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Push on Coach House Sounds

Coach House Sounds has released two new sessions this week, one by Southern Illinois band Headlights, and one by the dynamic group of musicians known simply as Push. There sound is a collection of their instruments, and that might be a negative statement if it weren’t for the diverse range of instruments they play. Marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, synths, bells, and more have found their way into the groups sound. Their songs fill rooms and as you can tell you the images from their CHS section so does their equipment.

Push play at Martyrs in Chicago on Thursday March 11.


A Stitch In Time

The third free track (third of fourty-four) from Smashing Pumpkins new project Teargarden By Kaleidyscope has been released. This is Billy’s attempt at a protest song. Here is how he explains it, ““I have a hard time saying in most cases what inspires a song--some of them just pour out of me like salt and I feel like a custodian of a spirit I don't fully understand but certainly can feel. The closest answer I have is that it’s a protest song--what I am protesting I'm not sure but it has something to do with real inner freedom and the consequence of what it means to be free.”


The Warm Ones on Small Chicago

Episode two of Small Chicago has been posted and it features The Warms Ones. As they reach their third song in this basement set you can see why they might be called The Warm Ones. Check out Small Chicago for the entire set and bonus images. The Warm Ones have dubbed this the year they make contact and so far they have.

You can see The Warm Ones live on March 24th at Schubas.


Dot Dot Dot @ Schubas

Here is the first line of the bio for Dot Dot Dot, “Dot Dot Dot’s music is a thrilling union of rock elements cloaked in dance beats with synthy frills; it’s a wonder they didn’t call themselves Duran Duran Duran. “ That bio really says it all. The music of Dot Dot Dot sounds very much like classic Duran Duran, but the fact is this is still fun danceable party rock. For a band that doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously they have managed to amass quit a following for their LP and EP, both self-released. The first track on their new EP 1, is called “Don’t Move” and is a fun synth-driven romp that makes no attempts to be anything more.

The band will be performing at Schubas on March 4th for a rare all ages show before hitting the road for most of March.


Lead You Through the Misty Fog of Milwaukee Ave

This April, Netherfriends (aka Shawn Rosenblatt) will find himself homeless and he will be embarking on a 50 Songs 50 States tour. You will be able to follow his progress here. Shawn is also close to completing his first full-length LP called Barry and Sherry (named after his parents) and today premiered a video for the project. The song is called "Lead You Through the Misty Fog of Milwaukee Ave".

Before he leaves in April, Netherfriends will be performing two shows here, Mar 15 at Lincoln Hall with Woods and Real Estate and Mar 18 at Empty Bottle with Deakin (Animal Collective).


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