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Baeja Vu Plays Thunder Road Music Club 2/2

The Cambridge 7-piece, Baeja Vu, is a one-of-a-kind mixture of throwback R&B, hip-hop, and funk.  Sporting dual vocals, the counterpoint of soulful melody vs acrobatic hip-hop flow is backed up by a Motown-style band that makes sampling seem outdated.  Check them out at Thunder Road Music Club with West End Blend and Slam Kitchen and find out if you're their #1 bae. -Brian Varneke

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PREMIERE: Rafael Vigilantics - "Ramblin' Bones"

 Blending folk, neo-soul and hip hop in a broodingly mysterious yet openly raw manner, Rafael Vigilantics shares with us a new haunting and emotional track titled "Ramblin' Bones." Co-written with Noah Harmon of Airborne Toxic Event, "Ramblin' Bones" tells a tale of long living with the skeletons in our closet. Captured with relatable lyrics and captivating with its video visuals, "Ramblin' Bones" shares a struggle we've all gone through - not being able to let our demons go.

On making the track, Rafael Vigilantics says "'Ramblin’ Bones' is about never being able to quite go home or leave behind the things that haunt us, about how a fresh start seems to only come from the deepest and most brutal of fires."

Even though we can't escape what ills us, we can at least escape into Rafael Vigilantics' beautifully shot video. Watch it below.

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Danielle Grubb brings poignant blues to Arlene's Grocery residency

If you're feeling bummed about the upcoming, presidential inauguration of one flamin' hot cheeto, then why not treat yourself to a hot, heaping portion of some quiality rock blues? Danielle Grubb's latest track, "Glue" has us feeling better already about the next four years (barring impeachment) with its grimy guitars, swampy drums and Grubb's own leathery vocals. This track hits like a shot of whiskey, providing some nice sedation as well as some light jabs to the midsection to get one's gears in motion. Grubb is currently rocking a residency at Arlene's Grocery, where you can catch her live on scattered nights until 3/16. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber

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April+VISTA's modern approach to soul grooves

Genre bending duo April+VISTA bring an eclectic modernist approach to traditional soul sounds. With electronically chopped R&B drum beats and soaring soul vocals, the duo brings to life what they call “FutureSoul”. Amidst the group’s slow grooves and passionate lyrics are touchingly restrained ballads like “Touch”. Check out April+VISTA’s latest EP, “Note to Self”.

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Sip that Soul Syrup with Tribe Mars Tonight

Have yourself a hefty pour of some sensually funky soul syrup with Tribe Mars, who amid a lineup change still boast the same incredible output. Now featuring the talented Vaughn Kimmons (of POPgoji and as Brown Alice), the group's interesting arrangements are only elevated by the ardent vocality of Kimmons.

Rescheduled from its original weather-postponed date and location, Tribe Mars will be joining Blossom tonight at new downtown nightclub NYX for some Sunday Sessions vibes, hosted by multitalented singer-songwriter-producer Fritzwa.

It's free, so let your soul glow up in the city's newest spot with music starting at 9pm.


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