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darkDARK release new single "Fake It"

Heavy synth mash ups melt into the whitewashed drum machine to create the futuristic sound of darkDark. Genevieve Vincent and Chris James together create a visionary way to feel the music you listen to, casting a spell on your inner demons with every beat. I’m happy to announce that Netflix original series “Stranger Things” just found its season two song opener; at least my vote is cast. Kayla Hay




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A Jolly Good Time with Lola Buzzkill and Their Holiday Variety Show

Many of us aren't old enough to remember the variety hour TV shows of yesteryear. Back in the 70's, the Bradys and the Partridges ruled the glowing tube with special celebrity guests, comedic fodder and of course, musical performances. For the sake of nostalgia and all out fun, soulfully funky Lola Buzzkill is bringing the variety show back, with a somewhat modern twist.

Lola Buzzkill will be one of two musical acts to take the stage, along with Melt, but the intrigue this show provides surpasses what it offers musically. A performance art rendition of the Nut Cracker is set to occur, with dancing from Amira Sereia and Briley & Matt, comedy from Wendy Weiss and DJ Tasty spinning.

Onstage quips are sure to include commentary on this tragedy of a year and the not-that-much-better holiday season, so be sure to come to the Liquor Store tomorrow and check it out. Proceeds from tickets, which run $8, go to benefiting the efforts of Standing Rock. Be there by 9pm to catch the night's festivities as they start!

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Electro-psych collective Psymon Spine plays Mercury Lounge 1/9

With canned, am-radio vocals, surf-y female harmonies, and interesting, angular beats, Psymon Spine's latest release manages to be both haunting and strangely dance-able. The four tracks that make up the self-titled EP utilize a combination of fat synths and energetic drum machine grooves as the backdrop for ethereal vocals that float at the top of the mix. Check them out for yourselves at the Mercury Lounge 1/09 with The Roofers Union, but in the meantime stream them below. - Olivia Sisinni

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Aminé Puts Portland Hip Hop on the National Map

*photo courtesy We Out Here Magazine

For the longest time, Portland has obviously been either a barren land for hip hop, rap and r&b, or one where the few bursts we see go fairly unacknowledged or get shut down. Despite a whatever Buzzfeed listicle or Google search turning up repetitive results, our town is known on a national level more for its propensity for indie and less for its abundance of lyrical bars. While acts like Cool Nutz and Illmaculate will forever be beloved household names in the PNW, Aminé has rode the radio waves into the cars of people across the country.

Aminé has had a cult internet following for a minute but his name started massively popping up about a year ago, boasting the flurry of Ethiopian culture, hip hop and electronic found on his two mixtapes. The Benson High School graduate need not prove himself more, as the mad catchy chart climber "Caroline" has been evidence enough.

Whether the muse for "Caroline" will be present or not is unknown, but Aminé will be taking the stage at the Roseland (originally scheduled for the Hawthorne Theatre and Wonder Ballroom) tomorrow. Tickets to the all ages show are sold out so if you weren't able to snag one, you can blast Aminé tracks on his Soundcloud for your own at-home concert experience.

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PREMIERE: Gold Casio - "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

Leave it to Gold Casio to breathe some life back into this tired day of mildly holy appreciation. A particular appreciation of theirs (and anyone else that relishes surf music's pioneers) revolves around the Beach Boys, their opus Pet Sounds and everything that they've done for music in general.

Since 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds' release, Gold Casio have used their psychedelic disco elements to cover the most relatable Side two song on Pet Sounds, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times." 

On their choice to cover "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" specifically, Gold Casio's Brock Grenfell said:

We wound up choosing this particular song because its got great melodies and it was kind of just resonating with us. Honestly, after what a shit-show year 2016 has ended up being, I feel like it's pretty appropriate. I think a lot of people probably feel right now like they weren't made for the times we're living in. 

SO. MUCH. TRUTH. See Gold Casio play for Do503 at the beginning of the new year with Glasys and Holidae House at Holocene but until then, enjoy their dance pop take on a Beach Boys' classic.


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