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Sludgy noise-rockers bbigpigg serve up "Din-Din" and play Aviv 8/19

Exploding out of the Brooklyn scene with the force of a too ripe pustule, noise rockers bbigpigg bring you Din-Din, a four track EP with more than enough greasy goodness to sink your teeth into. Kicking off with "Chowtime," the EP delivers fat, tasty basslines coupled with manic vocals that seem to edge toward gut-wrenching howls. The result is deliciously anarchic weirdo rock. While a growling bass belches leads and drives the songs forward, guitars rip through Din-Din with the squealing of wounded animals, freed to hunt out vociferous tones. Any way you carve it up, bbigpigg is septic sewer punk guaranteed to leave you feeling grimy. Check out Din-Din here, listen to the track below and catch them live in all their maw-chomping majesty at Aviv on 8/19 with Multicult, Couch Slut, Human Shapes and Dead Tenants.-Olivia Sisinni

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Jackal Onasis release debut LP + play Shea Stadium on 8.12

Forming as a duo along opposite coasts, Jackal Onasis eventually became a Brooklyn-based fuzz rock trio in 2015. Influenced by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Autolux, and the Deftones, their music is a fierce blend of shoegaze, post-hardcore, punk, and noise rock. Guitarist Alex Molini and drummer Jordyn Blakely share vocal duties on their debut full length Big Deal Party, creating delightfully mellow harmonies over the band’s chaotic and sludgy tracks. Their fuzzy noise-pop borrows the soft-loud-soft dynamic from grunge, while adopting the wailing ‘wall-of-sound’ element of shoegaze and noise-rock. Molini and Blakely’s melodic and breezy vocals have an hypnotic effect when paired with their crunchy guitar and bass tones and the crashing drum parts. Jackal Onasis will be playing Shea Stadium on August 12th in support of NYC legends Fiasco! - John Honan

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

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PREMIERE: Sheers - "Depth"

Art pop and classical stylings converge with elemental hip-hop and r&b through the new duo Sheers, and their distinctive debut single "Depth."

Lily Breshears heads up the duo, bringing her seasoned experience from working with artists such as Big Haunt and Haley Heynderickx along with classical training as a harpist and pianist to the table. Intertwined with her mastered piano playing are melodic refrains, emotionally pertinent lyrics and jazzy beats from drummer and collaborator Grant Pierce. 

Produced by both Sheers and Scott Schaus and mastering done by David Polluck, "Depth" is only the starting point for what is sure to be an established effort for Breshears.

Sheers will be playing Mississippi Studios with Robin Bacior on the 17th, with a co-album release show also at Mississippi with Lynnae Gryffin on September 19th.

Check out the official premiere of "Depth" below. 

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Magik*Magik aka Minna Choi Releases New Music feat. How To Dress Well

San Francisco based artist, Minna Choi plays/composes/conducts music under the name Magik*Magik.

After 8 years of leading her very own orchestra (how many people do you know that have started their own orchestras?), she has finally written and recorded her own songs, the first of which is a slow-burning ballad called "Laugh a Lot" which features a duet with How To Dress Well's Tom Krell, with whom Magik*Magik have collaborated on and off since 2012.

"Laugh a Lot" is Magik*Magik's first release as a solo artist, and is highly anticipated amongst people in the know. Don't miss this one, and stay tuned for more.

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Curl Up in drowse's Memory Bed

A sonic landscape blanketed with dark overtones and glum ambiance, drowse's Memory Bed EP streches slightly further from is previous works of incredibly reverb-laden drone by continuing to capture the essence of mental turmoil, only now through a more minimalistic lens.

Using just a microphone, acoustic guitar and laptop, Kyle Bates (the man behind drowse) recorded the EP directly succeeding his soon asleep album, with each release acting as the conflict and the resolution to Bates' story involving his descent into certain medications. Memory Bed is the elucidation of confusion, pain and lost intimacy expressed through processed clamor.

As drowse, Bates has made good with using female vocals as yet another instrument. On Memory Bed, Maya Stoner of Sabonis lends the serenity of her voice and personal experiences shared with Bates through lyrics in all three tracks.

Without a doubt, the Memory Bed EP is more than just an conceptual collection of songs, but it's an emotive art form.

drowse had his album release/welcome back show last night, is having a short in-store performance today at Music Millenium and will be playing again later this month as part of Festicide


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