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Pollens drop new EP "Mister Manufacture" at Secret Project Robot on 11.16

Pollen can be invasive, and (as those with allergies know) it's basically everywhere; but from out of the powdery, sneeze-inducing substance springs life. In a weird way, this almost parallels the overall vibe of NYC. It's a cramped, noisy place infested with people and ideas, but every so often the seemingly aimless find their mark and creativity blossoms. It makes sense then that eccentric avant-pop act, Pollens, would call NYC their home. The band, who, to take a quote from their bio, specializes in " ecstatic readings of boring lists," takes a unique approach to songwriting that seems almost tailor-made for the Buzzfeed generation. But don't let that fool you: though the band claims to want their music to be - to steal another quote - "dumb and immediate," their latest release, Mister Manufacture, packs a lot of heart into its celebration and dissection of the 2017 human condition, and the mundanity of modernity. With a decent amount of noise and a flair for the experimental, the album manages to be surprisingly catchy and well worth checking out, so be sure to stream Pollens below. The release party is scheduled for November 16th at Secret Project Robot. - Olivia Sisinni



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Porches unveils video for "Find Me" off upcoming album

After much anticipation, NYC-based Porches, the synth-pop project of Aaron Maine has recently announced that January 2018 will mark the arrival of a new LP. The record titled The House, comes on the heels of 2016's Pool and was the result of an 18-month stretch of intermittent recording. Says Maine, "The House is a diary. The House began immediately with a sense of urgency. A different kind of urgency than I had experienced previously when writing songs. I wasn't sure exactly what this meant while it was happening, but it felt necessary to embrace it." That being said, January feels like a long time away, so what's a rabid Porches fan to do? Luckily Maine has been kind enough to drop a few hints as to what the 14-track album will sound like, the latest being his new video for "Find Me," an aloof track that touches on isolation. Check it out streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni 

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Avant-Soul collective Space Captain celebrates LP release at Union Pool on 10.27

The beginning of the second millennium will probably be remembered by music critics for the realization that soul lent itself to be pushed in new, more or less experimental directions. In the early aughts, a genre that was frowned upon by the tense and brainy children of the post-punk generation was given a new "indie legitimacy" by acts like TV on the Radio, Dirty Projector and Ava Luna. NYC collective Space Captain, the brainchild of Maralisa Simmons-Cook, is part of this wave, although within less noisy coordinates than the aforementioned bands. Born in 2015 as a rather traditional soul-jazz group (this is their debut EP), in a few months the band quickly evolved into a rather different animal: 2016's "In Memory" EP shows edgy electronic arrangements focused on textural and ambient soundscapes. The band is about to release their debut full length "All Flowers In Time," and the record's two preview singles showcase a partial return to the live instrumentation of the debut, without losing the edge of unexpected melodies, parts and song changes found in "In Memory." Check out the video for Sycamore below, and don't miss the band's record release party at Union Pool on October 27th.

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#52 of The Deli NYC is online: Guerilla Toss + BK Synth Expo! + Electronic Music Issue

New music seekers,

We have a brand new issue of The Deli NYC available online for you - and it's a gooooood one, can read it here

We are super thrilled to have new DFA Records signee Guerilla Toss on the cover (check out their wonderful single "Skull Pop") streaming below.

This is also our yearly electronic issue, linked to the upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo, and therefore features:

- An article about the state of the electronic scene in NYC,
- Several Q&As with other electronic NYC artists,
- An ample section dedicated to the gear participating in the Synth Expo.

The paper version will be distributed in NYC around October 20th. 


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