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Rosali Concludes Her Residency at Ortlieb's Dec. 28

Rosali concludes her month-long residency at Ortlieb’s this evening. After a brief reprieve from the bone-chilling canvas of winter, the local singer-songwriter offers soothing clarity in the form of folk-based songs gently gliding over the hillside. On her debut album Out of Love, Rosali's recordings are fueled by floral vocal harmonies and a wandering touch of twang-infused psychedelics. The duo of Kevin Nickles and Daniel Provenzano, also known as The Writhing Squares, will firmly orient their opening set in another world, touching down on intertwining threads of noise-rock, garage, free jazz, etc., while unleashing a sensory-loaded spectrum of space sonics. It's just what you need to get over the final hump of 2016. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. Third St., 8pm, Free, 21+ - Michael Colavita

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Gretchen & The Pickpockets Tell a Story of Unity in New Video, "Old Souls"

In a time where our nation struggles with division, Gretchen & The Pickpockets, have created a vision of unity and acceptance in their video for "Old Souls".  The video follows several couples of different backgrounds and orientations, who find happiness within each other and, ultimately, as a diverse community.  A departure from the band's soulful rock-n-roll style, "Old Souls" is a softer ballad that focuses on harmony and emotion.  Directed and produced by lead singer Gretchen Klempa, this is truly a unique and personal vision and a powerful message of togetherness that we should all take to heart.  Check out the video, then experience Gretchen & The Pickpockets live at Ocean Mist in Wakefield, RI on 12/30. -Brian Varneke

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Ethereal songwriter Julie Byrne releases sophomore LP on 01.27 at Rough Trade

Active since the beginning of the current decade (calling it the "10s" sounds still kinda weird), Brooklyn songwriter Julie Byrne writes and performs meditative and sparse songs, always accompanied by her acoustic guitar and a fair amount of reverb on her delicately sensuous vocals. Her 2014 album 'Rooms with Walls and Windows' did remarkably well, becoming a testament to the power of the song in its most naked format. Julie recently announced a new LP, entitled 'Not Even Happiness,' scheduled to drop on January 2017, with a release party at Rough Trade on the 27th. Check out preview single 'Natural Blue,' streaming below.

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New Steady Hands Charitable Live Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Modern Baseball's Sean Huber, a.k.a. Steady Hands, put out a compilation of his first four EPs and a new track on a double LP, titled Rude Boys Of Bar Rock, earlier this month via Lame-O Records. He also posted a new music video for the single, "Under The Rug," which starred the "#1 daug," Bruce. And in the spirit of giving this season, he has shared a live performance album that will benefit Wags Rescue & Referral, "an organization in Pennsylvania that saves dogs from gassing shelters in the south and brings them to foster homes until they can find a forever family," where we're assuming that he found his adorable best friend. Steady Hands - Live at Ortlieb's was recorded on December 4, 2016 by Jeff Travitz at Huber's recent hometown release celebration, held at the Fishtown watering hole. (Photo by Punks in Vegas)

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Aminé Puts Portland Hip Hop on the National Map

*photo courtesy We Out Here Magazine

For the longest time, Portland has obviously been either a barren land for hip hop, rap and r&b, or one where the few bursts we see go fairly unacknowledged or get shut down. Despite a whatever Buzzfeed listicle or Google search turning up repetitive results, our town is known on a national level more for its propensity for indie and less for its abundance of lyrical bars. While acts like Cool Nutz and Illmaculate will forever be beloved household names in the PNW, Aminé has rode the radio waves into the cars of people across the country.

Aminé has had a cult internet following for a minute but his name started massively popping up about a year ago, boasting the flurry of Ethiopian culture, hip hop and electronic found on his two mixtapes. The Benson High School graduate need not prove himself more, as the mad catchy chart climber "Caroline" has been evidence enough.

Whether the muse for "Caroline" will be present or not is unknown, but Aminé will be taking the stage at the Roseland (originally scheduled for the Hawthorne Theatre and Wonder Ballroom) tomorrow. Tickets to the all ages show are sold out so if you weren't able to snag one, you can blast Aminé tracks on his Soundcloud for your own at-home concert experience.


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