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Erik Hokannen @ Flipnotics

As he does every Tuesday night, Erik Hokannen will take over at Flipnotic's tonight at 9. The fiddle and guitar master has been a mainstay of the Austin scene for over twenty years, and has been described more than once as "the greatest Austin musician you've never heard." Jazz Mills (of Cowboy + Indian) gave her enthusiastic recommendation. Erik has skipped back and forth between Austin and Helsinki - he's a third-generation Finn - throughout his musical career, and enjoys a devoted following in both cities. 


Overall Winners of The Deli Nashville's Band of the Year Poll 2010:

Dear Deli Nashville Readers,

The results are finally here (see list below) from fans, jurors, and writers, and we are pleased to announce that PUJOL is the overall winner of the 2010 Nashville Band of the Year poll. Congratulations to him, and to the second and third place winners, Evan P. Donohue, and Kopecky Family Band.


Unless you've been living under a rock this past year, it's been pretty difficult to avoid hearing at least something about Nashville garage/punk rock outfit, Pujol. From regular touring, releasing like a dozen singles/7" splits, to having a single produced by Jack White and forming Turbo Time Records with Jonas Stein (lead singer of the Turbo Fruits), Daniel Pujol and his band members have worked their asses off to create their local and national following. Even with a little taste of success, they still play the same up-beat garage rock that, when heard reverberating off the walls of some kid's shitty basement, still manages to remind me of a sludgy rainbow. And it's hard to get that without drugs. So I guess PUJOL is like my drug of 2010? 

2) Evan P. Donohue

Some have referred to Nashville's charming poindexter as an Elvis Costello, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. The obvious jazz/standard influences, the constant catchiness, the trenchant lyrics.. *sigh* His 2010 full-length release, "Rhythm & Amplitude," was one of the best albums to come out of Nashville last year, which is surprising because it's alt. pop/rock, and the ol' tastemakers of Nashville often tend to disregard that genre and its representatives. Regardless, Evan P. Donohue is one of those rare individuals who can't seem to write a bad song, or stop churning out hits. Someone get that kid a publishing deal.

3) Kopecky Family Band

This classically-inspired indie pop-folk group never quite seems to disappoint listeners when hearing "the family" for the first time. The tight-knight group of 7 was an even greater sight to behold last year, as they obviously grew into their roles, and became--quite clearly--more of a family onstage. They successfully released their second album, "The Disaster,"  and the resulting sound carried them throughout the country, allowing them to make great strides to SXSW, CMJ, NPR, etc. Aside from a pretty constant touring schedule, I'm not sure what their upcoming plans are, but I suspect that they'll be as big as the band itself ;) --Erin Manning


Grouplove premieres video for "Colors"

Grouplove has released the official video for “Colours” off their self-titled debut EP, released in January on Canvasback Music. The video resembles a short film that makes a strong connection with the song itself (a bond that most videos fail to make), as its story line takes you on a cowboy and Indian adventure. It sparks a childlike fuse that'll make you want to paint your face and place feathers in your hair.

Grouplove's recordings are creative and energetic, but even more so live! The band will be hopping around Europe until they land back in the states March 23rd for a show at The Independent in SF, and are back home March 25th for a show at the Troubadour here in Hollywood.

-Margarita Castellanos


Akron/Family are back with a new album + play Knit on 02.17

Akron/Family's new album "S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT" was released today together with this video of the single "Silly Bears". Don't miss the band's show at The Knit on 02.17.


Beach Fossils release EP on Captured Tracks

When will it be summer again??? The band Beach Fossils have to tease me with their promises of beachfront indulgence while my BedStuy backyard shows no signs of melting away its snow anytime soon. Weather aside, Beach Fossils is one more reason to think this trend of summer-drenched music is not fading away anytime soon. Their music communicates the wistful pleasures of hanging out, doing nothing and being happy with all your free time... it's refreshing to hear a band candidly describe the creature comforts of middle-class Brooklyn hipsters. The songs never get weighty with false grandstanding, instead delivering a simple, digestable formula that could easily provide the soundtrack to your next getaway weekend. Now they have a new EP on its way courtesy of Captured Tracks, a label that has taken an active interest in curating some of Brooklyn's finest Lo-Fi jangles. Singer/guitarist Dustin Payseur and bassist John Peña have composed 8 new tracks for What A Pleasure that includes a guest appearance from Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum on track Out in The Way. Look for it March 8. - Mike Levine


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