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PREMIERE: Coco Columbia - "Weight on Limb"

We've got another new track to share with you today at the Deli, and it's from our most pleasantly animated solo artist Coco Columbia. "Weight on Limb" is the first track off her upcoming album When the Birds Begin to Walk due out this summer. Inspired by underground poppy jazz and soul hits, the rhythmically intriguing "Weight on Limb" features layered arrangements that not only pique you interest but keep you hanging on their every movement. Coco Columbia worked with Sacha Miller on the engineering and production of the track and will continue to collaborate on the rest of the album together, so we can look forward to When the Birds Begin to Walk being just as masterful.

A single release show for "Weight on Limb" is happening tomorrow, March 9th at the Goodfoot. A music video will also be out soon, but until then, enjoy below.

-Cervante Pope

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Genre-Benders Purple Release Dynamic Single "Bliss," Album on the Way

Boisterous, versatile, and bursting with energy, Purple is a fun-loving trio of mischievous musical adventurers that steps over genre boundaries with grace and ease. Having issued their debut album (409) to a more than receptive audience last year, Purple’s upcoming April release Bodacious should shine even brighter with enhanced production from label Play It Again Sam. The album’s first single “Bliss” embraces a dream pop-influenced intro, a stark departure from Purple’s norm, but it then comes full circle to the band's rebellious, angst-riddled rock roots. Purple has tightened and manicured their sound to mirror other power pop groups like The Joy Formidable or Two Door Cinema Club, but their gritty Texan rock roots defiantly show through as well on this release, and we dig it at The Deli. Check it out on ‘Bliss” below, and watch their Facebook page for info on how to pick up the full Bodacious album soon.


Lee Ackerley
(catch more of Lee's work at Slackerlee.com)

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Kristin Phillips

Kristin Phillips released a heartfelt and forceful new single called "Glitch" last week. This is the first single from her forthcoming EP, Cinematix, due out later this month.

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ELEL, Soft Bodies, and other Deli favorites depart for SXSW at South Bye this Thursday (03.10) at the Basement East

Not able to make it down to Austin and the sad demise of Couch by Couchwest has left a hole in your heart the size of the Lone Star State? Wipe those salty ol' tears away, because the Basement East is giving us a chance to bid farewell to a couple choice locals, at the same time helping them with gas money for the long drive toward the border. Read up on the groups below and make a stop by The Beast this Thursday (03.10) to see it all go down.



If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times—ELEL is one of the most promising groups we can name. Their live show is a blast, every release is polished to perfection, and the music is so upbeat and catchy that we're convinced "el-el" must be the sound it makes when joy claps.

Soft Bodies

Remember reading all about the debut EP from Soft Bodies all the way back in January? We dug it then, we dig it now, and we highly recommend you check out their textured, easygoing electronic vibes live.


KiND's Eunoia is a trip through varying expressions of electronic music from modern, dance-y numbers to more pensive tracks that get you nodding along all the same, but more like you're examining a black-and-white photo in a gallery exhibit.

The Gills

These guys have been keeping info about their debut LP locked down tight, but everything we've heard so far points to a thick stew of varying alt, punk, and hard rock influences that goes down easy and should keep you full for a good long while.

(On the other hand, if you are planning on being at SXSW, now's the best time to start planning by taking a peek at the Deli Magazine's preview coverage. Once you get there, don't forget to check out our Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Space events, both of which are free and will give you a shot to try out some real fancy gear. Also keep an eye out for the Deli SXSW print edition, which can help you out as an invaluable guide around town, some reading material for when you're waiting on a show to start, and in emergency situations, a little life-saving protection from the Texas sun.)

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Brighten up with "The Innocents EP" from Kristoff Waltz

We still have some wintertime to go, but if the cold-weather blues have you down and staring at your offbrand lightbox isn't doing anything but making the dreary morning reality harder to face, then The Innocents EP might be just what you need. It's indie pop first and foremost with some surf leanings to keep things fresh, but the band's tasteful instrumental finesse and penchant for earworm melodies subvert any twee blandness that label might imply.

The Innocents EP is available for streaming via Bandcamp, Spotify, and—since the 30-day trial you started to listen to The Life of Pablo is probably still going—Tidal. -Austin Phy


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