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The Soaks tune in to their own channel on "TV Life"

San Diego trio The Soaks play sparkly power pop with a new wave slant, best evinced on their fast-paced, relentlessly hooky "TV Life". Its simple, hyperactive music video shows footage of the band members in true live form while poking a little fun at themselves, propping up a persistent rhythmic backbone to their energetic, trashy sound. 

"TV Life" can be found on their latest seven-song EP Loser, released through Postmark Records. And for a show that'll get you wildly bobbing your head from the get go stop by Harvard and Stone on March 31.

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Big show happenin' at The Smiling Buddha on Saturday Night featuring The Barrel Heads. They'll be rollin' in from Montreal...probably in a wagon. They're a 4 piece garage rock band cut from the same cloth as The Melvins, Tad and I should say Motorhead...they have a song called Motorhead on their "Matilda" EP. "The Ballad of Mosquito Guns" is a bad ass tune that'll keep your nodding throughout. You may also find yourself chugging beer at an extremely higher rate than usual. Mosquito Mike on vocals can really howl n' growl while the guitar's crunch some power chords. This track features a nice breakdown and solo action before firin' back into the beat. Go see what the Barrel Heads are all about on Saturday at the Smiling Buddha. They'll be joined by Hormoans, Dirty Safes and Beige. - Kris Gies

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Drunk Lips are a dirty rock n roll band from Toronto. They should be categorized as "Drunk Rock". They got perfect party tunes. Crunchy guitars rumblin over beefy bass lines and slammin drums. Oh yeah and there's hot chicks in the band too. What else are you lookin' for on a Friday Night. They released an EP last year called "In My Brain". 7 tracks of garage rock madness. Guess what? It's only 2 bucks on their bandcamp page right now. I feel a bit of a 90's thang happenin' deep down inside of Drunk Lips...they could play at Gasworks from Wayne's World. In reality they play The Silver Dollar Room on Friday! - Kris Gies

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Can you think of a better combo than live music and pro wrestling? Me neither. Superkick'd is a Toronto based company that holds monthly events which combine pro wrestling and live music. The atmosphere is electric and the party is wild. This Friday Superkick'd returns to the Great Hall for the "Crank'd Party" featuring swamp rock band Flamingo Bày. They recently released their latest record "Steak n' Eggs" on tape through Wiener Records which will be for sale along with some brand new t-shirts. There's no seats on the floor so that means you can get as close to the action as you want. Get drunk, get loud, bang on the ring mat and enjoy the best entertainment in the city. Doors at 7. Kick Off Party with Flamingo Bày at 7:30. 8 o'clock bell time at the Great Hall on Queen West.

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NOYES supports "Relapse" EP with West Coast Tour

Lawndale scuzz trio NOYES have already begun their tour up the best coast, after a Friday performance at the UCLA Co-op that ended with a police shutdown. Don't worry: Kermit, Daniel and Ian ripped through their set. The neighbors and one of the officers agreed, "NOYES is being too noisey." They even waited until We think that was a compliment. The band's next stop is at the Greenhouse venue in Arcata, CA with Chachi Hands and Dosidicus on the fifth. "Relapse" is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music streaming services. - Ryan Mo

3/7 @ Le Voyeur (Olympia, WA)

3/11 Boise, ID - The Boise Hive

3/12 Denver, CO - Lions Lair

3/15 Albuquerque, NM - The Dog House

3/18 Austin, TX - Righteous Records Showcase @ TBA

3/24 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell


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