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Julian Shah-Tayler's upcoming solo album

Julian Shah-Tayler is no stranger to writing and producing pop music. His career has lent itself to collaborations with Joaquin Phoenix, Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama), Kerli, and Whitey to name just a few. You may have even seen him DJing sets at the Standard Hotel here in town. With a schedule like his, it's a wonder that he even has time for a solo career. Well he does and his first proper release, Coito Ergo Sum, is due later this year.

Shah-Tayler's solo material falls somewhere in-between rock and new wave with synth and drum machine feeling just as cozy on the recording as his guitar work. The Deli was passed along a copy of the upcoming album to take a listen to, and there is definately some stand out work. The track "Wetter" is reminiscent of the tongue-in-cheek sexual lyrics made famous by Prince and recently resurrected by bands like She Wants Revenge. "Beautiful World" and "Roman Tower" are two delicate tracks that throws in a hint of piano ballad into the album. Things pick up with the driving rhythm and slightly more industrial feel of "Say What You Want", but Shah-Tayler doesn't stray too far from his 80's influences by sticking in some brass samples in as well.

If you're trying to lure your friends to the dark side that is indie music, or maybe you're trying to fill a spot in your collection next to David Bowie's work from the 80s, then Julian Shah-Tayler is accessible, intelligent, and skilled. You'll have to wait a bit longer for Coito Ergo Sum, but his two previous EPs, Un Ange Passe and Blah Blah Blahnik, are available on BandCamp.com for free download or donation.

-Angelo Lorenzo


The CMJ Music Marathon is getting closer!

It's that time of year everyone -- no not Halloween -- but New York's annual CMJ Music Marathon, held over Oct. 19-23. You've seen some posts about it, but what does that have to do with us here in Los Angeles? This 30 year old festival shines a light on some of the hottest signed and unsigned talent around, including some of our home town favorites, 'cause LA has got to represent!

So who is going to be there? Folk duo The Chapin Sisters, the synth driven acts Superhumanoids and Kisses, dance party patrons Casxio, indie songsters Lady Danville, soloist Evan Voytas, and the soulful Stone Darling. If that wasn't enough, Deli favorites Loomis & The Lust, Young the Giant, and Vanaprasta will be rocking throughout the CMJ Music Marathon.

Speaking of New York, I know we're all about local music, but there is one band that has the whole Deli network buzzing and I can't let good music go unnoticed. The clock nears towards New York's Atlantic/Pacific's debut album, Meet Your New Love, out Oct. 26th thanks to a recent deal with our friends here in LA, No Sleep Records. The band's music is expertly layered, with brushed drums, light bass, keys, and folk guitar work drawing you in before their delicate and sincere vocals can deliver the final blow. Two tracks from Meet Your New Love, "Patterns" and "Some Weary Valentine", can be spotted on the band's MySpace page. Take a mental trip to the Big Apple for a few moments and enjoy these tunes.

-Angelo Lorenzo


Jail Weddings at the Bootleg and Alexs Bar

Jail Weddings by Lauren Everett

Jail Weddings, one of bands worthy of your votes in this month's poll, is gearing up for the release of Love is Lawless by playing their release party at the Bootleg Theater Oct. 22nd and following up with Alex's Bar in Long Beach Oct. 28th.

This 10 piece powerhouse sounds like the sweet lovechild born from a night of passion betwee a Vegas lounge lizard and a 60s girls group do-wopper. Phil Spector's wall of sound philosophy rings true through their sneak peek track "I Thought You Were Someone I Knew" with up-stroked guitars, xylophone, piano, and fiddle crafting their vintage pop sound. You can grab the track for free from the band's website.

Along with their Bootleg Theater show, Jail Weddings will be having a listening party at Origami Vinyl the preceeding night, Oct. 21st. The album, Love is Lawless, will be officially available on Oct. 26th.

-Angelo Lorenzo


The Deli NYC 24th print issue is out - check it out in pdf

Deli readers,

The 24rd issue of The Deli was delivered to the most rocking NYC neighborhoods yesterday.
If you don't live in NYC, don't dispair, because now YOU CAN NOW ALSO SEE IT ONLINE HERE!!! With interactive liks, dudes!

The Deli's Staff

He's My Brother, She's My Sister's self titled EP out

He's My Brother, She's My Sister

Sultry vocals, twanging folk guitar, booming bass drum, plucked cello, and the pitter patter of tap shoes. What does it all add up to? The vaudeville folk of He's My Brother, She's My Sister. The gang recently played a packed show at the Bootleg Theater for the release of their self titled EP and as the send off for their US tour. Appearances from friends Featherbeard, Amanda Jo Williams, Adanowsky, and Las Cafeteras rounded out the night with stellar performances from all.

If you've never been exposed to He's My Brother, She's My Sister, I think it's a fair warning so say their mojo have the power to heal the afflicted. "Tales That I Tell" has vocalist Rachel Kolar paint the laments of a lover done wrong in all of her dusty western glory, while Lauren Brown taps out the beat. Rachel's brother, guitarist Rob Kolar picks up the vocal duties on "How'm I Gunna Get Back Home" with cellist Satya Bhabha filling in the breaks. "Lazy Daze" fits somewhere nicely in the crack between 60's folk and 70's psychedelics while "Moonage Daydream" continues the down tempo theme with a hint of David Bowie's "Space Oddity". Haunting falsetto and acoustic guitar ring through regret on "The House That Isn't Mine". "Coattails" picks the pace up again with a little ditty about those people who just can't seem to achieve anything for themselves. "Wilted Rose" closes up shop with a simple, lo-fi chorus about a worthless girl's quest for love.

The group will be on tour for a while, but you can grab their EP on Bandcamp.

-Angelo Lorenzo


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