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The Deli Philly's Featured Artist Poll Winner: Santi Slade

Singer-songwriter Santi Slade sounds like he had some pretty cool parents, being raised on a steady stream of Beck flowing throughout his household as a child. After getting his feet wet, writing songs in high school with pal Catherine Dwyer, whom he also now backs on drums in Spring Onion, Slade released his sophomore EP Afloat this past summer, a breezy, laidback collection of tracks, rooted in tropicalia. Expect to find Santi performing out around town more in the coming year with a backing band, and you can get to know the up-and-coming musician, who is our latest Featured Artist Poll Winner, HERE.

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Mountebank Gets Things Moving Quickly With Debut EP

The definition of a 'mountebank': a flamboyant deceiver; someone who attracts customers through tricks or joke. While the new folk-influenced quartet who go by that name certainly dont need to use deception to gain an audience, they are flamboyant and light-hearted, which shines through definitively in their music.  Formed in the Summer of 2016 after other music projects fell through, Mountebank recently released their debut EP Mountebank: Live From Lake Wobegon, which straddles elements of outlaw country, post-pop, and garage rock.  The glue holding this tapestry of influences together is the positivity and joviality found in the DNA of the group that makes their charm irresistible.  Mountebank is on a tear, playing shows, writing new music, and forging ahead with their new project that doesn't need tricks or gimmicks to gain new fans.

-Lee Ackerley


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New Track: "Birthday Song" - Dominic

Dominic Angelella has been involved in a multitude of musical projects, like DRGN KING, LithuaniaElevator Fight, and Dragonzord just to name a small few, since coming to Philadelphia to study jazz guitar at the University of the Arts. Angelella's latest recordings will be released under his new moniker where he'll be simply known as Dominic. His upcoming album, Goodnight Doggies., is scheduled for release on February 3 via Lame-O Records, and you can take a listen to the record's lead single, "Birthday Song," below.  

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Acoustic Awareness in a Beautiful Venue

The Old Church is quite a beautiful venue. Sounds bounce of the historic Carpenter Gothic church's walls with sonic ease, making it an ideal location for amplifying even the softest of tones. On Saturday, the Old Church will be host to a night of acoustics, meant to benefit a city-wide epidemic.

Spreading awareness acoustically, And And And, Ill Lucid Onset and Alyce Fernley will be gracing the Old Church's large, organ-dominated stage to play sets for Human Solutions. The local nonprofit provides services to low-income and houseless individuals within Portland and granted the city's current housing state of emergency, the nonprofit could use all the support it can get to help support those most in need.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here or at the door. For more information on how to volunteer with Human Solutions or other ways to help, visit their website at humansolutions.org.

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gobbinjr releases 'Vom Night' EP + tours the east coast

gobbinjr is the stage name of songwriter/producer Emma Witmer, a Wisconsian who ended up becoming a Brookyinite via NYU - and a big THANK YOU NYU, we can now officially blame you for Trump's election! Emma plays gentle music, and although she likes to work solo, she enjoys wearing the hats of each (non existing) band member - each one suit her! Her debut album 'Vom Might' is a soft, drum machine propelled mellow pop record, full of intimate and honest lyrics conveyed through delicate melodies and an appropriately simple but never banal production. Fans of Frankie Cosmos will find in gobbinjr's music the same youthful attitude and melancholic sincerity, which seems to communicate - on a subliminal level - the awareness that youth ends too soon and it's too beautiful to be lived without dwelling in philospy, poetry and art. 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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