Highline Ballroom on 10.19 during the CMJ music marathon. - Abigail Devora


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