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A Deli Premiere: LittleBoyBigHeadonBike's 100th Release 'Big Blue Butterflies'

LittleBoyBigHeadonBike, otherwise known as Will Orchard, may just be New England DIY’s most prolific songwriter. The Rhode Island native has roughly 500 songs available online, spread between 99 EPs and LPs. That would make his new album Big Blue Butterflies number 100. Very few artists boast such a wide discography, and even fewer can be proud of all their releases. But that's what makes this album exceptional. Rich with his usual whimsy — most apparent in the arrangments, which make full use of synths and the harmonica — and embedded with simple and vulnerable lyricism that could give early Death Cab a run for its money, this album shows the portrait of an artist in the midst of maturation. In this release, Orchard is exposed, but he is also careful — these are no random thoughts or loose strings. Once again, through the project LittleBoyBigHeadonBike, Will Orchard has proven that even when things fall apart, a few poignant lyrics may be enough to make the center hold. LittleBoyBigHeadonBike is kicking off a tour with an album release party at Columbus Theatre in Providence on June 28 at 7 p.m. - Lilly Milman, photo by Nicholas Lussier

Stream an exclusive premiere of Big Blue Butterflies below. 

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June Gloom celebrates split EP with show at The Glove on 06.30

On June Gloom’s latest release, a split EP with Rock Solid entitled Subletter/Something Solid under Exploding In Sound Records, the Brooklyn songwriter ventures into softer folk territories. On previous releases, June Gloom—the solo moniker of Jesse Paller, who also serves as drummer for Tall Friend—played into a leisurely slacker tradition of ‘90s guitar rock. On these songs take a more intimate approach that brings Elliot Smith comparisons to mind. Paller’s arrangements, minimal as they may be, still employ electric guitar, with arpeggios that reach almost dream pop layers at times, without the heavy use of effects. June Gloom will perform on Saturday June 30 at The Glove to celebrate the EP’s release. – Cameron Carr

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New Cheeky EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Kaylee Sabatino, a.k.a. Cheeky, just dropped her new EP Flora. Sleek vocals coupled with late-night beats curate a mysterious, dance-generating ambiance. Forging fresh air and spacial mobility, the songs mix a bouncy brightness with a contemplative darkness. Guided by the groove, one can follow it down the rabbit hole of discovery.

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New Wild Love and The Slammy Slammies LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Chapter 1 (2nd Bounce), the new album from Wild Love and The Slammy Slammies, retains a rustic, folk-blues whimsy. Home-spun from the heart, a genuine affection and yearning echoes. A bedroom/campfire closeness holds one in its grasp, as the listeners gather round, and those bouncy, energetic notes of appreciation seep into the system, etching a personal significance. Allow these lo-fi recordings to sway you into a pleasant drift on this beautiful summer day.

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New Track: "Bobby" (Live) - (Sandy) Alex G & Live Album Out Now via Third Man Records

(Sandy) Alex stopped by Third Man Records's Blue Room last fall for a performance. The live session has been memorialized on vinyl, which is out now via Jack White's Nashville label. Below is the beloved "Bobby," which originally appeared on his latest critically-acclaimed LP 2017's Rocket (Domino). Enjoy! (Photo by Jen Cray)


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