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Eric Benoit celebrates release show of "Heartrender" LP tonight at Pianos

Eric Benoit's sophomore album Heartrender consists in seven tracks of emotional journeying through a tortured relationship. Beginning in 2014 with his bold album College, Benoit has melted his soul into roaring lyrical anthems with the arrangements of haunting electronic soundscapes. His second release builds upon the work of his debut, exploring themes of trauma and unresolved pain with explosive lyrics such as "Fucking is a disease/Procreation is incest". Benoit will mark the album's release with a show at Pianos on Saturday, January 27th. You can stream two tracks out of Heartrender below. - Will Sisskind

Dragonflies by Eric Benoit on VEVO.

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Kino Kimino talk about inspiration + play Elsewhere on 01.30

Brooklyn darlings Kino Kimino's debut LP "Bait is for Sissies," featuring Sonic Youth Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley serving as session men, will throw you off-guard, just like the band's bizarre, at time nonsensical videos. The brainchild of Kim Talon, the power trio offers deadpan vocals, gritty guitars, and 90's-cool-kid vibes embedded in an ever-shifting sonic soundscape. The final result fully justifies Kim's recent move from LA to the edgier NYC scene. Don't miss their uipcoming show at Elsewhere on January 30th, and those of you into guear and guitar pedals should check out the Kino Kimino's Q&A with Delicious Audio!

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Blue Ray goes insane on “GrubHub”

Blue Ray is the frenetic, kooky outlet of musician Johnny Steines, the lone creative mind behind BR’s ninth release, GrubHub. Grubhub is an amalgamation of abstract indie weirdness, a collection of lofi tunes that presumably rattled around in Steines’ brain minutes before being recorded and bounced. It’s part Guided by Voices, part Wire, and part Pavement, exhibiting Steines’ unique relationship with each band's niche, whether it be GBV’s touch-and-go recording approach, Wire’s arty sensibilities, or Pavement’s juvenile hyperactiveness. It’s these types of releases that can reveal raw creative intuition from its creator, where more often than not, the album serves as a real time transcript of the process. GrubHub is both insane and clever, and it deserves a listen or two. Stream it below. -Charley Ruddell   

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TV Baby
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Baby's All Right
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HIDE "Wildfire"

Industrial duo HIDE (Heather Gabel and Seth Sher) have released the first single, “Wildfire”, from their debut LP, Castration Anxiety. The album is set to be released on March 23rd via Dais Records.

You can help HIDE celebrate the new album at Empty Bottle on March 23rd with Lilac and Forced Into Femininity.


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