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Spellbound by Spare Spells

Enchanting in every sense, Spare Spells stirs a cauldron full of reverby psychedelic haunt rock and dark synth wave likened to that of a dream where My Bloody Valentine and the Kills are a joint effort. Playing shows somewhat sporadically for a little over two years, the group have but one six-song-long extended play that's kept us under their spell since its 2015 release. It will continue to do so, at least until we see their slated sophomore release The Narrows.

We're not sure when Spare Spells will be dropping The Narrows, though we did see some demoed previews of the album back in October of last year, with a live display of them played at their show with Murderbait and The Prids in November. For those that unfortunately missed the new tunes' debut, Spare Spells will be playing their first show of 2017 on February 23 with Los Angeles acts The Great Sadness and Spirit in the Room at Valentines.

Until then, turn out the lights, like some candles and let Neon/Noir play throughout your spell casting.

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Post Up with 1939 Ensemble's Post Jazz Rock

The first few days of 2017 have already been, for the most part, much better than 2016 in its entirety. Now that the holiday slump of shows is seemingly over, let's attempt not to fall into the valley of warmth our beds provide as an incredibly cold weekend draws near. We can say that we've got a bit of inspiration for this with tomorrow's show, featuring the attention grabbing 1939 Ensemble.

Drum connoisseur Jose Medeles fronts the group and if you know anything of his history (like owning Revival Drum Shop or, I don't know, drumming for the Breeders) the particular output of the group should be obvious. Featuring a variety of instruments including vibraphone, trumpet, Moog and general noise among the drums, 1939 Ensemble's instrumental post rock, post jazz fusion is enthralling and captivating, making for a very stimulating production.

Again, you can see 1939 Ensemble tomorrow with Ethiopian soul seven piece Tezeta Band and KMHD jazz DJ Derek Smith at Mississippi Studios.

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Gibbz releases "Oh My God" EP, lands Januray residency at The Knit, tours

Gibbz is a prolific synth-soul-pop artist out of Brooklyn whose music is laser focused on the various feelings and situations triggered by love. Single “Oh My God” (titletrack of his brand new EP) is a soul and R&B tune dealing with lust at first sight, while last year's single “Stay for a While” is a ballad (based on a... tennis table sample loop?) about getting to know in depth the person you are dating. “Someone Like You” - a collaboration with Cobryama - could be described as a breakup song that might cause heartbreak even to the happily paired (“I wanna love somebody, someone like you.”) “Bright Lights”, the most uplifting of them all, trades moody soulfulness for a catchy pop melody that feels positive and invigorating. Check out Gibbz breakout single "Love Again" below, and - if his music resonates with you - don't miss him during his residency at the Knitting Factory on the next three Wednesday in January.

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Niia song catches fire through risque' video featuring Kylie Jenner and Tyga

We've always been fan of NYC's songstress Niia, whose sensuous song "Last Night in Los Feliz" was recently chosen by Kylie Jenner & Tyga as soundtrack for a risque` video unveiled on Christmas day. Needless to say, this got Niia a fair amount of exposure, and her name popped up in our Best of NYC Top 10 for emerging artists on this same page...

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Visual Vices: The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally - "Caverns"

With one of the most recognizable voices in the game right now, The Last Artful, Dodgr certainly knows how to turn something good into something incredibly great. Teaming up with producer Neill Von Tally has proved an even greater endeavor, as Von Tally's beats make for the best presentation of Dodgr's matchless take on R&B and hip hop.

Having already released their debut as a duo, the Fractures EP, last year and a collab EP with Myke Bogan earlier this year, the pair have shared with us the second single to come off their first full-length Bone Music.

"Caverns" as a video is just like it is as a track - incredibly smooth in its minimal execution in a way that allows Dodgr's flow to really shine. Watch the glitchy video for "Caverns" below and be on the lookout for Bone Music, due out early 2017.


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