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Alt Rock

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Val Bauer returns with first show of the season

Val Bauer makes the type of tunes that take us back to the good ol' days.

His style of songwriting is fully expressive and filled with emotion, calling back to a sonic execution like that of alt-Americana Ryan Adams and OG emo kids Saves the Day. His nostaligia rock even includes elements of pop punk, as heard on his most recent EP Malaise. Since Bauer's songs are heavily rife with strong feelings, it's just the kind of sound we need to ease us through this painfully slow change in weather.

See Val Bauer performing songs off Malaise and more tonight at the Firkin Tavern with Fire Nuns and Black Fruit. The show starts at 7pm, for free!

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Debut The Junto EP Available for Streaming & Download

Former Cousin Brian members Sean Caruthers, Shane Olsen, and Jake Cheesseman, collectively known as The Junto, have released their debut self-titled EP. The trio embraces loose, rolling, bass grooves and infectious melodies in a calming manner, brimming with rowdy potential. It’s a joyfully sticky collection of songs that you’ll probably want to spin more than once, and we’ll be looking out for the fledgling outfit on upcoming bills.

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Overwatcher Brings Big Band Intensity to Post-Hardcore

Overwatcher is a big band of melodic post-hardcore screamers. They maintain the aggression and intensity you might find in a Nashville DIY garage or punk outfit, but tease the sonic palette with a number of feedback techniques you might find in a psychedelic or noise rock band. That being said, the short bursts of dissonance and noise don’t overstay there welcome in the songs. The crew of six knows how to serve a song, offering just enough melodic instrumentation to keep the essential structures intact. If you’re a fan of high energy post-hardcore, post-rock, noise rock, or screamo dispositions, be sure to check out their next performance at The End on May 3rd.

-Andrew Strader

Alt Rock

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Rockwood Music Hall
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Thu, 04/27/2017 (All day)
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How bout a grunge/glam combo? Thats The Effens. Their video for "Burn Blush" is actually kind of hard to watch. It's like an episode of Fear Factor watching this worm thing hang on to some guy's face....and then it goes ON HIS EYEBALL...wipe that thing off already! Anyways the song is quite good...very heavy on the grunge rock. Simple and sludgy downstrokes on the guitar set the tone for the whole song. The Effens play Bovine Sex Club on May 13th with Ol'CD and The Leslie Spits. Kris Gies



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