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Gang Gang Dance announces new album


Totally out-there dance machine Gang Gang Dance has an announcement to make. Their new album, Eye Contact is going to be out on May 10th by 4AD records. Can you wait that long? At this point, the Manhattan-based band does not have any US dates in their upcoming tour, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Of course, if you happen to find yourself in Europe in April or early May, you can take some "Crystals" and shake your little ass off. If not, you'll just have to be patient, like the rest of us. - allison levin


Ornery Little Darlings and Sex

The Pilsen band Ornery Little Darlings recently released a free digital ep called "Ooh-La-La" and now have teamed up with Lumpen Magazine to kick off Valentine's Day Weekend in an interesting and provocative way. The band were enamored with Lumpen’s 1995 sex issue, and decided that they would dedicate their February 11 hometown show to that particular rag. Not only that, but the band will also curate Lumpen’s next sex issue, on stands in July. They will also be giving away copies of the 1995 at the show. While the band (Emmi Chen, Jason Ewers and Paul Puschatz) performs, erotic artist Tom Torluemke will unveil never-before-seen paintings and sculptures of the hot and heavy variety. Meanwhile, chocolatier Jered Brown will tickle your tongue with velvety truffles and sticky caramels that will have you begging for more.

Also, performing at Co Prosperity Sphere on Feb. 11th will be The Loneliest Monk, Grace Kulp and Cleveland's HotChaCha.


Interview w/The Deli’s Philly Record Label of the Year: Ian Records

After interviewing Ian Galloway, owner of Ian Records, you can’t help but realize how passionate the guy is about music and the vinyl format. In a world where vinyl sales are on the rise but album sales keep hitting record lows, the hardcore/punk kid inside him continues to fight a valiant fight while still finding beauty in the process of creating and releasing a new album. That is why it is an honor for us to be able to award Ian Records the honor of being The Deli’s Philly Record Label of the Year 2010. The fledgling local label is dedicated to releasing only Philly artists on vinyl, and we look forward to hearing more from Ian Records for years to come. Please check out our interview here with Ian Galloway, and hopefully you’ll discover that you feel the same way too. Great local bands that rock get in contact with him.

“Free for All” w/Blues Control at ICA Feb. 9

Penn’s Institute of Contemporary Art is having a “Free for All” event this evening featuring rad experimental duo Blues Control (a.k.a. Russ Waterhouse and Lea Cho). The pair weaves Waterhouse’s reverb-soaked, distorted blues riffs with Cho’s dark, muddy grooves creating some unapologetically nasty moments, but you’ll also find them floating through calmer waters revealing a taste of their ambient, new age-y alter-egos Watersports. The event will have Philly soft pretzels and refreshments, which I’m thinking will be free judging by its name. There will also be beer, but unfortunately, that will cost us. However, Waterhouse already gave me a heads up that the beers will be cheap, and admission is definitely FREE so we’ll have more money for cheap beers. Nice! It's been a while since Blues Control have performed in Philly so take advantage of this "Free for All". Institue of Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th St, 6:30pm, FREE, All Ages - Q.D. Tran

Kuf Knotz’ BoomBox Collective Is Back at WCL Feb. 9

Kuf Knotz is back again with his BoomBox Collective. It’s the second installment of this monthly event at World Café Live dedicated to the enjoyment of live hip hop. This month features the quirky, witty rhymes of Jake Lefco, dready, rasta-lovin’ Ras Arcane (from Dialects), funkalicious Swift Technique, and house band NJ’s LP Stiles as well as live visual arts by Zeke Jenei. The event is FREE so come out and support before World Café Live changes their mind and replaces it with another evening full of acoustic singer-songwriters. World Café Live, 3025 Walnut St., 8pm, FREE, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman

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