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Marvelous Toy Springs Like A Well


Even on a Tuesday, the L.A. music scene brings the love. Admittedly, the lineup at the Troubadour last week felt a bit disjointed, but The Silent Comedy, Marvelous Toy, and Andy Clockwise did what they do for the die-hards willing to take Wednesday morning lumps with extra caffeine. If you came to see the show to see three bands you'd never seen before, you would probably surmise, "Yah, these are three bands that are rocking and sweaty," but you'd miss the nuance of each. You'd miss the Appalachian swagger of The Silent Comedy. You'd miss the preposterous over-sexualization of song as sung by Andy Clockwise. You'd miss the folksy turn of a phrase and Woodstock-revisited fete Marvelous Toy puts on. Together, I'm not sure the three bands worked. But if you came knowing who you were seeing, you could look hard, you could scratch the surface, and dig down and see it. It's there.

Especially for Marvelous Toy. You don't have to dig deep to see the joy springing from this Eagle Rock gang. The joy comes from their bevy of keyboards, their big hair (that's you Jordan), and their girl-boy harmonies. Keyboardist and backing vocalist Ny Lee looked distant but occasionally gave up a smile. She was at her best when she stood front and center and sang, exposed and free from the shield of the keys. The rest of the band, on the other hand, were bouyant and energetic and timelessly young.

We met frontman Jordan outside (with his girlfriend AND his old boss, no less, who proudly claimed to be MT's biggest fan) and the dichotomy between Jordan's street-side persona and his onstage presence was profound. Unassuming and polite, the lead of MT took charge and poured over his songs jealously like each was a mistress. He held on so tight and then gave them up and watched us and watched the songs get set free. He had little interaction with his bandmates, playing to the audience solidly for the eight-song set. We clapped and MT smiled so graciously, seemingly charmed by the well-deserved adulation.

MT's set was brief but packed full of energy and uplifting and bouncy and tight. Jordan wasn't bothered by inane audience chatter. MT kept it about the music and that was the right thing to do. MT have a show on August 8, 2010 at Spaceland.

-Angel Baker


A sneak peek at Gram Rabbit's forthcoming LP

This Wednesday, July 21st, Gram Rabbit will be revealing a sneak peek of their forthcoming LP, Miracles & Metaphors, thanks to our friends over at KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. If their toe tapping, desert worn music catches your ear, you can see them the night of the 21st at the Troubadour too.

Miracles & Metaphors marks the fourth studio offering from founding members Jesika von Rabbit and Todd Rutherford since their first appearance in 2004. Part dance groove, part western folk, their unique mix of genres keeps their fan base, aptly dubbed 'The Royal Order of Rabbits', very happy indeed.

A little birdy told us any tickets purchased in advance of the Troubadour show will come with a complimentary download of the exclusive unreleased song, "Stars," to be made available day of show.


Rusko releases new video for 'Hold On' ft. Amber Coffman

LA native dubstepper Rusko just released his video for 'Hold On' ft. Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors. Shot over a hectic 5 day period on his last UK tour, the video is a glimpse into his world.

If you thought the crowd in the video looked like they were having fun, you can check Rusko out next weekend, July 24th, at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino, CA


Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound enraptured listeners & makes art

For a tiny little place, Synchronicity Space packs a punch. This writer can't speak to the venue as a gallery, but for music, it's the jam. Cuddled up in warehouse-like spareness on one of those perfectly crispy L.A. nights that feel like 8 o'clock forever, four bands and a few in the know blended into each other's darkness like the black on black on black of the blacked out sky when the city lights burn out. On this night, the lights went dark and the music lit us up.

The best thing about a show in a gallery is not only the merging of multiple forms of art but the willingness of the bands to get loose, to make the space theirs for the night, to be more than themselves, to be the art, to be the medium. One F (from San Francisco), War Tapes, Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound, and VoicesVoices (all LA based) brought us out and made us pay with some tortured exploration and some torrential force and some traditional rock and roll and some transformative lyrical imagery. We hustled free Colt 45 and we listened to it all happening. Sometimes it all happens and you can't say why but you feel the rolling underneath you and the earth wells up and someone great is born.

The clear standout of the night, hands down, was JMTSS. So raw, so loud, so scientific, these boys do not mess around. Not even a little bit. This is math rock and this is pathos. A fan tells us that we need this music and until we hear it we didn't know we needed it. Then she says, "But once you have it, you can't let it go." JMTSS make you need them. With their understated off-stage presence and their tight (as in cool, not ill-fitting) black suits and their intense scrutiny of every last element, this band goes all Mars Volta and all The Dear Hunter with a maniacal speed and precision. In a hyphenated word, they are mind-blowing. Maybe the stars aligned or maybe the other three just weren't at their best, but JMTSS owned it, claimed it, ate it up and spit it out. Friday was yours, Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound.

-Angel Baker

Check out our review of DAMNANT QUOD NON INTELLIGUNT EP coming in the print issue of The Deli Magazine at the end of this month.


Lights On releases their debut album ‘Here Comes The Ocean’

San Diego rockers Lights On

Post punk rockers Lights On have just released their debut album 'Here Comes The Ocean'. The San Diego based band has a touch of 80's New Wave, but still remains uniquely moden. It's just too bad they're currently playing some dates in New York before returning home at the end of the month.

You can download their song 'Redlights Flashing' right here. Check out the full album or watch them back in San Diego on July 31st at the Casbah.


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