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LA Artists on the rise: Young The Giant lands residency at The Troubadour

Young The Giant, refcently formed on the ashes of The Jakes, play intense, emotional, anthemic indie rock. The Newport Beach based band landed an August residency at The Troubadour, and will keep very busy throughout that month with a series of shows in the LA area - full list here.


A Busy Month For White Arrows

Los Angeles band White Arrows

Garage rock with a surf soul and a synth vibe, White Arrows groove with an unmistakable feel good vibe. With music like theirs, it's no wonder their August is shaping up to be a busy one. Not only can you catch them for free at their Monday night residency at Spaceland all month, they're even planning to release their debut EP, Hearts and Lungs, later in the month too.

Of course, we at the Deli would never leave you hanging, so you can check out a few demos from their EP on MySpace. We'll be reviewing this thing once it hits the streets.


The Monthlies' Horro Flick EP Release Party

LA band The Monthlies

Tuesday, the 27th, it's time to loosen your ties and order your favorite drink. The Monthlies will be playing at Spaceland in celebration of the release of their new EP, Horror Flick. This quartet from Echo Park is unapologetically indie pop and honestly, there isn't much to fear about this four song collection.

Doors open at 7 to a packed ticket including Light FM, Garland, Golden Years, One Silver Astronaut, Greg Harper, and Johnny O'Donnell.


Fol Chen presents new video + residencey at The Echo

LA mysterious electro-pop combo Fol Chen toys around with bizzarre sound, concepts and images in this new video of the song "The Holograms", from their sophomore CD "Part II: The New December". The video, directed by Keith Musil (who directed Rainbow Arabia's "Omar K" and some of the craziest Skittles commercials you'll ever see) is based on a "Stepford Wives" wasteland scenario and stars Isabelle Albuquerque of Hecuba playing most of the cast herself. The band just announced their residency at the Echo in LA for the month of August (16, 23 and 30). Definitely a good opportunity to shed some light on this mistery-band.


Faded Paper Figures' Summer Tour

Los Angeles band Faded Paper Figures

Sometimes I get a bit jealous when my friends find great music before I do. Today I received an innocent looking email linking to Faded Paper Figures' album New Medium. If I had any doubt in my friend's taste in music, lets just say they were put to rest and I owe them a beer.

Faded Paper Figures fits nicely into downtempo pop with a bit of electronica. Pitter-pattering drum machines and synths sweetly fill in the gaps between the trio's guitars and vocals. R. John Williams and Kael Alden bring the musical muscle, but the real secret weapon is vocalist Heather Alden — her demure voice rounds the act out. There is a subtle dissonance and melancholy feeling to each song, but that should be plain to see when the band names influences like Morrissey, Radiohead, and Jon Brion (... speaking of Jon, he still regularly plays at the Largo here in LA).

The band is embarking on a small summer tour but still has a few local shows lined up. 7/28 @ Spaceland, 7/29 @ The Continental Room, and 7/30 @ The Glasshouse. I wouldn't pass them up.


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