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Eli Tyler
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Kola House
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Tyger's 80s inspired synth pop at Berlin on 06.17

Producer and songwriter Jordan Moser channels '80s nostalgia in his fun synthpop project Tyger. He puts a new spin on it, though, with the addition of electric guitars, violin, and even a vocoder, all intertwweaving with the genre's stock synth pads and drum machines. His repetitive lyrics (like “I really need a friend, / I really need a friend tonight” from “Need a Friend”) feature a strong rhythmic component, and seem to intentionally leave center stage to his big imaginative arrangements. Tyger will be playing a live show on June 17th at Berlin NYC. Check out "On the Radio," our favorite track from his debut EP, streaming below. - Lilly Milman

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Synthpop quartet Nation of Language headlines Bowery Electric 06.14

NYC quartet Nation of Language offers a modern take on the moody '80s synthpop revival. The group's bouncy electronic arrangements, detached dark vocals, and dancey electronic beats are a clear nod to the days when new wave was dominating the airwaves. Single, “I've Thought About Chicago” (streaming below and released in February) is well crafted in its stoic simplicity, and will engage fans of New Order and Depeche Mode. Catch Nation of Language as they headline Bowery Electric on 06.14. - Tafari Lemma

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That One Eyed Kid releases soulful synth-pop EP 'Crash and Burn'

Mostly known for his production skills, Josh Friedman (or That One Eyed Kid) just released an EP of his own: Crash and Burn. The record's synth-pop driven sound flirts with Hall & Oates gentlemanly soul-pop, while Josh' voice adds more depth to the tracks. Join the party at his upcoming show at Thunder Road Music Club on June 27th, and listen to single "No Touching" below. - Lilly Milman 

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Gold Casio Dive Deep with "Gold Mine"

 Gold Casio are the masters of local disco. Their live performances are engaging and visually stimulating, with their aesthetic falling somewhere in between disco royalty and yacht rock magic. Glitter, gold and a whole hell of a lot of dancing are always on the menu with Gold Casio, so when they teamed up with the ethereal jazziness of Coco Columbia an entirely new sonic aesthetic was created.

Coming off their latest the Fever Dreams EP, "Gold Mine" is appropriately named hit of electropop that you can't help but groove to. Gold Casio gave us some cosmic responses to a few questions about the track. Give them a read below, but make sure you're blasting "Gold Mine" as you do it.

What inspired "Gold Mine" thematically?

Sparkling harpsichord from another dimension, poolside sunsets from past lives, winter nights with too much smoke and too many mirrors, pretending you're on a beach anywhere else.

Why the choice of collaborating with Coco Columbia on the track? Were there other artists in the running?

Astrological tendencies, geographical convenience, and divine intervention. Our human vessels and their interconnections predate both musical projects, the song was born before the identity of either had made waves on the scene. 

How did fans initially react to the Coco/Casio pairing and the song in general?

Quite well!

Will we be seeing more features from other artists on GC tracks? What other projects does the band have in the works?

Many more collaborations coming down the line, some with artists you probably already love and some you'll love soon!



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