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DELI READERS: let us know your favorite emerging Austin Bands of 2009

Let us know what you think is the best emerging artist of 2009 with a comment (click on "Add New Comment" under this blog entry), we want to hear the voice of the people!!! Besides, your comments may impress our writers who will have to choose the 3 nominees coming from the open contest above...

The Deli Staff


DJs Throw Down: It's a Melee, Red 7 12/6

Dj Orion

The busy folks of Learning Secrets will be the subject of our upcoming, and sadly final, installment of our DJ Education series (all written by the incomparable Tolly Moseley). Before we get to that, though, they're putting together another DJ Melee - what is a DJ Melee? Glad you asked. Here, in their words, because we're running low on our own words, is how it works:

"The DJ's select from the hottest record stores in town and are each given only five minutes to pick up 30 pieces of vinyl to use in a thirty minute set at a series of DJ Melee parties thrown at Austin's best clubs.  All vinyl goes straight into a locked box until show time, and local industry judges have the final vote on the DJ's mixing skills and music knowledge."

High pressure produces diamonds, is the idea here...check out their next event this Sunday at Red 7, with DJs Cauze One, Bigface, Manny & Orion (above).



Lymbic Systym announces tour dates + free mp3

Living about 1700 miles apart (namely in Austin and Brooklyn) doesn't prevent brothers Jared and Michael Bell from conjuring up beautiful instrumental music. Ah, the miracles of inspiration (and of the internet)! Apparently though, also the good old telephone played a role in Lymbic Systym's latest CD called "Shutter Release". After touring with acclaimed bands like Broken Social Scene, The Books, Crystal Castles, the band is about to embark on a west coast tour, scheduled for early January. Definitely a good time to spend a few days in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Tucson and Austin... The band also released a free download of the song "Bedroom Anthem" - check it out here.


A Spoon and a Poll

Album art from the upcoming Transference by Spoon, about which there is considerable excitement and giddiness. And, there's a new poll up yonder, take a look; we've got five shiny new bands nominated for your perusal. So peruse those mo fos and take a stand.


Poll Doors Closing + Neon Indian Remixes

This is shaping up as what I believe you would call a runaway victory, so if you have a rooting interest other than International Waters, time to get your vote in. Else we expect to crown them shortly. In other bloggy news, our man Neon Indian recently crafted up two remixes of Grizzly Bear's "Cheerleader." And there is much rejoicing.


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