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Hip Hop

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Latasha Alcindor is the Best of NYC in Electronic/Hip Hop category

We are ready to declare Latasha Alcindor, popularly known as “LA,” the winner of both our Readers' Poll and the overall Best of NYC chart (which includes votes from our jurors). 

The rapper has created a solid trajectory for herself.  From SXSW to NY Fashion Week to NYLON, she is garnering attention for her sharp delivery and feminist message.  On the recent NYLON rap session, LA raps, “I switch up to this bigger picture.  These ladies ain’t my competition, this is all militia.  We switching up the paradigm to a femme state of mind, only reason Trump is here, God tellin ‘This is time.’”  In her new video for “Revoke Thee,” LA unleashes a torrent of warnings against the smack talkers out there.  It’s an old school boom bap banger perfect to test the bass on those new headphones.  Latasha is currently an 'Artist in Residence' at Williamsburg's National Sawdust.

Kudos also to Ela Minus and Raycee Jones, who placed second respectively in the overall chart and in the readers' poll - you can stream them below!



Here's the full list of the finalists in the Electronic/Hip Hop category.

  6%   81 votes
 Argonaut and Wasp
  0%   10 votes
 Ben Talmi
  0%   9 votes
  0%   3 votes
 Ela Minus
  0%   6 votes
  1%   24 votes
 King Neptune
  3%   44 votes
 Latasha Alcindor
  46%   555 votes
 Macula Dog
  0%   1 vote
 Maggie Rogers
  0%   5 votes
  0%   1 vote
  1%   17 votes
 Raycee Jones
  36%   444 votes
 True Blue
  0%   2 votes
 Von Sell
  0%   2 votes




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MOGO Fest Pick 2: Blossom, Sifter, ISSA, DJ Pr11me and Verbz at Dante's

 Our next choice in MOGO Fest offerings comes by way of a show curated by the festival's designated hip hop and R&B specialists, The Thesis, which is a series of showcases centered around the genre co-sponsored by We Out Here Magazine and XRAY.fm. Each performer and DJ on this bill has a cultural tie back to Africa, which is something important to celebrate now more than ever in recent times.

Blossom's music beginnings date back to age 12, where the Trinidad & Tibego made Keisha Chiddick played alongside her uncle's steel drum band. Fast forward to now, where Chiddick's meaningful neo-soul work under her floral moniker has added such beautiful light to Portland's underground. 

Coming from Ibadan, Nigeria, Sifter's migration to United States almost a decade ago was in pursuit of furthering his work as an artist, as well as taking his singing career to the next step. He started recognizing his abilities also at age 12, while singing in his church's choir. Now, he's signed to Nigerian based label Bugatti Recording Group. ISSA's (or I$$A) time in the states has been in the same vein, taking creative inspiration from his home of Dakar, Senegal. Growing up speaking French and loving American and European takes on hip hop and R&B along with other island types of music have breathed extra life into I$$A's vision.

Spinning at this show comes from the Afro-Caribbean, dance and house stylings of Valan Primus (aka DJ Pr11me) and Crate Diggers host and DJ to Portland rapper Tope, Verbz. With so many cultural vibes flowing from this bill, it's impossible for it to not be a good time.

Be at Dante's by 9pm tonight to catch everything as it starts. Tickets are $10 and this show is of course 21+.

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The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Artists 2017: Hip Hop/Funk/Electronica Poll Is Up!

We have reached the last Readers'/Fans' Poll before we share the final results of our Overall Composite Chart. Our current list of nominees spans the categories of Hip Hop/Funk/Electronica. You can check them all out HERE, and vote for your favorite artist!

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Magna Carda Continues to Define ATX Hip Hop

 Aptly described as 'Austin's answer to the Roots', Magna Carda refuses to back down from their lyrical conviction and inventive beats. MC/producer duo, Megz Kelli and Dougie Do, have a knack for Southern-styled ambient beats in which they drop effortless flows that are equally provocative as they are amusing.  Sprung from the campus of St. Edwards in 2012, the duo has continued to evolve and progress as they ascend to sharing the stage with the likes of the Pharcyde, Joey Badas$$, and Chali 2na.  Having recently released the album CirQlation in 2016, Magna Carda is riding some strong momentum from their live-wire performances and growing national recognition.  While Magna Carda is the Deli Austin's 'Best Emerging Soul/Hip-Hop act of 2016', it can't be denied that their ability to shine on the national stage will be evidenced in 2017.


-Lee Ackerley


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March 3rd: Ace Cosgrove at Tropicalia

Fresh beats and an unusual cutting edge flow define the appeal of politically inclined Gaithersburg native Ace Cosgrove. Drawing from the beats and flow of both trap and chillhop, Cosgrove’s versatility shines through on songs like “Making Moves” and “Righteous Views”. In turn lyrically boastful and politically charged, the most consistent thing about Cosgrove’s music is the quality of the tracks.

After a tour in New Zealand, Cosgrove will take the stage at Tropicalia March 3rd to headline DC’s Sounds of the City Festival.

-Written by Michael Dranove


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