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Brooklyn Vegan: Avi Buffalo broke up

This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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2014 Year End Polls For Emerging Artists: Results Scene by Scene

LATEST NEWS: L.A. READERS' POLL IS ON! - CHICAGO READERS' POLL IS ON! - NYC Alt Folk Open Submissions - NEW ENGLAND READERS' POLL RESULTS! - TORONTO READERS' POLL RESULTS! - NASHVILLE READERS' POLL IS ON! - Los Angeles Open Submissions - NYC Indie Rock Open Submissions - PORTLAND READERS' POLL IS ON! - Nashville Open Submissions - NYC Garage Rock Open Submissions - KC READERS POLL RESULTS - Chicago Open Submissions - Portland Open Submissions - NYC Hip Hop + Other Open Submissions - S.F. BAY AREA READERS' POLL IS ON! - NYC Psych Rock Open Submissions - DC AREA READERS' POLL IS ON! - SF Bay Area Open Submissions - NYC Folk Rock/Americana Open Submissions.

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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

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Tele Novella's Witchy New Track

Tele Novella was one of our nominees for The Deli Austin Emerging Austin Artist of 2014 poll (full results soon to come, so keep your eyes out), and we realized that we had made the grave oversight of never posting on this dynamic ATX band that’s a bit of a supergroup. As they just graced the internet with a new track today (Jan. 28), it’s a perfect time to take a peak at Tele Novella.

Tele Novella’s roster is made up of parts of the split-up bands Voxtrot and Agent Ribbons, both from Austin and each with its own substantial following, plus drummer Sarah La Puerta. Where Agent Ribbons was a band with a lighthearted, gently experimental indiepop sound, and Voxtrot was part of the early 2000s indie-rock-that-gets-dancy scene, Tele Novella is an entirely new sound from these musicians. It’s a moodier, retro-conscious approach to indie pop, and the lyrics tend toward odd, off-kilter storytelling and imagery. If you can imagine music that’s tailor-made for a desert scene in a Tarantino film, you’re not far off much of what Tele Novella does.

Of course, there’s much more to this band, which sometimes gets poppier than that description, but under their always-complex arrangements rides an obvious knowledge and nod to the American past, both musically and otherwise. You can tell just from listening that these are people with large record collections, or who at the least would know their way around one. Taking that level of musical knowledge and producing enjoyable music that takes it into account can be a hard trick to pull off, but Tele Novella is nothing if not thoroughly enjoyable. The instrumentation is fun and full of exciting turns, singer Natalie Ribbons’ voice is gripping and dynamic, the harmonies are tight and interesting, and the overall result is smart and undeniably listenable.

This, again, is a brand new track out from the group that we’ve got for you here, their debut album is said to be in the works, and Tele Novella is set to play Holy Mountain with The TonTons and Wild Moccasins on February 12.


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Alta Violet

Well, it doesn't happen often that a band you're researchin' changes names part way through your looking into 'em, but that's exactly what happened when I started digging into Alta Violet, formerly known as Sweet Shine. But hey, young band, they can still get away with a moniker jump or two.

Alta Violet is Austin psych-indie with some real variety to the few tracks they've put out so far. Where I hear Death from Above 1979's pounding fuzzed-out bass and, interestingly, a bit of a schoolkid rhyming thing (which some other early 2000s bands got into for a bit) in track "Stare at the Sun," and "Emily in the Rain" is just pure 90s alt-rock, "I've Seen the World" is a song with its head fully in the 1960s harmonic folk-psych scene. This diversity of sound over three available tracks (preludes to an announced album, according to the info) that each manage to hit the genre target they aim for makes Alta Violet a band to watch out for. If they can make this all work together in a whole album, and maybe keep blending up the different influences they pull from, they could end up being a major local player at Psych Fest next time that thing comes around. Let's just hope to whatever lung gods are out there that it's a less dusty stage that Alta Violet sets up on than we got this last year. Goddamn that dust to hell. Check the heaviest available track from Alta Violet below, and get on over to their Soundcloud for the other noises this very new band can make.



Which of these acts was your favorite Emerging Los Angeles Artist of 2014?

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