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Another Afternoon takes us down home with "South"

Psyched-out and starry-eyed, Another Afternoon's South is an impressive debut effort from a band that's been lurking around for the better part of a year teasing us with singles and appearances on YouTube series that we may have mentioned a time or two in the past. Aside from the closing number, a fairly traditional ballad duet, the M.O. here is to-the-point laid back space folk that isn't interested in hemming and hawing and wasting your time. Less than 20 minutes in length, South feels completely satisfying due to its sheer density. We'll be looking forward to more from these guys in the future. -Austin Phy

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New Music Video: "Romeo" - The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits give us a 360-degree view in their new music video for the track "Romeo". The beautiful footage was shot using seven GoPro cameras and a specialized mount. You can find the single on the group's latest LP Moon Son, which is available via Randm Records.

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Whitney "No Matter Where We Go"

Whitney has released a new single, "No Matter Where We Go", from their forthcoming album, Light Upon The Lake, in advance of its release tomorrow June 3rd.

Whitney is currently touring the world, but will return to Chicago for a a show at The Empty Bottle on July 15th. They will also be performing at Pitchfork Music Festival on July 16th.

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Country traditionalist Daniel Romano has been goin non stop over the past year or so. Last year he released "If I've Only One Time Askin" which built off his previous country releases but found a more unique and original sound. Last week he released his latest album "Mosey" which brings his music into a whole new realm of originality and creativity. It could be borderline genius. Romano keeps his country roots but embarks in a new sonic direction. Some tracks such as the opener "Valerie Leon" use horns to bring spanish vibes to the forefront. There's also a lot more keys on this album which at some points sounds like it could be used as a movie score from a 70s action movie. What I like most about this record is what drew me into Romano's music to begin with....the stories....the sad ones in particular. My personal picks would be "I'm Alone Now" and "(Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone". If you actually like new and original music then you gotta listen to "Mosey" by Daniel Romano. - Kris Gies

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Shira readies release of 'Subtle Creature LP + plays Cake Shop on 6/6

It's always excellent to see a Renaissance person sucessfully blend their disciplines together, and the music of Brooklyn artist SHIRA is a perfect example. A poet, visual artist and musician, SHIRA mixes genres like soul, folk and electronic pop with a painter's touch, allowing for bold creations while not losing any of the character of the individual components. Her poet's side makes its way into the music as well, as she injects each track with richly contemplative and abstract lyrics. 

Shira has managed to sucessfully evolve her sound on each project, and her next LP, Subtle Creature, should be no exception. On single "Honey in My Pot," featuring Portland band Joseph, she seems to move her sound out of the sky and instead opts for an earthier approach with a notably more prominent rhythm section. It remains to be seen whether this move will be one that's consistent across the full length of the album, but there will certainly be no complaints from us if this ends up being the case.  You can presumably catch SHIRA's two singles off of the new album, and hopefully more, at Cake Shop on 6/6. - Henry Solotaroff Webber

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