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New Myths bring blend of new wave and alt rock to Brooklyn Bazaar 11.16

The thing that makes New Myths so hard to pin down is, paradoxically, how familiar their music feels. The synths and dance beats are recognizably new wave, but the guitar tones pay tribute to angsty alt-rock. To top it off there’s a mood of goth darkness veiling the vocal harmonies and instruments below it. Blended together, New Myths’ sound is relatable yet exciting calling to mind alternative classics without over-referencing any particular artist. You can experience it live next at Brooklyn Bazaar on November 16th. – Cameron Carr

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Record of the Month: Blood Cultures, “Happy Birthday”

Blood Cultures’ buoyantly catchy single “Indian Summer” dropped all the way back in 2013. “Indian Summer” was an electro-indie gem that gave a glimpse into Blood Cultures’ distinctive talent for poignancy and melody. It’s a style the producer/multi-instrumentalist has come to master on his debut LP, Happy Birthday.

In the four years since “Indian Summer” dropped to considerably positive reception, hype over Blood Cultures’ debut has ebbed and flowed. It’s rare for an artist not to capitalize on the type of momentum generated by a successful indie single like “Indian Summer.” And it’s even rarer for an artist to fulfill the promise of a well-received single in the way Blood Cultures does on Happy Birthday.

The album feels truly sonically coherent. Throughout, Blood Cultures riffs on the soundscape he painted in “Indian Summer” in varied ways. And they’re all wonderful and welcome experimentations: Drawing from a palette of synths, dreamy vocals, found sound-esque samples, and filtered guitar riffs, Blood Cultures creates a record chock full of standout tracks. “Phospholipid,” which feels like a musical cousin to “Indian Summer,” is one such standout. The lyrics echo the longing and pathos felt in the melody: “You ask yourself what am I to do? (You ask yourself, you ask yourself) Your mother says don't let him get through (Your mother says, your mother says) You ask yourself, what am I to say? Don't give me away Don't keep me astray The way you play your games.” It’s simple, yet potent stuff. The best of Lykke Li and or a subtler M83 come to mind.

Elsewhere, “Coastal” is an expressionist dream that builds and strengthens with synths and sweeps reminiscent of Kool and the Gang’s legendary soul hit, “Summer Madness.” Album opener, “Scenes from a Midnight Movie” is a fitting declaration of Blood Cultures’ artistic vision: “Oh please, tell us about all the things you have seen About all your visions and all of your dreams It seems to me That you're set free It seems to be The only possibility…” It’s a vision full of pathos, wonder, and joy. - juan leon

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Xhosa, Babyteeth, Sunspeaker, Slurpee, Din Ra bring experimental electronica to Trans Pecos on 11.02

Xhosa. Babyteeth. Sunspeaker. Slurpee. Din Ra. If the names of the artist playing at avant-garde venue Trans Pecos on November 2 don't intrigue you enough, the music definitely will. Xhosa blends hip-hop, electronic, future, and smoky, piercing vocals. Slurpee's tracks are wonderfully spastic bursts of bubblegum electronica. Babyteeth (formerly RIVKA) produces chill vibes with dark tendencies for a haunting effect. Downright beautiful, hypnotic electronica characterizes Din Ra's music. With this eclectic roster, there's something strange for everyone.

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Pollens drop new EP "Mister Manufacture" at Secret Project Robot on 11.16

Pollen can be invasive, and (as those with allergies know) it's basically everywhere; but from out of the powdery, sneeze-inducing substance springs life. In a weird way, this almost parallels the overall vibe of NYC. It's a cramped, noisy place infested with people and ideas, but every so often the seemingly aimless find their mark and creativity blossoms. It makes sense then that eccentric avant-pop act, Pollens, would call NYC their home. The band, who, to take a quote from their bio, specializes in " ecstatic readings of boring lists," takes a unique approach to songwriting that seems almost tailor-made for the Buzzfeed generation. But don't let that fool you: though the band claims to want their music to be - to steal another quote - "dumb and immediate," their latest release, Mister Manufacture, packs a lot of heart into its celebration and dissection of the 2017 human condition, and the mundanity of modernity. With a decent amount of noise and a flair for the experimental, the album manages to be surprisingly catchy and well worth checking out, so be sure to stream Pollens below. The release party is scheduled for November 16th at Secret Project Robot. - Olivia Sisinni



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