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Matthew Fountain & the Whereabouts' "Written on Your Wall" Makes You Reflect on All Your Conversations

From shredding in Mississippi metal bands as a teen to a West Coast move resulting in a new sound, Matthew Fountain has taken the familial jazzy influence of his upbringing and turned it into the artsy folk pop us Portlanders get to experience today.

With anywhere from three to eight of his musician friends joining him live as part of the Whereabouts, Matthew Fountain's tunes lyrically reflect the familiar struggle we all have with reflecting on self-identity, social interactions, the future, love and other strong forces we experience. Some of these themes can be heard on his newest track, "Written on Your Wall," that came out just over a week ago.

Through moody chamber folk and a somewhat theatrical production, "Written on Your Wall" touches on the all too common human tendency of hearing what we want to out of conversations and other people's words. Its syncopated arrangements and interesting key changes keep the listener attentive while engaging in its relatable storyline. Give it a listen below

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The Misters bring optimistic folk-pop to Pianos on 02.21

Released in July of 2016, The Misters' single “Off My Mind (In the Summertime),” with its upbeat tempo and catchy, carefree melodies, is a stranger to NYC's January, notwithstanding the fact that this year it's been remarkably mild... With a well-mannered voice that exudes precocious wisdom, lead singer Michael Nitting (pictured) recites "...cause this cold keeps pouring down, but I won't let it bring me down" - a good reminder to all of us to keep on plowing through life, notwithstanding the bothersome events we can't control related to weather (or... politics). The Misters play live on February 21st at Pianos. - Jocelyn Huggler

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Zook Drops a Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Folk Surprise

We stumbled upon this beautiful mesh of of lo-fi, psychedelic, garage rock, and country and couldn't help sharing it. Carrots is an EP that draws on a whole plethora of genres and musical elements to craft something remarkably fresh. Groovy acoustic guitar rhtyhms draw on the retro psychedelic, folk rock traits of bands like T. Rex and The Brian Jonestown Masssacre while tiny tin-can, creepy, distorted vocals prove reminiscent of more recent lo-fi outfits like King Tuff. The songs periodically veer off into saccharine, psychedelic instrumentals, rising and falling into crescendos of reversed guitar riffs. It's as if someone found a way to make jam bands less tiresome, indulging in the blissful potential of a guitar solo with enough taste to know when to bring it back home. There's virtually nothing online about this guy. He's got a facebook page with two likes and a bandcamp account, but with a first release like this, let's hope we hear more from him soon. - Andrew Strader

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Check Out the New Music Video for Greyson Anderson's Cover of Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy"

Vocalist and frontman, Greyson Anderson, briefly departs from the grungy conventions of the Nashville hard rock staple, Dogs of Oz, to cover a country classic. Though he stays true to the cathartic, sentimental characteristics of the tune, his heavier sonic influences can be detected. Playing and recording all the instruments himself, Anderson blends elements of his brand of Nashville garage/grunge with an unapologetic pop vocal sensibility. The video, featuring Anderson at a variety of locations aound Nashville, paints a picture of an unabashed young rocker willing to own an enthusiasm that might prove unsexy in a somtimes hyper-self-consciously hip rock scene. - Andrew Strader

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PREMIERE: Rafael Vigilantics - "Ramblin' Bones"

 Blending folk, neo-soul and hip hop in a broodingly mysterious yet openly raw manner, Rafael Vigilantics shares with us a new haunting and emotional track titled "Ramblin' Bones." Co-written with Noah Harmon of Airborne Toxic Event, "Ramblin' Bones" tells a tale of long living with the skeletons in our closet. Captured with relatable lyrics and captivating with its video visuals, "Ramblin' Bones" shares a struggle we've all gone through - not being able to let our demons go.

On making the track, Rafael Vigilantics says "'Ramblin’ Bones' is about never being able to quite go home or leave behind the things that haunt us, about how a fresh start seems to only come from the deepest and most brutal of fires."

Even though we can't escape what ills us, we can at least escape into Rafael Vigilantics' beautifully shot video. Watch it below.


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