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Cheap Tissue brings brash and fun energy on "Dirt"

Cheap Tissue don't go out of their way to make nice. The skate punk foursome plays lean, short songs with fast tempos and pulverizing guitar parts that ring true to their defiant credo of pure, unadulterated rock n' roll. And though first single "Dirt" rips with iron-fisted grit, there's also a likable idealism in their raucous delivery that invites a congenial response. 

"Dirt" can be found on Cheap Tissue's forthcoming self-titled full-length, which is out on March 2 via Lollipop Records. You're also welcome to crash their party at The Echo during their three-week residency this coming January 2018.



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New The Barren Marys/Teenage Bigfoot Split EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Punk trio The Barren Marys contributed two track to Political Party, a new split release with Teenage Bigfoot. Both “Dumb” and “Nothings Gonna Change” were recorded at Brooklyn’s Converse Rubber Track Studios. Both serve as an indictment of the current political environment, “Dumb” is enthusiastically snarky, while “Nothings Gonna Change” tears through the facade of faux transformation. Fellow Philadelphians Teenage Bigfoot inject a bounce in your step with "Vagrant" and "Gringo," before the banjo plucks and strums of "Inkstains" provide a melodic farewell to a toxic relationship.

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Introducing The Deli Nashville's year-end playlist!

2017 was a year of plenty for Nashville's music scene. So we decided to make a Spotify playlist to celebrate all the excellent music and hard-working musicians that call Music City home. From Americana to grooving funk, from indie superstars to the fairly obscure, here are 100 tracks we enjoyed this year from our Nashville neighbors! Be sure to follow the playlist AND follow The Deli Nashville on Spotify for more playlists in the future. And of course, please share with your friends! - Chris Thiessen

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From the digital submissions: Garage Rockers, The Vice Rags, drop self-titled EP

Self-described as a "breath of fresh, New Jersey Turnpike air" NJ band, The Vice Rags, lay down no-frills garage rock that isn't afraid of getting dirty. The four-piece just dropped a new self-titled EP which presents some warm, classic-sounding tracks that will satisfy your most staunch rock 'n' roll crate-digging purists (see "Alright By Me" streaming below) alongside wilder, brasher songs like opening track "Shut Up & Love Me." If you take your hearty helping of garage rock with a side of fuzz and crackle, the Vice Rags are definitely not a group to pass on. - Olivia Sisinni

This artist submitted music for coverage here.

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The Toads drop 'It's for You' today

 *photo by Heather Hanson

The Toads have been a crowd pleaser since they bursted onto the scene almost three years ago. First, their self-titled full length gave us a taste of their callback to 90s alternative and pop punk back in 2016. The Toads, still unsigned, have got a completely and fully supported DIY method of existing as a band that's contributed to what's made them such a delight so far. With Time having already been released earlier this year, band appreciators are lucky enough to get another one just as it's coming to a close. Today, The Toads dropped "It's for You."

Part of what makes The Toads so great is their reliability in sound. Even in welcoming new drummer Dylan Valentine to the mix The Toads haven't stumbled or faltered, the Weezer-esque "You Don't Deserve Me" and the raw punk feels of "Never a Good Time" for the new EP staying true to the band's capacity.

The Toads are offering up two chances this weekend to see them perform all the songs from "It's for You" live -- at tonight's release show at Clinton Street Theater with Cry Babe and Fire Nuns, and tomorrow night at the Turn Turn Turn for the Sounds Illustrated art opening with Piefight and Dr. Something.

Give "It's for You" a listen below.


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